August 6, 2005

Blacks find race realist whites friendlier and more likable than politically correct whites:

The Washington Post reports on an academic experiment:

In fact, whites with more negative views of blacks and minorities are more likely than those with more racially tolerant attitudes to go out of their way to appear friendly and open-minded when interacting with African Americans, according to a team of psychologists led by Jennifer Richeson of Dartmouth College and Nicole Shelton of Princeton University.

This faux friendliness has a startling consequence: These researchers found that blacks would rather interact with less tolerant individuals than those with more accepting views, which "could lead blacks to make the unfortunate decision to avoid future contact with low-prejudiced whites," the psychologists wrote in the latest issue of Psychological Science.

In other words, politically correct whites lie, including lying to themselves, and blacks can sniff out phonies and don't want to talk to them.

(From Modern Tribalist).

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