April 9, 2006

Immigration: Don't Worry, Be Sappy

Dennis Dale writes on Untethered:

You’ve probably tired by now of those of us opposed to illegal immigration bemoaning the use of sentimental clichés in its defense; but it is exasperating, especially since the bromides work so well. People never seem to tire of comforting platitudes designed to make them feel morally superior. It is a cozy alternative to complexity and the effort of will necessary to tell someone no. Don’t worry, be sappy.

Steven Pinker told me:

Sophisticated people sneer at feel-good comedies and saccharine romances in which everyone lives happily ever after. But when it comes to science, these same people say, "Give us schmaltz!" They expect the science of human beings to be a source of emotional uplift and inspirational sermonizing.

Isn't it striking how the same liberal intellectuals who bemoan movies with happy endings as unrealistic and who demand careful Portland-style city planning to prevent sprawl and population growth are fervent defenders of our unplanned immigration shambles on the grounds that while it looks out of control, maybe if we all just clap our hands together and wish real hard, we might get a happy ending.

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