August 15, 2005

Choose the DNA for your own John Madden's NFL Football 2006 players!

A reader writes:

As you may or not know last Tuesday was the official slacker holiday of the year, it was that special day when John Madden’s NFL Football 2006 was first made available in stores. So of course I took the day off and bought it first thing in the morning. In the opening menu of the game there is an option to view tutorials for upgrades to the new season’s game play. My jaw dropped when I saw that one of the new additions this year is option to create a player from scratch, using the new “DNA” feature.

The DNA process allows game players to select the athletes’ parents. While scrolling through the parents available to mate and have your next superstar you will see the parent’s education levels, race, occupations, and IQ!

Here are a few observations from how the boys at EA Sports view IQ: 1. Female mates almost always have higher IQs than their male counterparts (at least 95% of the time).

2. Parents of sub-Saharan African ancestry are far more likely to have IQs between 130 and 160 than their Caucasian counterparts.

3.The brighter the parents are, the higher level of on field “awareness” your player will have.

Next Level Gaming explains:

Another big feature in Madden 2006 is the NFL Superstar mode. In this mode, you create your own NFL player, and guide him throughout his career. You start off by creating a new player, importing a NFL Street 2 created player, or importing your NCAA Legend from NCAA 2006. If you choose to create a new player, you start by selecting your parents by choosing your DNA. The type of DNA you choose determines the position you will play and your skills at that position. Once you have created your player, you will jump in the NFL schedule in the month of April. The first thing you can do is meet with your Mentor, Terrell Davis. He will talk about some of things you can do in this mode. Next up is to participate in an interview, hire an agent, take the Wonderlic IQ test, and then it is time for the big day, the NFL Draft. Typically, I have seen my created players go in the 3rd or 4th round of the Draft. After the Draft, you will go through Training Camp and begin your journey of building a brilliant NFL career.

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