September 2, 2005

Wrong Bush

A reader writes:

The worst management I've ever experience was Hurricane Floyd in S.C. in 1999. The evacuation of it led to the worst traffic jam in U.S. history: the population of Charleston was stranded on I-26 for hours and hours. I was almost 39 weeks pregnant and stuck out there without any cop or ambulance in sight. And all we could do was salivate at the incoming lanes on the interstate which had been empty for hours, but the bureaucracy just hadn't given the go ahead for us to travel on them.

The best: Jeb Bush, by far, I or my elders, have never experienced a Governor who is so prepared and who is anything but nonchalant. Before every hurricane we have, he has buses and other emergency vehicles ready at the Florida-Georgia line to invade Florida as soon as the hurricane passes.

One of the many odd things about George W. Bush being President is that if the voters in the Presidential election had been restricted to his own parents and the candidates restricted to his own siblings, Jeb would have beat George 2-0.

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