September 7, 2005

Yglesias slips link to my "New Orleans Nightmare" into TAPPED

Yglesias slips link to my "New Orleans Nightmare" into TAPPED: On the blog of the liberal The American Prospect, TAPPED, Matthew Yglesias writes:

WHY SO BLIND? I know you're not supposed to quote Steve Sailer because he writes stuff like this [my article], but nevertheless, I think he makes a good point here:

and proceeds to quote from my Democrat-friendly item about "Why didn't the media grasp the Bush Administration's incompetence earlier?"

One of the many, many emails I've received this week (and I apologize for not answering enough of them and for posting only a tiny fraction of those worthy of wide distribution) suggested that a lot of people are pointing and sputtering at my article precisely because they want more people to read it, but don't want to get in trouble for endorsing it. But Yglesias isn't even putting in any pro forma condemnations of me. He's just not-too-subtly making fun of the condemnations of my sensible essay.

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