August 6, 2005

Good weekend for art house movies:

If you are in NY or LA, you can see:

- Bill Murray in Jim Jarmusch's semi-minimalist "Broken Flowers" (an excerpt from my American Conservative review is here).

- The great Wong Kar-Wai's "2046," the wildly glamorous semi-sequel to his celebrated "In the Mood for Love" with many of the top Chinese movie stars. I'll probably review it for The American Conservative, so I won't say more about it other than: go see it.

-"Junebug," a small semi-comedy ensemble piece, about a Chicago yuppie taking his cosmopolitan art dealer wife to visit his good-old-boy family in North Carolina. It's quite well done.

- And the children's nature-adventure movie "Duma" by Carroll Ballard, director of the all-time classic "The Black Stallion," debuts next week in Chicago. I haven't seen it.

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