October 26, 2005

There's still time for Michael Ledeen to begin his search for the "real forgers!"

Today, the media finally started to show some interest in the more intriguing question behind Plamegate: who forged the Niger yellowcake documents? All roads lead to Rome, and anytime anything convenient for the neocons and shady in nature happens involving the Italian intelligence service, informed eyes swivel toward National Review Online contributing editor Michael Ledeen

When I posted a rumor in April pointing in the general direction of Ledeen, that International Man of Mystery emailed me:

"This is total nonsense. I have nothing at all to do with the "Niger documents," I have not ever seen them, let alone create them or transmit them."

Yet, when I asked him if he would use his extensive contacts within the Italian spook community to search for the Real Forgers, he broke off contact.

Or maybe the French forged the documents to make everybody else look stupid.

We shall see.

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