July 13, 2005

A Pod story

A reader writes to say:

The account of John Podhoretz's firing of Hilton Kramer from the NY Post editorial pages isn't quite as Hanna Rosin presented it in that magazine piece you linked to. As Hilton tells it, back in '82, when he and Lipman were starting up The New Criterion, Pod Jr. got wind of it. He was just graduating (or recently graduated -- not sure of time line here) from Chicago. He jumped on a plane, flew to New York, arrived at Hilton's door, and asked for a job as senior editor of the new magazine. Kramer gently explained that he needed someone with actual editing experience, and turned him down. So when Pod took over the NY Post editorial page, first thing he did was fire Hilton.

Anybody else have any Pod stories? I hear there are a lot of them...

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