June 26, 2006

David Frum's 18th wedding anniversary speech on NRO:

On Gideon's Blog, Noah writes:

I really want to hear Steve Sailer's comment on David Frum's dvar torah on parshat shelach. If you get at least halfway down, you'll figure out why.

Personally, I really want to hear Mrs. Frum's comment on Mr. Frum's speech on the occasion of their 18th wedding anniversary. I bet it was something like, "David, that first part was very sweet, but WHAT THE HELL DID THE REST OF IT HAVE TO DO WITH OUR MARRIAGE?"

Frum, in case you are wondering, is the former Bush speechwriter who made up 2/3rd of the term "Axis of Evil," which was perhaps the most disastrous phrase in the history of American diplomacy. In early 2002, following 9/11 and the quick expulsion of the Taliban from power, American prestige and power were at historic heights. Unfortunately, the 2002 State of the Union address claiming, preposterously, that Iraq, Iran, and North Korea formed an "axis" began to persuade observers around the world that the people running American foreign policy were either liars or unbalanced or both, a conclusion that subsequent events have done little to dispel.

Anyway, Frum's wedding anniverary speech is worth reading to get a sense of the strange mental atmosphere of the neocons.

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