August 8, 2005

In a nutshell, why you read

From the Washington Post:

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology may be a magnet, but it's having a hard time attracting enough minorities.

Tyler Currie, whose article ["The Quest"] about the attempt of eighth-graders Miguel Bustamante and Kiara Savage to gain admittance to Virginia's most prestigious public school appeared in yesterday's Washington Post Magazine , was online Monday, Aug. 8 to field questions and comments.

Tyler Currie is a Magazine contributing writer...

[A Reader in] Washington, D.C.:
Regarding the achievement gap, which you call a "vexing problem" the source of which is elusive, do you ever consider that average IQs in different ethnic groups might differ?; This possible explanation is never touched upon in places like the Washington Post. Yet, if it is true (and I don't know whether it is or not), it has a crucial implication. Namely, that there will never be exactly proportional representation of each ethnicity at a high-achieving school like TJ, absent lower standards based on race. Shouldn't you at least consider (and write about) this possibility?

Tyler Currie:

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