September 5, 2005

Black Male Comics on Race Differences in Judgment:

A reader writes in regard to my much-denounced comment that the "Let the good times roll" philosophy of New Orleans is worse on average for blacks than for better educated groups with better judgment:

I don't see what's so controversial. If you observe popular Black culture (Chappelle's Show, Comic View on BET, etc.), they never tire of lampooning the wimpy discipline that Whites show their misbehaving kids, whereas the Black parents know that doing so for their children would be a joke, and thus more authoritarian measures are needed. Very few Black stand-up comics don't have some sort of whoopin' story where they recall how necessary it is to treat Black children differently by whipping them, provoking gales of laughter and cheers from the mostly Black audience. [I'm sure that will be a major theme of Chris Rock's up-coming sit-com about how his dad raised him.]

This only relates to the difference in treatment necessary to keep members of different races from behaving *badly,* while your remark addressed how to get them to behave *well,* but again I think many mainstream Black figures like Bill Cosby make the point that you need to more deliberately steer Black youth in a positive direction, as compared with the amount of calculated intervention needed in the cases of Whites or East Asians. Now, they might argue with you over the *causes* of why Black youth need more strict guidance than East Asians, but does anyone seriously doubt *that* they do, on average?


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