April 13, 2006

Something to be thankful for

We should give thanks for a massive bullet that America has dodged. Right after Hurricane Katrina, President Bush and the media were all talking up a Great Society II to "correct the poverty born of racial discrimination." The LA Times reported on September 16th:

"President Bush, who had just returned from his fourth visit to the Gulf Coast, told an audience at the National Cathedral today that he would use the rebuilding process to correct the poverty born of racial discrimination that had left so many of Hurricane Katrina's victims vulnerable. 'The greatest hardship fell upon citizens already facing lives of struggle: the elderly, the vulnerable and the poor,' he said. 'And this poverty has roots in generations of segregation and discrimination that closed many doors of opportunity. As we clear away the debris of a hurricane, let us also clear away the legacy of inequality.'"

Obviously, another Great Society would have been another catastrophe for the country and especially for African-Americans. Today, fortunately, we can be pretty certain that that moment of madness that engulfed the Establishment last September has passed. Those of us who spoke up forcefully at the time to tell the truth about New Orleans took a lot of arrows in our hats for our troubles, but we have largely prevailed.

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