June 27, 2006

"X-Men 3" (AKA, "The Return of the Teeming Freaks Return"):

A reader writes:

Did you see X-Men 3? It has a theme that fits squarely in your wheelhouse -- namely the sort of pretzels people tie themselves into when discussing inherent, group-based biological differences. The plot is about a treatment that cures mutants. This is treated as purely evil, and any mutant who wants the treatment as a victim of self-hating bad faith. Yet there are some mutants whose mutations are clearly pretty horrible (there's one girl whose name I forget who will kill anybody she touches). Nobody in the movie makes the third-grade suggestion that the mutants with good mutations keep them, and the ones with bad mutations get rid of them. This is just the reductio of the basic premise of the series, which is that the mutants are at the same time godlike supermen, and oppressed victims.

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