September 20, 2006

Discuss amongst yourselves

As you no doubt know, Muslim fanatics have decided that, in quoting the Emperor Manuel, Pope Benedict wounded their amour propre. So, they've busied themselves killing a nun, burning down Greek Orthodox churches, setting fire to the the Collected Poetry of Pope, defiling the grave of Benedict Arnold, declaring a fatwa on Manuel Noriega, and generally being lowbrow pests. In response, the usual chowderheads in the West, such as E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post, have announced that "We Need a Real Dialogue."

No, we don't.

Instead, we should follow the lead of Linda Richman of Coffee Talk. Whenever she became verklepmt, she'd say, "Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic."

Here's a topic I'd like to give the one billion Muslims of the Islamic world to discuss amongst themselves:

"Why we like living here and would never ever move anywhere else."

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