November 22, 2005

More gun talk

I don't know anything about guns, but for some reason I can listen to guys argue about guns all day. Here are some comments from a fellow who saw combat in Vietnam:

The M-16 is a precision instrument but IT MUST BE KEPT CLEAN. I never saw any jamming in my unit.

The AK-47 is inaccurate and quite unreliable in full automatic mode. Armies that use it, spray bullets at random because there is little point in taking aim.

Its loose construction allows it to tolerate a fair amount of dirt. The AK-47 is a simple stamped metal design that is very cheap to manufacture. No wonder that half the governments in Africa have been deposed by gangs of drugged youths firing bargain-basement AK’s. I’m quite sure that more people have been killed with Comrade Kalashnikov’s rifle than with Professor Oppenheimer’s A-bombs.

The real rap on the M-16 is a lack of hitting power. In battle, if I shoot an enemy, I want him to stay shot.

M2 .50 cal heavy machine gun: Like the .45 pistol it is a nearly 100 year-old design that has not been bettered. Again, so much for high-tech. GI’s have loved this weapon since 1942. Notice the recurring theme of hitting power. Knock ‘em down and keep ‘em down.

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