November 11, 2005

Udolpho on Tuesday's defeat of anti-gerrymandering initiatives

He writes:

Where is your brain?… Anti-gerrymandering initiatives lost in both California and Ohio. IN GOD'S NAME WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MORONS? Gerrymandering is nothing more than a way of reducing the power of your vote and giving the balance over to the parties – whichever party is in office gets to wield it over you. There is actually no argument in favor of it, unless you regard yourself as a zombie created as a mere extension of the Party's will – an undead, moronic automaton. These initiatives are the closest thing we will ever see to an initiative that states plainly, "Vote against me if you are a complete fool." [More]

I, for one, welcome our old invincible overlords. I look forward to the exact same legislators and Congressmen ruling us into their senile years, with absolutely no chance of the public mobilizing to defeat any of them unless, as the saying goes, they are found with a dead girl or live boy (and that didn't stop Congressman Gerry Studds).

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