November 9, 2005

August 25, 1944

A reader provides his translation of a speech by General Charles De Gaulle:

"Paris! Paris outraged! Paris burnt! Paris martyred! But Paris LIBERATED! Liberated by itself! By its people with the help of the armies of France, with the support and help of the whole of France, of the France that fights, the only France, the real France, eternal France!

"And now, since the enemy which held Paris has capitulated to us, France returns to Paris, where she is at home. She returns to it bloodied, but quite resolute. She enters there, enlightened by the great lesson, but more certain than ever of her duties and her rights."

Of course, there's no mention of any help from America or Perfidious Albion ... but, still, what a speech and what a man. We, by contrast, live in an age of political pygmies.

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