September 18, 2006

The Steve Sailer Panhandling Drive Is Back!

The Internet Age is a reader's dream, but it can also be a writer's nightmare because it is so hard to get paid in an era when everybody expects "content" to magically appear for free. Moreover, my blogging and more formal articles are never going to support a lucrative amount of advertising since my natural audience is quite select. (As Fry explained on Futurama, the economics of mass media are: "Clever things make people feel stupid and unexpected things make them feel scared.") Nor are enough of the big money boys enthusiastic about supporting an independent thinker who isn't a team player.

I want to make this a semi-annual event, and it's been 6.5 months since the last time I hit you all up for money,

If tax deductibility isn't relevant to you (e.g., you live outside the U.S.), you might find it simpler to donate directly to me. You don't need to have a PayPal or Amazon account already to donate, just a credit card. (Or you can E-mail me and I'll send you my P.O. Box number.)

Click Here to Pay Learn MoreAmazon Honor SystemPaypal and Amazon charge $0.30 per transaction and 2.9% of the total, so I only get to keep 41% of a $1 donation, but 96.8% of a $100 donation!

Now, if you've been thinking, gee, I just have too much income this year for tax purposes, do we ever have a deal for you! Peter Brimelow writes:

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR STEVE SAILER FANS: Our regular Sunday night columnist Steve Sailer is one of the jewels of contemporary science journalism and it’s a mystery to me (and to him) why he’s not been stolen from VDARE.COM by the Mainstream Media. Well, actually, it’s not a mystery. Steve pushes the envelope too much. That’s why we’re here at VDARE.COM—and why we have to develop our own funding sources a.k.a you.

We want to commission Steve to begin a major project, separate from his columns, the results of which will be published in longer pieces, working towards a possible book. The topic: the implications of modern discoveries in the human biodiversity area for the survival and success of the American nation. Donations to this project will be tax-deductible. You can make credit card contributions here; or fax credit card details here; you can snail mail checks made out to "Lexington Research Institute" and marked on the memo line (lower left corner) “Biodiversity/ National Project” to the usual address:

Lexington Research Institute
P.O. Box 1195
Washington CT 06793

My published articles are archived at -- Steve Sailer

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