September 29, 2006

Dating and Mating Advice from a World-Class Professional

The Daily Mail reports on ascot-wearing Oliver Killeen:

The man who had 14 wives

[Oliver Killeen] was so fond of weddings he had attended 16 of his own. Sadly, just like his marriage to education expert Margaret Curtin, then 43, all but two were bogus.

And as if that wasn't extraordinary enough, the university qualifications on which he had built his career as a relationship counsellor and psychologist were false, too.

Oliver Killeen, international fraudster, had simply culled his knowledge from self-help books he'd read while in prison.

Boasting a string of qualifications in psychology, his patients included lawyers, doctors and teachers. It was to take years before Margaret discovered the truth — that she was married to one of Britain's most prolific bigamists.

In June 2004, Killeen was jailed at Isleworth Crown Court for three years for bigamy.

At his trial, the judge recorded his horror at the 'cruelty and gross deception inflicted on the women in your life'. It's a tale that would be almost comical if it weren’t so tragic.

Behind the charm of the twinkly eyed Irishman lies a string of broken hearts, blighted careers, devastating debts and — perhaps worst of all — an arrogant, amoral man who feels absolutely no guilt.

"Why should I?" asks Killeen. "I gave women what they wanted. If they were foolish enough to marry me within a few weeks of meeting me that was up to them. They should have asked more questions.

"I always gave the same little speech at my weddings. It was like a template — but no one ever questioned it. That made me laugh even more.

"Conning women is easy. I studied psychology and behaviour patterns. I presented myself as a dashing, suave sort of guy and women fell for it.

"I have a strong personality and an air of total respectability. And, of course, I'm a good lover — that’s the sealing factor."

However, his career as a bigamist did not begin until he was widowed in his 30s. He had married his childhood sweetheart, Mary, when he was 18.

They left their native Ireland and moved to London before emigrating to Toronto, where they had eight children.

"I have always liked living on the edge," says Killeen. "So I never had boring nine to five jobs. I got involved in various scams, such as money laundering.

I served time in Canada for 178 fraud convictions. That's when I started studying psychology. I thought it would be useful." And so it proved. Mary died of septicaemia, aged just 38, in 1974. And it was then that Killeen decided to use his undoubted skills to con women.

Needing a new mother for his children, when he was 36 he married the first of what he rather chillingly calls his 'collection of wives'...

Brazenly, he had reinvented himself as a psychotherapist and relationship counsellor in London, dealing in cases of sex abuse and addictive behaviour.

He was particularly popular thanks to the marriage classes he offered to young couples referred to him by his local Catholic priest.

Styling himself Dr Killeen, he claimed he was American and boasted he had a degree in psychology from prestigious Berkeley College, California, and a doctorate from Toronto University.

"He overwhelmed me with compliments," says university educated Margaret, who worked for the education department of Harrow council. They had met when she came to Killeen for advice in changing her career.

"He made me feel I was the most beautiful, accomplished woman to ever walk the earth. He looked into my eyes and instantly I was transformed from a rather plump, ordinary woman into Elizabeth Taylor.

"Now I can see that all he was doing was telling me exactly what I wanted to hear. But he appears so completely honest and open it's impossible to doubt him.

"I was at work on Valentine's Day and a huge bouquet appeared. It was half the size of a florist's shop.

"I thought I had found this knight in shining armour who was going to rescue me from my ordinary, boring life."

Within weeks, Killeen had proposed. "His passion blew me away," she says. "He knew I was worried my biological clock was ticking. I was 43 and wanted a child. He's so clever that he played on that."

Killeen persuaded a local radio station to give him a slot and his gentle, bedside manner was an instant hit with listeners.

Even after he has been exposed as a fraud, former patients pay testimony to the help he offered them. One woman claims the caring Dr Killeen understood her so well he was able to cure the bulimia which had plagued her for more than 30 years.

Perhaps it's no surprise that he was extremely good at his job. Charming, intuitive and with a commanding presence, he was soon so successful he had a full appointments book and was able to charge £7.99 for relaxation tapes.

I checked Google to see if he was just making up stories of his success as a psychologist, but there are lots of media accounts from before his unmasking of him offering professional advice, which I must say, sounds just as plausible as all the advice I've read offered by real psychologists. Here, for example, is a 1998 account from the Irish Farmers Journal, of a talk he gave to journalists on how Irish farmers could deal with stress. He advised relaxation tapes and self-esteem.

Even now he has no guilt.

"Psychology isn't a true science anyway so I don't feel guilty admitting I don't have a single proper qualification," he says.

"I'm self-taught. I read lots of books because I wanted to understand myself. I wanted to know why I could be so impetuous and spontaneous. It just snowballed."

Perhaps most extraordinary of all, Killeen found himself in court — as an expert witness on the effect of sexual abuse on the psychological state of victims. For years, no one ever questioned his qualifications.

"I was even an adviser to the police on issues such as drugs, alcohol and suicide," he says.

"In the five years I practised in Ireland, I treated judges, GPs and other psychiatrists as clients. It was a joke. I never worried that I would be unmasked. These weren't serious crimes — they were just harmless escapades. I spoke persuasively and carried myself with authority. It was easy." Killeen was making £5,000 a week — money he used to indulge his passion for the good things in life...

At his trial, Killeen admitted three counts of bigamy and was sentenced to three years — one of the longest sentences for this crime. Released early, in June 2005, for good behaviour, he fled to Canada, where he now lives.

"I'm very happy here," he says. "I'm running several girlfriends who know nothing of my past."

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Anonymous said...

I think he has done it again. Supposedly he has married a woman from Kansas City, Missouri, but could not get into the country when he tried to move here. Please get on this again.

Anonymous said...

I know he has done it again--he married my niece on Dec. 28th, 2006 at Niagara Falls. She believes all of his lies and still plans to be with him. She's desperate for love and he has promised to take care of her and her disabled daughter. We're so afraid for her and her daughter and we don't know where to turn.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God--you should turn to the authorities or try to get your niece some professional help. No one in their right mind would want to be with a monster such as this. She may be desperate for love, but what about the safety of her daughter. If this man is as disturbed as this blog makes him sound, no telling what he is capable of doing. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

everything that can be done is being done. Media has picked up the story yet again here in Canada and he will eventually be stopped. It is my personal crusade! and tell G not to go anywhere if she wants to maintain a normal life

Anonymous said...

My prayers have been answered. I am so grateful for the authorities and media in Canada (mostly women)that have helped bring this horrible ordeal to light and hopefully stop another woman from being hurt. I know Oliver reads this stuff--so here's to you buddy--you messed with the wrong woman/women this time! You might just have to switch sides--maybe your twinkling little eyes will attract some schmuck in prison that you can control and have your way with. I'd pay to see that documentary too!!

Anonymous said...

Killeen has no idea what he is up aganist! The jokes on him this time. He picked the wrong family to mess with.

Anonymous said...

Gina can't fight right now,but we can!Her family and friends are all standing by her,so why not all of us? Why isn't Oliver in jail for fraud? Is bigamy a greater offense than fraud? He posed as a Doctor for God's sake!! Get this "Creep" off the streets!!!!

Anonymous said...

He hates women,but can't survive without one!!.I hope G's mum stops Oliver from ever marrying anyone again!He cannot survive without the one thing he hates most!!WOMEN!

Anonymous said...

Forget jail. Oliver's biggest fear should be spending the rest of his short, pathetic life looking over his shoulder for those that want to see pain in his face. He has hurt enough people to know that karma is coming for him. Hopefully you're reading this blog, you psycho creep. If you cared about your current "victim" you would leave her alone. Do you think she wants to be publicly humiliated by your shady past? Do you think she wants to be known as the idiot who actually thought you truly loved her? The man with 19 wives? It seems obvious that you really DON'T care about her. You're at it again, aren't you? Except this time your story is nationally known - and people know who you are. Nice movie, by the way. Good luck trying to live a private life now, you piece of shit. We won't stop until you leave her alone. Do you understand? Leave her alone.

Anonymous said...

I saw the story on this guy in the Toronto Star and there was a picture of him--I'd just like to know what all these wives saw in him. I mean, I know looks aren't everything, but he's old and paunchy and totally disgusting looking. I can't imagine what he could say to me that would make me even want to associate with him let alone mary him! These women must not have any self respect or they're just plain nuts!!

Anonymous said...

You need to check out the story that Rosie DiManno wrote in the Toronto Star

it is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Oliver thinks that all of this recent attention is ruining his life--upsetting his family. Can you believe that? The man has spent years in prison in Great Britain and Canada, ruined the lives of dozens of women with his lies and deceit, continues to crave the control of weak desperate women and he thinks we're ruining HIS life! You betcha buddy!!!! And we'll keep up this campaign until we see your shriveled sorry ass in prison again! This is just the beginning--we've got the ball rolling and we have strong support from authorities nationwide. It's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Let's all email Cst Laura Taylor and ask her why nothing has been done about this career criminal when she was given one victim's video tape statement on April 29, 2006. Why aren't the Toronto Police doing nothing about this man?

Anonymous said...

Oliver,It looks like the women are "really" after you this time!I guess you need to hire a lawyer and file for 15 or 20 divorces,that's your only way out now!! Hope you're "Rich" and not just good looking!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I lived with him for 7 years as I watched my mother go through hell with him. The more people that get on the back of the Toronto Police to make sure he gets what he deserves, the better. Please email the Toronto Police and ask them why nothing has been done when they have complaints from at least 2 of his current wives:

Anonymous said...

please get in touch with me cause this guy is related to me and i will do all i can to see him pay for the hurt he has caused.All our family deplore what he has done.He has always been a conman and he loves to be important but his time is runnin out, he thought he could be famous but for all the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

I know this piece of chicken shit very, very well. All the adjectives & behavior describing him plus what I have witnessed on documentary & news reports are small when compared to what his inner deviousness is cabable of. His children have suffered so much. He was physically & emotionally abusive in EVERY sense & he knows what would be meant by saying this. They witnessed his abuse of their mother Mary, but were to frightened to speak up for her, except for one who finally came forward. Oliver did his usual spouting, spitting, threatening & stomping about like a pathetic little Hitler, but too late. The sad part is that all of his disgusting deeds may not be known by the public, but his children know. And I know. Yes, I remember it all. All the visits to Mary's grave are a front for the "grieving widower." He "never" visited the grave, nor did Mary have a grave stone for years. His reason for not having one was "Mary said she would come back from the grave & stomp it down," Yeah right. Her death is suspicious & I'll just let that part hang out there for contemplation. He knows.

Anonymous said...

All the warnings & dire predictions sent out to other women should be enough warning about this pathalogical lying sociopath. I say to his latest "wife" Gina, if you do not heed all of the reports by others who have had unfortunate contact with this predator & choose to believe his words "I have changed, I'm a different man now, it's all in the past, I am a different man now, those women meant nothing, you are my everything, bla bla bla; then I say to to Gina, go ahead & take your daughter & live the so called dream he keeps promising you. That dream will soon be shattered. Your life will be a living hell. You will feel ashamed, betrayed & angry. You do not have medical coverage in Canada as he says you will have for your severely disabled daughter. Oliver does not have a Swiss bank account as he claims. He lives out of the pockets of others. HE TELLS YOU NOT TO COME TO CANADA IF YOU DO NOT BRING YOUR DAUGHTER WITH YOU. Believe me when I say there is a reason. He wants to cut all contact with your family back home. If you daughter remains, you will no doubt be concerned for her well being & would be contacting your family for an update now & then. Oliver doesn't want this contact because it is threatening to him. Isolation is the purpose and he will decide your phone calls & monitor them. He will tell you to try & make it on your own if you think your so smart. He does not like strong, smart women. You are a target of innocence and he will con you into obtaining credit in any way possible, run it to the hilt then find more devious manner to live the false high life & put on a show trying to impress others. Listen to the warnings Gina. If you do not, then go ahead & live the hell & I promise you it will be hell. You will truly need your family around you when the inevitable collapse comes. Oliver pops pills; Viagra being "one" of the choice @ present to prop up what never did work properly. He claims to be a good lover & that is part of what women like about him. Well let me tell you!!! Have you ever heard of the American song "60 Minute Man" which came out several years ago & was banned because it was considered risque??? (typical American uptightness) well... Oliver would be 60 second man; blink & it's over. Doesn't have a clue how a woman's body works nor does he give a damn. Wham bam thats your duty Ma'am. Women are nothing but receptacles. Good luck Gina; you will need not only that but a backb one as well.

Anonymous said...

stupid people, stop complaining and if you really want to help these girls that he hurt, why don't u spend the time and talk to these women and get to know them and be there for them 24/7, stop placing blame on someone that can give a women a dream that she so desparently wants and yern for years, there is a reason why they feel for this guy and its because people like you that complain aren't there from the beginning and only there when there is someone else to blame...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, Sir, you should only comment on things you know something about or maybe read a little about what this degenerate is capable of and post an informed comment.

from someone who knew him well.

Anonymous said...

Update: Watch for W-Five this season. They are doing our Canadian expose on him and it will be better than the last one of that we have no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately due to the fear of Oliver (Old man who can do nothing but spout useless words) the documentary has been cancelled. The british version almost glamourized his life there. His life here in Canada with the women he was with was anything but glamorous.

Anonymous said...

Oliver has finally been arrested!!!! Excitement abounds for women all over the world! Thanks to Detective Patrick Nevin and his partner for their hard work in finally getting things done.

Anonymous said...

Well remand, remand, remand but what else can you expect from our justice system! Our system is substandard, the Toronto Police force is substandard just like the career conman they are doing squat about. Where is the judge that is going to have some balls and give him the full sentence he so deserves? Show me that judge in Toronto. Can't do it because they do not exist. So get it overwith...give him his slap on his wrist and let the bottom feeder be on his "marry" way as he will always be.

Anonymous said...

It looks like it will all be over today. Detective Nevin of the Toronto Police has told my mother that he is pleading guilty to one charge of bigamy against my mother and will likely only get 3 months in jail for it.

Ou Canadian Criminal Justice system is so blind!

Rot in hell Oliver, you'll get there eventually...tee hee

Julia Lafleur

Anonymous said...

Oliver's next court date is November 17. It will be a preliminary hearing to assess whether they have enough evidence to go to trial. This should be interesting since one other woman came forward and the TO Police did NOT call her back even after she left several messages. Shame on the criminal justice system in this country!