February 23, 2006

"An appeal to Larry Summers"

Half Sigma writes:

All his apologizing didn't save his job. What a waste. Too bad he wasn't a man who stood up for his beliefs. He would have still been forced to resign, but at least he wouldn't have resigned as a wuss.

So here is what I urge Summers to do. Summers needs to recant his apologies. He needs to say something like this:

After my remarks I apologized over and over again. This was a mistake on my part. I confess that I was a wuss. I thought that if I kissed the asses of Harvard's left wing I would be allowed to keep my job with its big salary and prestige. But I was wrong.

However, all the apologies don't reflect my true beliefs. I stand by everything I originally said. The only thing I regret about my remarks is that I apologized for them.

To which I'd add: "And, oh, yeah, that $50 million in gender quotas I promised? Well, it's not just a waste of money, but worse than a waste. Spending the money will actually make things worse."

A reader writes:

Now that poor Larry has resigned, have you seen the attempts to bring Title IX into science? I mean, the effects on college sports were bad enough, but ultimately the country will not suffer horrendously if a couple of guys can't get onto the wrestling team. We already have problems getting enough engineers and scientists, though...if we start giving the slots away to women (who will avoid the hard-science jobs) things will get even worse. Maybe you can get a little awareness of this on the right-wing blogosphere...frame it as a competitiveness issue.

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