November 22, 2005

Perhaps we shouldn't encourage him

The quantity and quality of young Glaivester's blogging has gone up significantly over recent months. Here he's discussing Mark Steyn's column, in which Steyn says (Steyn in italics):

"Exit strategy" is a defeatist's term. The only exit strategy that matters was summed up by George M. Cohan in the song the Doughboys sang as they marched off to the Great War nine decades ago:

"And we won't come back
Till it's over
Over there!"

And that's the timetable, too. If you want it fleshed out a bit, how about this? "The key issue is no longer WMD or even the role of the U.N. The central issue is America's credibility and will to prevail.''

Translation: Our goal is to finish the job. Or, more pertinent to our discussion, "our goal is to meet our goal."

Has Mark Steyn ever heard the term tautology? ...

Put another way, we don't want Bush to set any actual goals or to propose a schedule for how we will make Iraq independent. We'll just keep doing what we are doing and keep looking forward to someday, you know, completing the job, but without any knowledge now of what "completing the job" means.

On the other hand, this statement of Glaivester's raises concerns about whether or not we should encourage him:

This post on AFFBrainwash by Michael Brendan Dougherty has inspired me to write a little about my thoughts on attractive women (specifically celebrities). First of all, I do not have a girlfriend, or any prospects of getting one soon (considering how often I blog, is anyone surprised?)

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