March 23, 2006

Liberal diversity-worship as conspicuous consumption

A reader writes:

There’s probably a decent body of work to be done showing that to some extent liberal beliefs are a form of “conspicuous display” amongst the human animal.

Because one can “afford” to hold such beliefs, a person will espouse things that are actually counterproductive to the group/society/nation.

If all the rubes think immigration is bad, the rich can demonstrate their evolutionary fitness by confounding the rubes and saying “no, it’s not a problem…” and then inventing reasons why.

Displaying insouciance about the impact of illegal aliens' kids on the public schools and contempt toward those who are concerned shows that you're not some loser who has to worry about such things -- you live in an exclusive suburb or send your kids to private school or are too young and sexy to have kids at all.

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