July 12, 2005

Conservatives on Evolution:

Ben Adler's article in The New Republic "Evolutionary War" has been getting a lot of publicity for asking various conservative pundits questions like, "Do you believe in evolution?"

Somebody should ask liberal pundits if they believe in the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life.

I bet not many would agree. Of course, in reality, that's the subtitle to Darwin's Origin of Species.

Way back in 1999, I wrote two long essays for Toronto's National Post analyzing both sides in this debate, which I think still sum it up well:

Ironically, while the religious right engages in futile attacks on Darwin's theory of what animals evolved from, the left and center clamp down upon Darwin's theory of what humans evolved to.

A Miracle Happens Here: Darwin's Enemies on the Right

Equality v. Truth: Darwin's Enemies on the Left

Of course, I haven't noticed that my essays had any impact on the debate whatsoever, so I guess I'll have to write another article. Not that anyone will pay attention to my good sense, but at least I might get a needed paycheck for it.

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