January 2, 2007

Category: Things you find out over Christmas

My late father-in-law was a union leader and tuba player for the Lyric Opera who moved the family to a farm outside Chicago in 1968 because his kids kept getting mugged in front of their home on the West Side. My wife just learned from her older brother that, wanting help with the heavy lifting around the farm, their father had been dead set on buying an Asian elephant. He'd even written away for a catalog listing all the used elephants for sale in the U.S. It took a lengthy argument to get him to give up his dream of owning an elephant.

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Anonymous said...

Here I thought that the Internet would make elephant shopping much easier - just search the listings on line, rather than have to write away for a catalog.
As it turns out, the old way might still be the best. A Yahoo search for "elephants for sale" yields many hits for collectible elephant figurines and Republican Party novelties, but no actual elephants.

Iron Rails & Iron Weights

Steve Sailer said...

Yes, the Internet has made it easy to buy all the knick-knack gewgaws you want, but when it comes to something really useful like a trained Asian work elephant, you are practically out of luck.

Garland said...

This site just went all Across Difficult Country for a second there...