February 20, 2006

Elite Mexican attitudes toward the U.S.:

A reader writes to relate a story a professor told him of a visit to a top bureaucrat's office in Mexico City:

On the wall behind the official's desk, there was a giant, elaborate mural of a huge octopus with a red, white and blue top hat. It's tentacles were reaching out all over the landscape of central America and strangling masses of tiny brown people.

The fact that this fellow had this covering the wall behind his desk to greet anyone who came into his governmental office says a lot about the absurd official story that the Mexican government tries to sell to its people. On the one hand, you marvel at the chutzpah involved. But on the other, it seems only perfectly natural for them to want to pawn off their failed economic policies on something besides themselves, even if that something is the very reason they have a per capita income better than most of the world.

The really amazing thing is that we continue to gladly serve as the stopgap solution for their irrational governance.

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