January 5, 2007

The Claw of the Lion is back

The pseudonymous La Griffe du Lion, whom I called the Zorro of statisticians, has a new essay:

Intelligence, Gender and Race

General intelligence, its form and how it is distributed in various populations are among the topics covered in this conversation with Prodigy. A new kind of meta-analysis is unveiled, and with it an assessment of the cognitive gender gap. All this and more when La Griffe du Lion interviews a celebrated whiz kid. Volume 9, Number 1, January 2007

Personally, I don't have an opinion on whether men or women have higher average IQs. Lynn, Rushton, and Nyborg say men have higher IQs by a few points. Jensen says they are the same. I asked Charles Murray who did better on the military's highly refined AFQT IQ test, and he found that women had scored a little higher in the 1997 re-standardization.

Whatever the averages really are, they're quite close to each other, so the psychometric issues tend to become highly technical.

At the far right edge of the bell curve, though, it's likely that there are more males, as Larry Summers notoriously pointed out.

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Anonymous said...

When I first read the headline, I thought it said "the Claw of the Lion is black." I thought he had revealed a surprising fact about himself.

Steve Sailer said...

For all I know, he could be. All I know is that Griffe loves those Italian ladies.