February 10, 2006

The NSA wiretapping / datamining brouhaha

As you know, I'm not a true believer in the rightness of everything the Bush Administration does. Still, I'm simply unable to get my dudgeon up over this issue. I keep coming back to the question:

"On September 12, 2001, did I want my government to do something like this?"

And the answer I keep coming up with is: Sure.

As it turns out, the scans didn't find many terrorists in America. Why not? Probably because, as it appears now, 53 months later, there weren't many (and on 9/12/2001 there were 19 fewer than on 9/10/2001.)

But we didn't know there weren't many terrorists left at the time.
It was prudent for the government to use the tools at its disposal to find out whether there were lots of them left.

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