August 10, 2005

The Return of the Second Panhandling Drive!

Lots of readers have asked where the Panhandling Drive went. Well, after I collected less than 2% of what Andrew Sullivan would consider an adequate fundraising campaign, automatically informed me I couldn't collect anymore for 28 days, for reasons that remain inexplicable. So, here now is a PayPal button. You don't need to have a PayPal account already to donate, just a credit card. (Or you can E-mail me and I'll send you my P.O. Box number.)

Paypal charges $0.30 per transaction and 2.9% of the total, so I only get to keep $0.41 of a $1 donation, but $96.80 of a $100 donation!

I recently listed six extensive statistical analyses I did over the last year that uncovered new facts (that John F. Kerry's IQ was likely George W. Bush's IQ; that the hugely popular IQ table purporting that red states have much lower IQs than blue states was a hoax; that the Hispanic vote was both smaller and more Democratic than was widely reported; that affordable family formation drives voting by state, and that the Freakonomics abortion-cut-crime theory was bogus).

Going back farther in time, here are some of the things I've either A. accurately predicted; B. calculated or otherwise discovered by myself; or C. scooped the rest of the press about:

- In December 1992, ever before Bill Clinton was inaugurated, I wrote "A Specter Is Haunting the Clinton Presidency," predicting that sexual harassment charges by an Arkansas state employee could endanger Clinton's tenure in office.

- The gender gap in Olympic running reached its narrowest point back in 1988, and that it's been larger ever since due to better steroid testing. (In general, I was on top of the steroid story early.)

- In "Is Love Colorblind?" I showed there are striking skews among interracial married couples, with black men and Asian women in greater demand; Asian men and black women aren't happy about it.

- Lesbians and gays have remarkably few behavioral tendencies in common ("Why Lesbians Aren't Gay").

- The fundamental problem underlying the corruption and discord of the Muslim Middle East is an extraordinarily high rate of cousin marriage. Inbreeding turns each extended family into a clan, pursuing it's own welfare at the expense of the nation.

- The biggest reason whites and blacks get along better in the military than in the rest of society is because the military won't take low IQ applicants, so black and white average IQ scores are fairly similar in the military.

- Sexual selection (rich dark men marrying fair women) keeps whites on top in Latin America after almost 500 years of interracial marriage ("How Latino Intermarriage Breeds Racial Inequality")

- The most useful definition of a racial group is "a partly inbred extended family" ("It's All Relative: Putting Race in it's Proper Perspective").

- There are practical ways to "Help the Left Half of the Bell Curve."

- In 2000, Bush carried the 19 states with the highest white fertility rate.

- Contrary to all Karl Rove's hype, in 2000 I explained that "The GOP's Future Depends on White Vote."

- That blacks tend to have better improvisatory cognitive skills than whites do in areas that IQ tests can't measure ("Great Black Hopes")

- That immigration increases inequality.

- That white liberals have lower birthrates than white conservatives ("Will Liberals Become Extinct")

- "Immigration Is Retarding the Spread of Interracial Marriage" -- In California, native-born Americans are three times as likely as immigrants to have a spouse from a different race.

- From 2000, "Will Vicente Fox Be Bush's Yeltsin?"

- When the Human Genome Project honchos told us they had proved race doesn't exist, they were just yanking our chains.

- George H.W. Bush was wise not to push on to conquer Baghdad in 1991.

- The Bush family has had decades of close contacts with corrupt Mexican politicos.

- Blacks are imprisoned 9.1 times more than whites and Hispanics 3.7 times more.

- On the evening of 9/11, I wrote "Bush Called for Laxer Airport Security," pointing out that, in pursuit of the Arab / Muslim vote in 2000, Bush had promised to eliminate ethnic profiling of Arab airline passengers and get rid of the use of secret evidence in terrorism prosecutions.

- In late September 2001, before the Afghan war began, I wrote a long essay on "The Man Who Would Be King" to demonstrate that the U.S. would win easily in Afghanistan but then find nation-building extremely difficult.

- The problem with polygamy that everyone forgets about is that for every man with four wives there are three bachelors left over.

- African Americans are 17-18% white and Mexicans are about 5% black.

- Mass immigration makes affirmative action more costly to individual whites by lowering the "racial ratio" of those damaged by quotas to those benefited.

- "1986 Amnesty Set off a Baby Boom among Ex-Illegals"

- The Bush Administration's briefs (as rewritten by Alberto Gonzales) would signal Justice O'Connor to vote for endorsing racial quotas in the U. of Michigan case.

- Genghis Khan was the world's greatest lover.

- Annika Sorenstam would miss the cut in her men's tournament by four strokes.

- In February 2003, I predicted that the woman golfer most likely to be competitive with top men golfers would not be Annika Sorenstam, but instead a 13-year-old named Michelle Wie.

- A week into the 2003 Iraq invasion, I asked, "Why no dancing in the streets of Iraq?"

- Jews and Muslims each make up 0.3%, and atheists 0.1% of the U.S. Armed Forces, according to dog tag markings of each soldier's religion.

- The number of black pro golfers has declined sharply over the last two decades because of the decline in the number of black caddies.

- The exit poll aggregation software crashed on Election Night 2002, so nobody knew what the demographics of the midterm elections were until I purchased the raw data and crunched it in a series of articles.

- I coined the phrase "Invade the World! Invite the World!" to describe the Bush Administration's contradictory foreign and immigration policies.

- The War Nerd.

- Oscar winners give 40 times more money to Democrats than to Republicans.

- Dynasticism is on the rebound around the world (2000 version) and (2003 version)

- The NAEP test score gap for American-born Hispanics versus whites is 2/3rds as large as the notoriously troublesome black-white gap.

- That micronutrient fortification would be a cost-effective way to raise Third World IQs.

- Regarding the Larry Summers brouhaha, the percent of female Nobel Laureates in the hard sciences has dropped from 2.5% in 1901-1964 to 2.3% in 1965-2004.

- That the fundamental problem of African-American culture (low paternal investment in children) also is the fundamental problem of African culture.

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