October 24, 2005

Minorities only 6% of screenwriters

I wrote a few months ago about Hollywood's "Skin Deep Leftism," and mentioned last Sunday in VDARE.com that almost nobody in Hollywood who is anybody is worried about a minority taking his job.

An LA Times story confirms this for the TV and film writing businesses:

The study by the Writers Guild of America, West, found that minorities accounted for about 10% of the 3,015 employed television writers in 2004, while women made up 27% — even though those groups represented more than 30% and 50% of the population, respectively.

In film, women represented 18% of the 1,770 employed film writers in 2004, while all minority groups combined accounted for just 6% of the total, virtually unchanged since 1998.

It's important to keep in mind that in most of the ultra-elite and influential jobs in the U.S., such as writing Hollywood movies, there is little competition from minorities, immigrants (other than European immigrants), foreign firms, or outsourcing. Most of the competition is from other whites, typically other white men. The view from the top of who the competition is looks very different from the view from working class.

Something this country very much needs is to develop and propound a philosophy that will at least make the elite feel a little guilty for ignoring the state of their fellow American citizens in the working class. Preaching white solidarity is absolutely not going to sell to the elite, in large part for the paradoxical reason that the elites in the fun jobs (e.g., writing movies as opposed to science, engineering, computer programming and other heavily Asian unfun jobs) already have something that looks very much like white domination -- e.g., 94% of working film writers are white, compared to no more than 60% of the American teenagers who make up the target audience for the screenwriters.

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