February 14, 2007

Economist Greg Clark's exciting new book

A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World

"He is a benefactor of mankind who contracts the great rules of life into short sentences, that may be easily impressed on the memory, and so recur habitually to the mind" --Samuel Johnson

The basic outline of world economic history is surprisingly simple. Indeed it can be summarized in one diagram: figure 1.1. Before 1800 income per person – the food, clothing, heat, light, housing, and furnishings available per head - varied across societies and epochs. But there was no upward trend. A simple but powerful mechanism explained in this book, the Malthusian Trap, kept incomes within a range narrow by modern standards. …

World Economic History in One Graph

Since the economic laws governing human society were those that govern all animal societies, mankind was subject to natural selection throughout the Malthusian Era, even after the arrival of settled agrarian societies with the Neolithic Revolution. The Darwinian struggle that shaped human nature did not end with the Neolithic Revolution that transformation of hunter-gatherers into settled agriculturalists, but continued indeed right up till the Industrial Revolution.

For England we will see compelling evidence of differential survival of types in the years 1250-1800. In particular economic success translated powerfully into reproductive success. The richest men had twice as many surviving children at death as the poorest. The poorest individuals in Malthusian England had so few surviving children that their families were dying out. Preindustrial England was thus a world of constant downward mobility. Given the static nature of the Malthusian economy, the superabundant children of the rich had to, on average, move down the social hierarchy. The craftsmen’s sons became laborers, merchant’s sons petty traders, large landowner’s sons smallholders.

Just as people were shaping economies, the economy of the pre-industrial era was shaping people, at the least culturally, perhaps even genetically. The arrival of an institutionally stable capital-intensive pre-industrial economic system in England set in motion an economic process that rewarded middle class values with reproductive success, generation after generation. This selection process was accompanied by changes in characteristics of the pre-industrial economy that seem to owe largely to the population displaying more “middle class” preferences. Interest rates fell, murder rates declined, work hours increased, and numeracy and literacy spread even to the lower reaches of the society.

The book proposes a variant of these evolutionary ideas, along the lines suggested by Oded Galor and Omar Moav. The Neolithic Revolution which established a settled agrarian society with massive stocks of capital changed the nature of selective pressures operating on human culture and genes. Ancient Babylonia in 2,000 BC may have seemed superficially to be an economy not dissimilar from that of England in 1800. But the intervening years had profoundly shaped the culture, and maybe even the genes, of the members of English society. These changes were what created the possibility of an Industrial Revolution only in 1,800 AD not in 2,000 BC.

Other scholars have recently posed the challenge of “Why an Industrial Revolution in England as opposed to China, Japan or India?” The speculation here, and it is just a speculation, is that England’s island position and its highly stable institutions, which resulted in a surprisingly orderly and internally peaceable society all the way from 1066 to the present, advanced the process of preference evolution more rapidly than in the more turbulent agrarian economies.

My published articles are archived at iSteve.com -- Steve Sailer


Anonymous said...

I've read the book, too. I'm glad to see that we both got a lot out of it.

It's good that you pointed out that the genetic changes created the possibility of an Industrial Revolution, rather than forced it to occur at a particular moment in time.

It may be chance that it started around 1800, rather than around 1700 or 1900; but it probably isn't chance that it didn't happen around 1000 BC.

It seems that other major economic changes may also occur sometime after they are possible, rather than immidiately after some threshold is reached. There seems to be some randomness about the timing of major economic, cultural and evolutionary events.

~ Risto

Anonymous said...

The economic advances made by Europe and the US had much more to with violation of free market principles.

Both England and the US had protectionist trade policies while at the same time forcing other nations-Ireland,my ancedstors country of origin- to adhere the free market principles that were violated on a regular basis by the US and England.

The computer you type on, Sailer, and legal immigant Peter Brimelow-soft on legal asian immigration and a nice spread in New Hampshire-the internet and the browser technology are the result of violating free market principles.

You spend way way too much time memorizong the writings of the Jewish dwarf Milton Friedman(no doubt buring in hell at the moment) and the very overrated negro economist Thomas Sowell.

There is a sophisticated and deep anlysis of how protectionist trade policies were crucial to Englands and Ameriaca's success in a book written by a young Korean economist who teaches at Cambridge University.

Genetic determinism is not the reason why Ireland was a third world economically backward colony of England for so many years.

Free market principles are always implemented with guns,cannons,tanks,f-16s,f-14's f-15's and these days the threat of tactictal nuclear weapons.(after FEb 21, Isareli president George W Bush evil seed of George and the old whore Barbara will drop one on Iran. No punches pulled anymore if youyknow what I mean)


Anonymous said...

There is a sophisticated and deep anlysis of how protectionist trade policies were crucial to Englands and Ameriaca's success in a book written by a young Korean economist who teaches at Cambridge University.

What, that slit-eyed no-name gook!? Pah!

My problem with Steve's piece is the characterisation of human history in terms of Darwinian struggle. It's a Darwinian fairytale.

Anonymous said...

"Kicking away the ladder" by Ha Joon Chang published by Cambridge university press.

Short stature hunch back Jew economist Paul Krugman gave a big kiss on the ass of the corpse of Milton Friedman in the early part of his essay in the most recent edition of the NYT review of books.

Quite neccessary to do this you see. If one is serious about competing for a Nobel prize for economics one must genuflect before the free market nonesense of Freidman.

Policy matters a whole lot when it comes to understanding the trajectory of economies and nations.

The economic decline of NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA can be traced back to the passage of the 1965 immigration reform act-Jewish organizations were the architects of the 1965 immigation reform act- not to the "inferior" genes of European Americans.

I kind of stinks that legal immigrant Peter Brimelow is allowed to have a nice spread in the Bershires. After all he did defend traitorous Jewish Neocon Elliot Abrams one of the architects of the impending nuclear war and war crimes in Latin America( I am for the deportation of most hispanics).

But there was no doubt a policy decision to underdevelop Latin America.


Anonymous said...

But Latin America has been growing faster than Europe and America in recent decades. Only Africa has been 'left behind'.

Anonymous said...

I'm anti-market and protectionist too, although blaming the Jews for everything gets kind of silly. We also had to deal with increasing global competition abroad, and plenty of the support for increased immigration comes from goyish executives who want cheap labor.

Anonymous said...


Not too many of us are fans of the '65 immigration bill, but your hatred of Jews seems irrational. First, not all Jews were in favor of it; second, that bill wouldn't have been passed without the advocacy of powerful non-Jews (e.g., Sen. Ted Kennedy); and third, do you honestly think Christian white Americans would be better off today if there had never been Jews in this country?

Do you honestly think America hasn't benefited from Jewish contributions to myriad fields including medicine, finance, technology, science, law, etc? Would America have been better off without the likes of Jonas Salk, Irving Berlin, or Andrew Grove?

And why are you concerned with the heights of Paul Krugman and Milton Friedman? Would you like either of them if they were taller? Are you a fan of the 6'5" American Jewish economist Paul Volcker because he is tall?


Anonymous said...

I do not hate Jews. But I am mighty pissed at them.

There might be a discrepancy right now between ordinary jews and jewish academic,media and business elites.

However, it is getting very late in the and the chickens are comming home to roost. Ordinary Jews have been subsidizing the prasitic Jewish elites fot a loooong time Sometime after feb 21-end of the UN security council-controlled by the US goverment ie;traitorous neocon jewish interests- resolution on Iaqs LEGAL RIGHT TO HAVE NUCLEAR REACTORS FOR CIVILAN USE.

If the neocon nuking of Iran doesn't trigger a nuclear WW3, plutonium dust will settle on America causing decades of cancer increases ,als increases, horrible birth defects(two headed infants,sounds far fetched it's already happening in Iraq no doubt do to depeleted uranium paticulates. I have seen the video. A scence from hell. One young Iraqi woman gave birth to a two headed monstrosity; second head had very minimal infra -human capacity. It will happen here)

If this happens I will curse the "American" Jews and every Christian evangelical pinhead.


Anonymous said...

Aaron Copeland is my favorite composer.


Anonymous said...

Was Aaron Copeland tall enough for you, Jupiter?

Anonymous said...

Copeland wasn't really Jewish. He just thought he was.

Anonymous said...

If the problem of declining IQ through un-natural selection really exists, and I am not completely convinced, it could be mitigated through drugs. BTW I think that Ritalin is a very small start of this. It seems to be a drug allows on the margins some unschoolable people to be schooled successfully. Also prosaic, lexipro and other anti-depressants and anti psychotic drugs help many people to perform much better in society. I believe that these drugs actually reduce crime and make otherwise unproductive people productive. Although as of yet no drugs increase IQ they make for more effective use of existing IQ and even give some people more pleasant personalities, even making them less quarrelsome.

I expect much more to come.

So I see technology reaming ahead of devolution.

Anonymous said...

Try reading Huxley's Brave New World.

Cedric Morrison said...

Mr. Sailer, your articles are imaginative, intelligent, and enlightening, and I admire your intellectual courage. The hatred displayed by some of your commentators, however, is rather nauseating.

Anonymous said...

For a related essay, see "The Industrial Revolution, Past and Future" by Robert E. Lucas Jr. Professor of Economics, University of Chicago; Adviser, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis


- Fred

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I gotta agree with Cedric. Guys, leave your prejudices at the door, so to speak. They really don't add anything to the discussion.

Anonymous said...

Academics live in safe little artificial worlds.

The real world-tribal allegiances and the legitmate emotional infrastructure that makes these allegiances work -can't be captured in their econometric equations.

Maybe Mao had the right idea. A modest proposal. A year of hard factory work for all economists and Historians.

I gaurantee that a year of hard factory work for the academics will knock all the literary and academic pretenses out of the these delicate types.

Anonymous said...

previous post by Jupiter

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure that Paul Volker is not Jewish. He doesn't look Jewish and he is not at famous.heebz.com

Anonymous said...

Jupiter, you are fantastically ignorant. When Mao tried this idea you trumpet, it was disastrous. The only reason I can fathom anybody calling for Mao's policies after hindsight showing us how horrifically they turned out is if you hate your countryment and want them to suffer. Considering the vitriol contained in your other posts, that does not seem entirely out of the question.

Anonymous said...

A reader mentioned "Brave New World".

In the novel, the industrial revolution lead to the production of more resources than needed.

The society no longer need all the brainpower of normal human being. (Else it would be too productive and chaos would increase)

The solution is the artificial creation of lower (dumber) classes, through careful engineering.

As such, an IQ upper class is maintained, but the society need to be built like an Iceberg! (See the novel)

An interesting point in the novel is the relationship between size, status and IQ.

I was checking the wikipedia entry on IQ, and there was a correlation of 0.47 that was established between IQ and the size of an individual and his parents.

This is not trivial! The correlation with grades is 0.5.

In Idiocracy, the technological revolution is also leading to dysgenic breeding. But this time, it isn't carefully planned dysgenic breeding, it is nature acting blindly. And the technological revolution allows the survival of the lower IQ society. Until, a breaking point is reached, and perhaps a new equilibrium is attained!

Anonymous said...

"If the problem of declining IQ through un-natural selection really exists, and I am not completely convinced, it could be mitigated through drugs. BTW I think that Ritalin is a very small start of this. It seems to be a drug allows on the margins some unschoolable people to be schooled successfully. Also prosaic, lexipro and other anti-depressants and anti psychotic drugs help many people to perform much better in society."

I think this is false.

First, I don't the the people taking Ritalin are difficult to school because they have low IQ's. Many tend to be difficult to school because they are very active or have problems with authority. I'd need to see a study showing how child IQ and child psychoactive drug prescriptions corelate. My guess would be that you get a lot of need for the drugs for kids on the left side of the bell curve, many (but not as much) for kids on the high right side of the bell curve, and low for the kids in the middle and in the only moderately rightward part of the curve.

Second, I am wary about the capacity of most traditional schooling to raise IQ. I suspect that, on average, Ritalin is mostly useful for keeping active children quiet in the classroom so that the naturally passive and obedient ones can be trained in the skills they need to take an office job.

Prozac (etc.) is good for children who can't shift their motivations to conform with those of their teacher and/or peers, and who fail to fully form motivations of their own under pressure to conform, to distressing effect. Compared to discussing the fact that our current educational was built to churn out assembly line workers 100 years ago (recent CS Monitor article on this), it is easier to give these kids drugs.

Anonymous said...

"previous post by Jupiter "

Really? Who would have guessed?

-Adam Greenwood

Anonymous said...

I think the 0.47 value is for a correlation between a person's height and that of his parents, not between height and IQ. It is put in for comparison.

Anonymous said...

"Other scholars have recently posed the challenge of “Why an Industrial Revolution in England as opposed to China, Japan or India?” The speculation here, and it is just a speculation, is that England’s island position and its highly stable institutions, which resulted in a surprisingly orderly and internally peaceable society all the way from 1066 to the present, advanced the process [...]"

The issue of why the advancements underlying the modern world happened in Europe as opposed to China and (ancient) Egypt and so isn't one that has only recently arisen; this was a cornerstone of Weber's scholarship back around the turn of the last century.

The problem gets stickier than you suggest once you drop ancient Babylon as an example and consider Ancient Egypt. The culture in ancient Egypt was very bureaucratic, very focused on order, and very efficient. As far as culture's effect on orderly working of government goes, compare standard Egyptians scribe training as exemplified in The Eloquent Peasant with Babylon's epic of Gilgamesh, in which the glorified culture hero is a king who can kill citizens as he likes, and gets a traditional "first f*ck" at weddings in his realm. Not a great founding myth if you want a society that protects the economy by protecting the average working man. (Compare also to the Osirus/Seth/Isis/Horus myth, in which the rightful king is shown to be the orderly, lawful one, not the strong one.)

As far as the culture living up to stories like the eloquent peasant (in which the bureaucracy dispenses justice peasant who had been robbed by a noble), an early Islamic caliph who had once been merely an Arab trader records that, on one of this trading missions, Egyptian border guards stole all his wares. He complained, and despite his being a lowly foreigner, the government found his wares, returned them, and killed the (Egyptian) robbers for theft and for abusing their office. This society was also relatively stable internally for a long periods of time (typically broken when a king was weak, or was strong but failed to leave an heir, or when enemies with better weapons technology invaded).

Point of all this is that it is not so simple to say England's success is due to their internal stability and culture of government enforcing justice. There are examples that challenge this; they just aren't Babylon.

Weber explained Europe's rise to prominence on the basis not of its having a stable internal system of justice, but on the basis of certain ideas from Protestant Christianity leading to certain cultural effects.

It is a complicated case, and it may apply less to England than to Germany (which would then raise the question of why, in Europe, the English tradition was the one to take off rather than the German). It is, roughly, about trying to reveal whether you are one of Calvin's pre-damned or pre-chosed through a life of both abstinence and prosperity (poverty being a stigma of the damned, and gluttony being a vice). This gave people the saving-and-investing bug, and that led to ready means and habitual occurence of economic progress and an association between progress and virture.

There is one important point in it, which is that idea to save for growth and progress (which Adam Smith takes for granted, as part of man's nature, when discussing why a man would save stock and plan for future growth), in a critical thing to combine with the stable social system.

Going to the example I've chosen, Egyptian culture found that sort of open-ended progress as an anathema. It was much more like Catholocism, which finds unbounded growth to be perverse. Egypt was not interested in colonizing, everyone wanted to be buried in their homeland, art and science were not to progress and change but to preserve Middle Kingdom forms, etc. They had the wealth to set up research labs and to revise their simple science to get something really going, but they didn't have the ideology to do so; the wealth would be spent on luxury and tombs and setting up children well, rather than on inventive, progressive ventures.

(Roughly similar with China's bureaucracy, but not exactly so. There, it seems there was less focus on freezing in time, but way more systematic corruption.)

Something in Protestantism, it seems, changed that. The belief that progress is a natural, and even moral, thing, when combined with the social order and bureaucracy Sailer discusses, is a dynamo.

As far as IQ goes, with scholarship being the social route it was in places like Egypt and China, it might have tended to rise, but that still didn't pay off in they way Sailer suggests it might have in England. (In China, the high IQ might be evidence that it did rise. In Egypt, centuries of Islam (which creates a political system that rewards corruption massively, which means money to feed kids isn't necessarily tied to smarts, as it is when scholarship is rewarded) and of mixing with outsiders conceals whether or not the bureaucratic system in which scholarship payed of in money to feed children, had an effect back then. It is gone now, if it did.)

One more comment, on this:

"My problem with Steve's piece is the characterisation of human history in terms of Darwinian struggle. It's a Darwinian fairytale."

You've heard of micro-evolution?

Sailer isn't here talking about anything that isn't understandable in terms accepted by the Creation Science biology texts published by the Christian Liberty Academy. He's not talking about one species turning into another, for example.

All he's saying is that, if you've got an enconomic situation in which smart people leave more kids than less smart people, you get a following generation being, on average, more smart than the previous, thanks to genetic inheritance and statistics.

You have to debunk not Darwin, but micro-evolution, genetics, or statistics, to take issue with Steve's points about IQ in this article.

Anonymous said...

Sleeper, you are right, I read incorrectly.

(Now, I wonder what the real correlation is.)

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer like every other bell curve true believer is an intellectual fraud.

I read the biological reserch literature very carefully. Also the analytic philosophy literature very carefully. All current literature. Whether it is the insane insecure neurotic jew Michael Levin, or trudt fund Jew Lawrence Auster or Sailer, they never make any reference to the cutting research and biological the that lays to waste the genetic reductionism of Hernstien, Murray and others.
It doesn't take any great skill or brains to dig this literature up.
But they go out of their way to igniore it.

There is a much more sophisticated version of things than genetic or enviromental reductionism

Steve Sailer like Peter Brimelow are economic reactionaries. They want to find an economic justification for gross economic inequality. Gross economic inequality is a policy,moral and ultimately spirutauial issue. It is not a genetic issue.(whatever the hell that means)

The claim that the economic trajectoies that nations take is largely genetically based has not been established(only in the minds of the true believers.) It has not been established because the conceptual and theoretical foundations of this avenue of reasearch is dishonest, and theoretically shallow(much like the jewish dwarf milton friedamans economic theories. Oh I forget, the late dwarf doesn't believe in theorizing.) The true believers are guilty of massive intellectual dishonesty.

If this debate about IQ tests and genes moved out of the blogs and into the larger policy discussion venues,Steven Sailers special invitation only eugeneicist cabal would receive quite a thrashing.

Steve trust me, you should hope this never happens, you will look mighty stupid.

Warm regards


Anonymous said...

Economic under-developoement has much more to with Paul Krugman's, the very pompus looking Brad Delong's (oh yes Brad you must be very important after all you were undersecetary of economic jibberish in the sexually perverted- and also guilty of war crimes -Clinton adminstration you fucking putz)and defunct Harvard President Lawrence Summer's(his legal immigrant theoretical physcist supporter Lubos Motl soon to be defunct as a theoretical physcist)neoliberal economic theories being forced on human being in other nations with the help of f14s-now defunct-f-15s,f-16s,f-18s abrams tanks, smart bombs and the threat of tactical nuclear weapons. Only in some utterly trivial way, genes might have something to do with the economic trajectories of nations

warm regards

Anonymous said...


You really have a bug up your ass about Jews, huh? I bet you hate blacks too. Maybe you are one of those lumpenproletariat racists who hates those he thinks are smarter than him as well as those he thinks are stupider.

MensaRefugee said...

How the heck did the topic of Jews even arise?

I think Jupiter is a prime example of
what Fred Reed called "a Hater"



Anonymous said...


Here is my gripe with Jews.

Because of massive Jewish influence in American politics and the media, a half a trillion dollars has been spent murdering - the present count stands at over 700 hundred thousand- Iraqi civilians. Also, I massively resent 3.5 billion dollars being shipped off every year to the shitty little state of Isarel(this excludes the hidden billlions also being sent to Israel every year.)

You see anon, these billions would have been better pent on curing Lou Gerhigs disease, an incurable disaese that killed my brother-A CATHOLIC AMERICAN AND AN H-1B VISA VICTIM.

My brothers life was a much higher priority for me and my CATHOLIC family than the shitty little state of Israel.

My allegiance is not to the state of Israel.

Yes, I do have a problem with Jews. God forbid if I had publicly raised at various ALS fundraisers the issue of how Amreican tax $$$$$$$$$$$$ would have been better spent on curing ALS instead of murdering on behalf of the shitty little state of Israel. I would have been pilloried by the Jews at the fund raisers.

Instead ALS patients-
PALS- beg school children for their alowances to put a few bucks into chronically starved ALS research.

Did I mentiion that my late brother was an H-1B visa victim. Lets see.. yes I did in the Barck Barama the coon traitr and war criminal in waiting thread.


A recent nauseating experience:middle age jewish woman-you know the knd tons of jewelry-wetting their panties in starbucks over the news that Hillary Clinton - a testorone flushed bul-dyke, quite possibly sporting a false penis like the african hyena bitch of the Africa's Serrangehetti plains -has begun her lust for power. I felt like throwing up into their serran wrap faces (like the Katherine Hellman character in Terry Gilliams movie Brazil)

warm regards


Anonymous said...

The reason why I dragged Jews into this thread is becauise:if in these tmes especially policy determines the possible trajectiories a nation will take-haven't folks ever heard of increasing returns-the obvious question to ask is:whom is pulling the policy strings.It sure as hell ain't the ordinary NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN one ir two paychecks fromm the gutter.

Jews have been pulling the stringds on immigration and foriegn for at least 62 years.

Stop the nonesense talk about genetic reductionism.A certain minority ethnic interest has been pulling the policy strings-in collabration with the utterly corrupt northern wasp class and wasp wannabees(filthy and sexually degenerate Kennedy clan). Policy not genes is steering America into the rancis cesspool

warm regards


Anonymous said...


Spell checking and not repeating phrases would make you look less crazy.

You never answered, why your interest in height?

As to the brilliant biology you read, name a paper, even just one.

Anonymous said...


it's perfectly fine to disagree w/ this country's relationship with Israel...in fact, if you think Israel-minded Jewish advocacy groups are a bad influence re: foreign policy, that could very well be a legitimate gripe too


you come across as a downright asshole and a hateful, ignorant person...it's unnecessary to use racial, ethnic, or religious slurs when you're trying to discuss serious issues...i'm a big fan of steve sailer - he always makes me think and I admire him for writing about things that are not mentionable in the PC press...

That said, i cringe when i read comments by dickheads like you...This is not a hate site and I'm disgusted every time I see a racist or anti-semitic comment. As a fellow Catholic (and Database Administrator with mostly H-1B coworkers, let me tell you with certitude that Jewish Americans have made immeasurable contributions to this country and we're all better off for it...I can understand how somebody like Sailer. who could care less about PC norms, attracts people looking for an excuse to vent their hate, but you've crossed the line...You don't want to have an intelligent conversation; you have a vendetta of sorts and that's clouded your rationale...So get the f outta here and go hangout at the national vanguard

Anonymous said...

How does the author explain England's current decadent state?

Rast said...

Well said, Paul L. It's quite possible to be a realizt about race and ethnicity without hating jews, blacks, etc.

I wish steve would at least delete the posts with racial slurs.

Anonymous said...


Re American Jews and the war in Iraq: The only Senator so far who has sponsored a bill to cut off funds and end the war is a Jew: Feingold. Plenty of prominent Jews have also been opponents of the war.

Sorry that your brother died of ALS, but that disease isn't a Jewish conspiracy. Your life has also been improved in ways you don't even think about by American Jews. Pound for pound they have probably contributed more to the advance of this country than any other ethnic group. Hating all of them is irrational.

Anonymous said...

Yes Jews have made many great contributions to America.

But it is also true that shortly after FEb 22 that 1)Bush or the Israelis will nuke Iran. The plutonium dust will injure my Catholic family.

also If the Isarelis nuke-Israeli ow inerchangeable with the Bush admiistration-Nuclear WW# xould start. Jewish contributions wiped out in both cases

Anonymous said...

If I had gone the Today Show to talk to Katie Couric about ALS and said"You know Katie, ALS research is massively underfunded. It is a disgrace that a a hlf trillion dollars is being spent on murdering the Iraqi civilian population on behalf of of the state of Israel. US tax payers dollars would be better spent on finding a cure for ALS and making life much more bearable for ALS patients who choose not to commit suicide(not traching =suicide) Also Katie, Isarel a foriegn nation recieves 3.5 billion dollars a year from the US tax payers. This isn't right . Wouldn't this money be better spent on AMERICAN CITIZENS who are dying from Lou Gehrigs disease such as my brother . This is really a disgrace. How is it that tiny foriegn nation thousands of miles away is a higher priority while somone like my brother who is one nicest and gentliest people you ever met AND A US CITIZEN is consigned to die a horrible death, and in the process of dying from ALS,sufffering both physically and psychologically".

Do you think Katie Couric would have invited me back on THE TODAY SHOW show the following year? You all know the answer to this question. Even though my hypothetical comments to Katie Couric are 100 percent dead-on accurate.

If I ever made these patently true comments to Katie Couric on the morning show, I would have been publicly persercuted. (In Canada, the jew bastards would have me arrested and thrown in jail) Hundreds of death threats would have come my way. Jewish ALS researchers such as John Hopkin's Jeffrey Rothberg would have denounced me. The Hollywood Jews who toss a few sheckles every year in the direction of the late Jennifer Estee's project ALS organizatoin would have denounced me.

But in an America, where Jews have historically have had massive influence on US immigration and foriegn policy, it is quite safe to say on NATIONAL TV that US tax dollars are much better spent on murdering the Iraqi civilian population and subsidizing the shitty little state of Israel than for providing releif to people such like my brother.

Jews have never tolerated an honest discussion about Israel or US immigration policy.

It is kind of late in the game for Jews to be lecturing Christians about how much they have done for AMERICA.

WE may be on the verege of something horrific over the next two weeks. If America survives this, it will be wrecked and destroyed by a post 1965 LEGAL IMMIGRATION policy which is bringing about the economic and demographic annihilation of the majority racial group-EURO-CHRISTIAN AMERICANS- that founded and built the CHRISTIAN NATION AMERICA.

The current trajectory of America is a direct result of the passage of the 1965 immigration reform act. American Jews played a major role in the passage of the 1965 immigration act.

The passage of the 1965 immigratin act has been a death sentence for NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA.

The Jews who are hang out here do so because they are sympathetic to Steve Sailers rantings on eugenics.

Policy decisions-not genes-are the fundamental causative factors in bringing about the death of NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA.

The fact that the Jews who hang out here find the use of the term NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN revolting tells you a lot.

warm regards


Anonymous said...

Well...umm...nothing against native born christian americans, they've done quite a lot for this country, and I'm quite aware of the fact that the Israeli lobby is dragging us in directions I'd rather the country not go in... but blaming the Jews for not curing ALS seems a bit excessive.

Heck, they took down polio ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonimus I did not mean to imply that the current crop of drug (Ritalin and lexipro Prozac) raise IQ at all. What the Ritalin does is allow some people to use their existsing IQ a little more effectively in our society as it is structured today. As for the antidepressant they seem to have an effect in reducing some bad behaviors that correlate with low IQ.

…But these are just the very tip of the iceberg, there is talk about drug that improve short term memory and important component of IQ.

I strongly agree with you here:

“Compared to discussing the fact that our current educational was built to churn out assembly line workers 100 years ago (recent CS Monitor article on this), it is easier to give these kids drugs.”

That our education system is messed up and so much Ritalin would not be required if the school made sense in how they work but reform of schooling in America will take a lond time though I do see things that provide great hope in the home schooling movement which is changing into what I call micro schooling. I call it micro schooling because rather than home schooling because they are doing much of it outside the home. For example in my town the home school children dominate the 4h clubs and their science fairs. They use Silbin learning centers and they trade of subjects with other parents. (I could go on).

And also…

I gotta agree with Cedric and MarcZ , leave your prejudices at the door, so to speak. They really don't add anything to the discussion.

And also…

Jupiter you anti-trade people take an illogical theoretical position and then ignore all the examples that go against your theory. And I wonder if you act on the extensions of your theory in your personal life. For example you could attempt to make things for yourself, accumulating capital to make them, even when buying them is cheaper in hopes that some day you will become more efficient than the other suppliers and you can then sell to them and get rich.

I think that even a society of stupid people if they do not use violence would do fine. I find that the Amish and the Mennonites success fascinating.

Anonymous said...


I'm not ignoring any facts. On the contrary, it is the free trade true believers that ignore real world facts

There is also the issue of scale. Free trade within the US would be much less of problem. The resistance by millions of human beings to neo-liberal programs of global economic integration is a fact. These millions of acts of resistance are data points I take much more seriously than the garbage the pompous looking ass Brad Delong cranks out his econometric equations.

I'm Find Ravi Batra's idea about competitve protectionism more sensible.

Neo-liberal global economic policy can only be implemented with m-16s,f-15s,f-18s, stealth bombers,abrams tanks and the US marines. This is excactly what's going on in Iraq right now. The on going campaign of the Bush adminstration and the fat stupid pig Lou Dobbs and his script- rip and read porno starlets against Venezuela is another example.

Several years back, neoliberal economist Paul Krugman made a very revealing staement. He wrote something to the effect thatthe people of Mexico and other south-of-the border nations shouldn't even be given a chance to decide their nations economic future. Instead these nations should have economic policy forced upon them through anincreasing returns lock in policy/process. He argued that once the neoliberl economic system is locked in, there will be nothing the Mexicans can do about it.

The monstrosity Paul Krugman knows goddam very well that his neoliberal econimc theories only have credibility to the extent that they are backed up by the most lethal military infrastructure that the human species has ever known.

Krugman,Delong,Summers all fat little rat bastard war criminals off to the Hague, off with fucking heads

warm regards

Anonymous said...

Ravi Batra, Jupiter?

Isn't he the economist who predicted The Great Depression of the 1990's?

There's a track record for you.

Anonymous said...

A large recent twin pair study of the height-intelligence relationship showed that both shared environment (59%) and shared genetics (35%) are responsible for significant portions of the observed correlation between intelligence and height[6].

6. Sundet JM, Tambs K, Harris JR, Magnus P, Torjussen TM. Resolving the genetic and environmental sources of the correlation between height and intelligence: a study of nearly 2600 Norwegian male twin pairs. Twin Res Hum Genet. 2005 Aug;8(4):307-11

- Fred

Anonymous said...

Don't we have a 700 billion dollar trade deficit? We are hemoraging manufacturing jobs at a rate unsurpassed in human history. We are living off of borrowed time and money, mostly becuase of the housing market and financial institutions clustered around NYC. Foreigners are buying US companies. Tell me how this is a path to economic success instead of a slow civilizational death?

Anonymous said...

Competitive protectionism can be discussed independently of the massive ego of Ravi Batra who wrote about it one of his books.

The idea very likely has been around for a while in one form or another.

The fundamental issue is: the interefence with ordinary people'-swherever they live- right to self-determination.

If you take the idea of self determination seriously, then you have to take seriously the idea that ordinary people in whatever nation their tribe lives in, should be able to choose their own trade policy and immigration policy

The US policy political is set up to exclude the participation of ordinary NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS from participating in any meanigfull way in trade and immigration policy decision making.

Barck Obama would not be a viable political candidate in the US political system if he had not reassured the coporate power brokers that infest the beltway that he will do his best to protect the "right" of corporations to control and make fundamental economic decision. Or to put it another way, Barack Obama reassured corporate America that they can still can have the power of life and death over ordinary Americans. Barack Obamma will not challenge the demigod status of corporations and corporate CEOs. Barack Obamma has sold his soul to the devil.


I'm quite sure dozens....hundreds of meaningless correlations can be between found a score on a IQ test and phenotypic variables. There might even be a correlation betwen knee-cap thickness and IQ. How about IQ score and the size of the big toe.

It is a much more complicated story than a correlation between gene(s) and a specific phenotype.

In the case of disease-for which there are only a few one-to one mappings between gene(s) and phenotype(this is actually the exception to the rule)-very close gentic kinship-twins is not a very strong predictor of disease and general physical health. There is a lot more going on.

I reject the claim that the pursuit of knowledge in-and-of-itself is a legitimate intellectual framework.

Scientists have a temendous responsible when it comes to making a decision as to which scientific investigations to engage in...especially when the knowledge gained can have great consequences for certain ,members of our species.

I take this be a very obvious moral truth....as it should be to anyone who has a moral conscience.

warm regards

Anonymous said...

Contrary to Jupiter, the Jews are living proof intellect combined with racial unity works.

Jews are very smart on average. That wasn't always so, and has to be qualified. Sephardic Jews, who are actually Semitic, are of world average intelligence approximately. Ashkenazi Jews, who are largely an East Asian people and are not Semitic at all, are on average very smart, indeed, probably as a group the smartest in the world, rivalled only by certain Indian subcastes. They are also frequently neurotic or even more psychologically impacted: frequently very unattractive physically: and have high incidences of genetic disease. Why? Because they got very smart very fast. They eugenecally bred themselves smart in a short period of time, and intelligence was everything. Inbreeding without high culling was intense.

Instead of attacking Jews white people should learn from their example, while firmly but nonviolently curbing their attempts to control our society in ways bad for us. We should breed ourselves smart, but cull (through sterilization rather than executing, except for extreme violent criminals) the crazies and physically undesireable, and do so over a longer time moore thoroughly to have a smarter, more beautiful race.

Anonymous said...

Ashkenazi Jews, East Asian? Is this the khazar theory again?

And I don't think an average IQ of 115 makes them very smart. Your average undergraduate class is ~120, and most of them can't even dress themselves properly. Furthermore, I have to disagree that they've contributed a great deal to America. They never arrived in substantial numbers before the start of the 20th century and America was already on the brink of becoming the world's major economy.

Just think how many greatly talented and smart people haven't been born because of contraception and abortion. And yet do we sit around moping about what we've sacrificed without them? By the same don't expect us to be grateful for what Jews have done for us.

Anonymous said...

"How does the author explain England's current decadent state?" - RJ


In a word: culture. England's history is pretty boring. Not many wars, famines, etc, compared with the continent. English culture could tolerate a 19th Century rate of change; but around 1900, they started to fall behind countries whose histories were less boring, such as Germany and the U.S.

In spite of what you may have heard about Thatcher, England is still falling behind. They no longer have any English-owned automobile companies, their industrial base is still falling appart, and much of it is foreign-owned. Sure, they do a lot of finance, but that doesn't employ anywhere near as many people as manufacturing used to, and, perhaps the finance sector in Switzerland is bigger and more profitable than we know. Ireland, France, Switzerland and Germany are technologically ahead of the Brits.

Anonymous said...

In a word: culture. England's history is pretty boring.

This lunatic remark already disqualifies its author from any semblance of credibility.

Anonymous said...

Jews should not expect NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS to have any allegiance to Israel.

It may be true that there are growing number of jews who are concerned about current immigation policy and Israel policy in the middle east, but as mentioned previously its too litle too late.

Radical leftists Jews are the worst.

Take Noam Chomsky whose foriegn views I agree with. He also has the mindset of a nation wrecking Jew.

Like other nation wrecking Jews he supports the expression of hispanic,asian and muslim racial nationalism within the borders of America. But when it comes to NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIANS DOING THE SAME THING he is intolerant.

Chomsky is a suporter of Scottish self determination. He has spoken to Scottish nationalist groups. Scotland is currrently being invaded by asians and muslims. The vast majority of the Scots are not happy about this.

It would be interesting to know if Chomsky supports the right of the Scots to have a national origns immigration policy.

I highly suspect that he doesn't.

When European type societies are racially transformed by non-white legal immigration, there will be a new order of things. And if there are two things you can be goddamed sure it is this:1) the new racial order will be enforced,it will be a permanet fixed point. The asians and muslims won't make the same mistake dumb whitey is making and 2)anti-racial nationalist Noam Chomsky will both tolerate the new racial order in America and bless it. In fact, Noam Chomsky is already giving his blessing to the the expression of hispanic,asian nationalism within the borders of America.

This is my prediction about how I think Noam Chomsky would respond to a new racial order in America and Europe.I have no reason to think otherwise. I have no doubt that Noam Chomsky would support a Mexican seccessionist movement in the American Southwest along with fellow lefty and advocate of destroying Euro-America, Kirkpatrick Sale and the neo-confederates are actively working to bring about a non-white seccessionst movements.

Chomsky, the neoconfederates and Kirkpatrick Sale are flirting with treason. One day the may be held accountable.

Yes I do beleive as a group, Jews are nation wreckers.

warm regards

Anonymous said...


I'll take the NATIVE BORN JEWISH AMERICANS over your kind of CATHOLIC freeloaders. For one thing, there are fewer of them, and for another they add more value to a country than your kind does.

America became a great country in spite of the mass immigration of Catholics, not because of it.

Compare the progress of, say, Protestant-colonized Hong Kong and Catholic-colonized Macau.

You want to live in a Catholic country without Jews? Move to Portugal.

- Lester

Anonymous said...

" Ashkenazi Jews, East Asian? Is this the khazar theory again?

And I don't think an average IQ of 115 makes them very smart. Your average undergraduate class is ~120, and most of them can't even dress themselves properly. Furthermore, I have to disagree that they've contributed a great deal to America. They never arrived in substantial numbers before the start of the 20th century and America was already on the brink of becoming the world's major economy.

Just think how many greatly talented and smart people haven't been born because of contraception and abortion. And yet do we sit around moping about what we've sacrificed without them? By the same don't expect us to be grateful for what Jews have done for us."

First, contraception and abortion can take out the stupid or the smart. I advocate using them to take out more of the stupid. Mind you, even the smart can not reproduce in the way people did up until a century ago for very long.

Second, considering the nominal average IQ of 100 is derived from an 85% White national base, an average 115 IQ IS pretty smart indeed. In reality the IQ of any relatively small group is never a perfect bell curve, it's front or back loaded or humped due to social factors over years. Anyone who has ever tuned RF circuits with a network analyzer or a spec an and a noise generator knows exactly what I mean if they are not a math head. Perfect curves in real science overwhelmingly point to one thing-the student dry labbed the experiment.

Jews do not really care about gratitude and I really don't care if they do or don't. To be sure they have given us some good art and literature, and much trash also, but the issue is not what is good or bad for Jews but for America. The Jews are peripheral either way if we are doing our job. Their perniciousness is a serious issue because we have failed in doing our job. If they were, as Revy Oliver said, beatifically vaporized overnight, someone else would do the exact same thing.

Anonymous said...

...Mills - When the average IQ of a particular group is 115, and if we're assuming their IQ distribution along the bell curve is not atypical, then there is going to be A LOT of very bright people...

I don't know whether to be embarrassed or ashamed to enjoy a blog that's clearly popular with a lot of loons, conspiracy nuts and outright bigots, but I see that's the truth...

It's perfectly natural, albeit not PC of course, to state facts and rational observations about groups of people. For example, the disintegration of so many black families in America is deplorable. Still, I certainly don't hate black people and I want nothing more than to see black communities improved across the country. I'm not a racist - just a realist who appreciates an honest discussion about these kinds of things..

People like Jupiter, on the other hand, are assholes. To indiscriminately hate or blame an entire group of people for some perceived injustice that you've suffered is ridiculous. It's equally stupid to say the Jews in this country are responsible for getting us in this Iraq mess. True, some Jewish guys were key players in strategizing the Iraq war and absurdly assuming that we could bring democracy to the Middle East with the snap of our fingers. But to imply that American Jews are subversive or deviously plotting to doom this country is bullshit. And while it's naturally expected for Jews to want the best for their fellow Jews in Israel, I'm pretty certain they aren't secretly cheering on George W. Bush's Middle East escapades (need I remind you that he's a Born-Again Christian?) And there is no media or financial conspiracy (will people ever let that one die?) -- There's a disproportionate number of Jews in high and mighty positions because there's a lot of very smart Jews who are good at those kind of things...

Anonymous said...


the article on steve's blog is interesting and worth discussion. however, the comments section has been clodged up with your carrying on. it's not worthy of the site. it would be better if you had your discussion somewhere else.

Anonymous said...


When I said that England's history was "boring", I was perhaps being a bit too clever for you to follow.

What I said, minus the humor, is that England's history has been a lot less bloody than the history of the Continent. For example, compare the bloodshed of the English Civil War with the Thirty Years War on the Continent. The English Civil War, which took place around the same time, pales in comparison.

Property rights in England are obviously a lot more secure than those on the Continent. If you may be dead year due to a war, you're less likely to accept a relatively low rate of return on an investment than an English person, safe on an island, would be.

England's "boring" history has had a strong influence on its culture.

They can keep up with a 19th Century rate of change just fine, but have fallen behind in the 20th.

~ Risto

PS Just to make absolutely sure you understand, I don't think that English history is literally boring. I actually like English history quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Jupiter, et al,

I don't think this is the proper forum for discussing the merits of Catholicism and Judaism.

My own opinion is that the Pope is not Infallible, and the Jews are no more the "chosen people" than anyone else. But if people want to be ultra-Catholics or ultra-Jews, that's fine with me; if they don't mess with me, I won't mess with them.

Also, re Hong Kong vs Macao: until a few decades ago, both areas were poor. Now Hong Kong is richer, but Macao is catching up.

You can't say that Hong Kong is rich because it was founded by Protestant drug dealers rather than Portugese Catholics, since, for more than a century after each was founded, they were both still poor.

Now, back to discussing this interesting (though flawed) book . . .


Anonymous said...

I don't even like the Pope. I have no problem with criticism of the The Pope and the Catholic Church in general

What I have written in this thread is very consistent with the topic of this thread:why nations take the trajectories they do.

My contention is this:Jews have played a crucial role in directing the post-war trajectory of America.

It is obvious that they have.

Second point:the post-war trajectory of America is aiming right towards a day when the NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN poulation of AMERICA will become a racial minority in THE NATION THEY FOUNDED AND CREATED.

After this day arrives, things will only get worse for NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN. They will become and even smaller percentage of the US poulation. They will loose all power in the society they founded and created. The hispanics,asians and muslims will be in control of the institutions of this society including the military and police. NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIANS should expext the worst.

Jewish post-war policies may very well bring about the economic and demographic annihilation of NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA.

For this reason I curse the Jews,their contributions to American society notwithstanding.

It was a terrible mistake to let the Jews into the Ivy League. Does any one serioulsy beleive that the Christian hating Alan Dershowitz and Chuck Schumer are Americans. They are filthy parasites sucking the life out of America.

We may very well have reached the point of no return on this trajectory.

The nation I was born and raised in is dying.

The only hope for NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICA is to fight back with extreme brutality. WE should not pull a single punch. If and when we became a racial minority, we will be shown no mercy by our enemy.

I have passed judgement on the Jews

warm regards

Anonymous said...

Groan...attacking the Catholics isn't fair either. I'm actually fairly fond of Catholic social thought. And most of them do work and found schools and hospitals (c'mon, every town has a St. Mary's ;) ).

I actually don't think Steve should censor anything. He should leave that to his blog rivals who delete his comments ;)

Now as for America's current trajectory...you could argue some of the civil-rights style changes had some Jewish impetus behind them. Quite a few leading lights in the civil rights and feminist movements were Jewish. (Ever wonder why there's so much intermarriage?) So as far as the Sixties social changes there was a heavy Jewish influence.

I also acknowledge the effects of the Israel lobby on pushing for war with Iraq...though, as we've all pointed out, most American Jews are antiwar liberals so it's more correct to criticize the Israel lobby and, in particular, the elite portion of it.

America's decline has less to do with Sixties social changes, in my view, than with the rise of other countries around the globe. We were in a sort of unnaturally good position in the Fifties as most of our major rivals had destroyed each other in WWII. Not that we shouldn't act like any other nation and self-interestedly try to raise our standing, but you do have to know which way the wind is blowing.

As for enjoying a blog frequented by nasty people: heck, Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, but that's no reason not to eat your veggies.

Anonymous said...

China and India economic and military rise was aided and abetted by the treson/immigration lobby in America.

US tax payers have been forced to subsidize the eduacation and training of China'a and Inidia's bomb makers and technoloigist......at the expense of developing NATIVE BORN WHITE HOME GROWN TALENT.

If it were up to the evil Bill Gates all of America's sientists,engineeers and computer programers would be chinese and hindu.

Bill Gates has commited treason against OUR AMERICA. He should be tried for treason. After he is convicted, a bullet should be put in his fucking head.

There is a concious policy decesion to destroy the NATIVE BORN WHITE SCIENTIFC WORK FORCE.

If we become dependent on the chinese and Indian for our tech worforce, China and India will have conquered Euro-America........without firing a shot. Even Renaissance Technology founder James Simons has expressed concern about this.

This is another example of the "genius" Paul Krugmans idea of increasing returns being implemented to disenfranchise another large group of human beings.

Warm regards

Anonymous said...

My, my, my. What a colorful thread.

I have a hard time believing there is not a genetic component to time preferences. I have dealt with too many people in my life who seem not only unable, but averse to thinking about the future implications of their actions.

One of the premium cable channels made a very telling documentary about a homeless man who was given $100k. This guy came across as reasonably intelligent, likeable and so on. He had supported himself by collection and cashing in on recyclables. He was given consultations with financial planners of all types who repeatedly asked him what his plans were. Each time, he expressed a stubborn refusal to even discuss the matter. The documentary tracked his life as he wasted his money on booze and women, and drained his bank account within 6 months.

The world is full of people who are, more or less, like this. And yet, there are those who seem to instinctively ask themselves about consequences before they act. These people tend to be "moral" or "ethical" as well, in that they do think. I refuse to believe this is not an expression of enhanced frontal cerebral cortex activity, integrated with memory (wherever and whatever that is). I have a hard time considering that this is not strongly genetic, because it is so instinctive and shows itself at an early age. Some kids are like thoughtless animals, and some kids stop and ask whether they should be doing things. It is almost like a reflex for these more sentient kids - they will even question people in authority according to this internal check and balance system. And some kids: follow the group, do what they are told or what their friends are doing, or worse, whatever they feel like at the moment. Adults are not different.

Is this behavior equally distributed in cultures? I daresay not. The problem is that economists assume this kind of rational check on behavior that only some people really have. It's not just a matter of distribution of resources in most cases. All the charity in the world cannot help those who do not help themselves.

England as a society is not comparable to even Germany. England has been highly developed for a long time, and most of the Anglo-Saxons who came to the US came as yeomen farmers, not as the semi-feudal or fuedal peasants of the type common elsewhere in Europe (Russian muzhiks were only freed in the 19th century, after American slaves if I recall correctly).

Somehow, the English had become smarter. Medieval cranial data suggests this reflects a real biological/cognitive shift over several hundred years. Maybe this happened all over Europe. If so, major peasant revolts might give some indication of just when these sef-type people rose to a cultural/cognitive level where they could recognize and contemplate the possibility of freedom. These happened fairly early in England and Flanders (14th century), and later elsewhere. But still, wanting something is not the same thing as being able to really possess and maintain it.

All the resentment in the world can't change that. If 19th century Germans hated Jewish merchants and bankers, it was because a competent class of Germans was only just then emerging to compete. If able people protect the institutions and goods that only they have so carefully created and nurtured, this is right and good. And yes, this is done with violence and the threat of violence. This is right and good, and the foundation of proper law. This is Adam Smith's view as well: those who are able have a right and duty (granted by Nature, which is a fancy scientistic term for Providence) to preserve it in the face of destructive, resentful stupidity.

Modern people neglect this caretaker's duty out of pity for those who cannot and will not help themselves. This is not only foolish, it is immoral.

Anonymous said...


Very interesting post. I much stronger case can be made that the kind of pathology you are writing about has a strong epigenetic component to it.

It certainly seems to be true for some well known clearly delineated diseases such as Rhetts syndrome.

It is very difficult to seperate genes from the celluar environment in which they exist. In fact, it conceptually makes no sense at all to do this. There are very likely thousands of higher level biologocal processes-some of them no doubt interacting in non-trivial ways with the world outside the human body-reaching down through not very well understood biochemical networks and switches to the genes.

The central dogma of biochemistry is offically buried-that's if you you take cutting edge biological research and bilogical theorizing. seriously

The example you picked of course will reenforce the prejudices of economic reactionaries such a the evil Catholic Republican presidential candidate Rudi Giulliani who no doubt holds a similar view of homeless men.

Ten years ago his ploicy towards homelss men in NYC -if yo want to stay a night in one of NYCs dangerous,depressing and disgusting homeless shelters so that you don't freeze to death on NYCs streets, you must work at a job that one of that Rudis bossmen demands that you work at-was found unconstitutional by a federal judge.

NYC homeless men were given a slaves choice by the evil Catholic Rudi Giullani. A lot of Eugenecists//bell curve true believers have this mindset(plantation owner mindset)

Of course we all know that if the evil Catholic Rudi Giulliani is elected, many more Catholic and Protestant teenagers-male and female- from economically distressed families in the Heartland will have their heads blown off into oblivion in Iraq and Iran.............on behalf of the shitty little Jewish state of Isarel.

The ones that survive their tour of duty for greater Israel will join the ranks of the economically redundant when they loose out in competion for computer/engineering/nursing jobs to the predatory legal immigrant chinese and hindu.

warm regards

Anonymous said...

Lester,if you dont like Catholics,but want to live among Jews,may I suggest...Israel? Why do I have the feeling you're bigoted ass will be staying here? But avoid Ireland! Not too many jews,loads of Catholics,and rated one of the top 5 countries in the world for overall quality of life.You,Lester,might,uhm,..dirty things up a bit. :) As for Jewish"contributions" to the USA,pardon me if I dont kiss the hairy ass of the Kosher Klan. Overwhelmingly,the best countries are the norhtern European ones who havent been (yet!) trashed by filthy dirty racist immigrants.Their jew populations are much smaller than ours-lucky bastards! I recall a comment Steve made about how had the English NOT kicked out the jews in the 12th century,the english middle class might never have arisen.('Course,they came back :( ) Jews take much more than they give. As for Irving Berlin being a jewish contribution!? He stole the melody for 'God Bless America'!Shlockmeister! :0

Anonymous said...

Rosie: correct me if I'm wrong, but you actually seem to be arguing the Jews had the right to resist the Holocasut violently. I don't think that's your intention.

I don't know if the English would have developed a middle class without the Jews in the 12th century, I don't know history that well. Anyone care to comment?

Anonymous said...


You keep ranting about NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIANS who founded this country, but you keep forgetting that they weren't CATHOLIC, like you.

You aren't of the stock that founded this country any more than most Jews are. And judging by the way you misspell words such as "judgment" your bloodline is probably lowering America's average IQ.

Don't forget as well that CATHOLICS like Sen. Ted Kennedy were as responsible for the 1965 immigration act as Jews.

Anonymous said...

Jupiter is an idiot, it's obvious at this point. By spouting idiocy he only makes a case against the thinking, cogent cases against alien rule.

Anonymous said...


I have nothing against Catholics; in fact I have several friends who are Catholic. They tend to be hard working, good people. My point was that Jupiter, as a Catholic, is in no position to piss on Jews as outsiders to a Protestant-founded country.

History suggests that much of America's success comes from its initial founding by Protestant denominations, which had a history of local democracy, and a Calvinist theology that respected commerce and building. Countries which were founded at the same time by Catholics -- e.g., all of Latin America -- haven't developed as well. That Catholic countries such as Ireland and Spain have just in the last couple of decades started to achieve economic success has little to do with their Catholicism; in fact both countries are increasingly secular.

Economic integration and, in the case of Ireland, pro-growth economic policies, have spurred recent successes.

As far as your disparaging of the contributions of American Jews, you are either ignorant or willfully oblivious. In fields as disparate as medicine, business, technology, culture, etc. Jews have made positive contributions to America well beyond what their numbers would suggest. All of us -- even Jew-haters -- are beneficiaries of Jewish contributions to America. Even Jupiter probably has had a Polio vaccine and used a computer with an Intel chip.


Anonymous said...


You are in no position to be lecturing me or millons of other Euro-Catholics about our legitimate interests which include:1)not having our children die on behalf of the shitty little parasitic state of Israel and 2) not becomming a racial minority in America.

America is fundamentally a Euro-Christian nation. Catholics will pick and choose who they want to live among in America.

Neoliberal economic integration is in fact opposed by millions of human beings on the planet. In India, Neo-liberal econimc policies have been a nightmare. Sure some Indians have beneffited. But you won't hear about the millions of Indian victims in the pages of the NYT or the pages of the obnoxious Jew Bastard Thomas Friedaman's books.

Ordinary NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIANS in states such as Ohio been greatly harmed by economic integration.

WE know have the spectacle of NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS in Ohio who are no longer economcally viable because of neo-liberal economic integration.

Some of these families now depend upon foodbanks run by Christian Churches in Ohio. These foodbanks have long waiting lines.They are over capacity

On the Lou Dobbs show two years ago there was a story about a Euro-American CHRISTIAN family where both parents worked but didn't earn enough to provide enough food for their teenage daughters. The teenager daughters were not getting enough calories on a daily basis(this consistent with economist Amatra Sen's reasearch showing that starvation is caused not by food scarcity but a lack of $$$$$$$$) One of these teenage Euro-American girls comlained how she spends all day in school thining about food all day. Her grades have slipped significantly.

These are the crimes of Paul Krugman and Thomas Freedman

I prefer the protestants to the Jews,mexicans,blacks,chinese and muslims LEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR "AMERICAN" BORN, SPOILED ROTTEN AND OBNOXIOUS GENE-LINE

It is really fucking arrogant of Jews to lecture Euro-American Catholics about what's best for Euro- American Catholics.

You can quote all of Paul Krigman's, Brad Delong's, and Lawrence Summers econometric propaganda to you hearts content.

Ordinary, living breathing human beings are under no obligation to accept it. Their real world experience with domestic and foriegn neoliberal economic policies hasa convinced that the neoliberal econometric research and theory is a massive fucking lie.

A very persuasive case can be made that Slak's polio hasn't helped anyon....and may have done more harm.

Salk was or is a disgusting egomaniac who may have harmed a lot of human beings

warm regards

Anonymous said...

Also the stuff about Andy Grove is bullshit. He didn't invent the integrated circuit. Grove was/is an Intell manager

But the more basic point is this:Native Born Euro-Christian Americans wouldn't have been able to create innovative technologies without Jews. This is avery debatable assumption.

With ever great wave of legal immigration there is always a trade-off beteen developing Native Born talent and developing legal immigrant talent.

We can clearly see this phenomena happening today. Asian legal immigration is rapidly bringing about the destruction of hundreds possibly thousands of years of acquired engineering experience that resides between the ears of NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN ENGINEERS.

John Derbyshire wrote about this several years back on Vdare.com

Derbyshire writes about how Albert Einstein called Harvard Mathematician Saunders Mclain an anti-semite because Mclain gave preference in hiring to Euro-Christian mathematicians over Jewish mathematicians from Europe.

Derbyshire quoted Saunders Mclain as saying that the reason he did this was that he felt developing and employing home -grown Euro-Christian talent was a much higher priority-especially when jobs were scarce-then developing and employing European Jewish scientific and mathematiacal talent.

warm regards

Anonymous said...

Jupiter, did you know that Jesus Christ was Jewish? That must eat you up inside.

You're an ignorant and pathetic excuse for a human being; If you're brother was anything like you then he probably deserved to die.

Have a nice day douchebag!

Anonymous said...


If either Israel or the jewish neo-con infested Bush administration nukes Iran shortly after Feb 21...the gloves will come off.

There is a limit to what the majority Euro-Christian population will put up with when they have plutonium dust raining down upon them.

I do not look for anyone's sympathy.

But I am one of million's of live breathing data points whose existence refutes the propaganda of the treason lobby.

We know the truth.

The money wasted on Israel would have been beter spent on the Euro-Christian population of America.

US immigration and foreign policy in the midddle east has been driven by Jewish antipathy towards the majority Euro-Christian Americans.

Jews will be friend...just as long as you don't publicly say that aid to Israel be cut off completely and just as long as you don't say publicly that US policy in the middle east is follows orders form Tel Aviv.

I reject the bargain Jews have offered me and the rest of Euro-Christian America.

Extreme anger is a normal response to threats to ones life,family and the nation one was born in.

There very well may be irreconciliable differences between Euro-Christian Americans and Jews.We will know in a few weeks.

Warm regards

Anonymous said...

"Bill Gates has commited treason...After he is convicted, a bullet should be put in his fucking head."

Actually, I think this sort of sentiment is more commonly found on Linux and Mac blogs...

Anonymous said...


There's something ridiculous about an apparently poorly-educated Catholic such as yourself regurgitating 70-year-old WASP prejudices against Jews.

First, back then the WASPs discriminated against Catholics too.

Second, nearly all WASPs have grown to disown these prejudiced views against Jews and Catholics.

Third, "Euro-Christians" is a meaningless term. There are huge differences culturally between Protestants and Catholics. America was founded by Anglo-Protestants and it has benefited greatly by their work ethic, democratic practices, and tolerance for talented immigrants (e.g., Jews).

Fourth, the bug you have up your ass about Jews is stupid. Even Catholic-majority countries such as Brazil have benefited from the contributions of Jews. Many of the areas where Brazil competes with the first world are the result of the contributions of Brazilian Jews such as Oscar Neimeyer, Hans Stern, and Jaime Lerner. If Brazil had maintained the intolerance of its initial Portuguese settlers, than it would be worse off than it is today.


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"There's something ridiculous about an apparently poorly-educated Catholic such as yourself regurgitating 70-year-old WASP prejudices against Jews."

You idiot, he is not talking about ancient prejudices, he is talking about the CURRENT practices of Jews.

Read "The Culture of Critique" by Kevin MacDonald if you want to see why some people hate Jews.

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It is not a very complicated issue:The anger and rage towards post 1965 immigration has been a complete disaster the vast majority of Euro-Christian Amreicans.

The anger and rage increases with each passing year. When a critical number are Euro-Christians can't takew it anymore, there will be a full blown movement to shut both legal and illegal down completely-down to 0.

I hava hard a hard time following the logic of your post.

Catholics and protestants were i conflict in the past. Jews have made contributions to AMerican society....therefor, Euro-Christian Americans(NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS) should allow themselves to be demographically annihliated by asians,muslims and hispanic legal imimgrants.

I don't see the logic of this.

warm regards Jupiter

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How likely is this scenario.

100 hundreds into the future. A yuppie Hindu "American" couple sitting at home Sunday morning reading the New Jersistan Star Hindu

You know Sandeep,"America" needs more diversity. There are to many hindus and sikhs and so few European Christians in "America" life is so boring. Diverstiy is a blessing.

You right Lollitha, we need more diversity. Diverstiy is a blessing. "America" needs to import a million European Christians into America a year. There are too many hindus and sikhs in "America"

So how likely t that a conversation like the one above will take place in millions of homes of Hindu,sikh and ch9inese "Americans" a hundred years from year.

I think we all the answer:0

Asians,muslims and hispanics are waging demographic warefare against Euro Christian Americans.

It is happening because of the post-war shennanigans of JEWS.

warm reagards

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I'd be interested in hearing you further explicate what you think is the proper immigration policy.

I can understand a policy which excludes low-skilled immigrants like the bulk of those from Mexico, who compete with low-skilled Americans such as yourself (this incidentally, was why many NATIVE BORN WHITE PROTESTANTS were against YOUR Catholic ancestors immigrating here). But your ranting against high-skilled immigrants such as Indians makes little sense to me.

Indian immigrants are responsible for founding a third of Silicon Valley companies that employ plenty of native born Americans. Do you think these Indian immigrants are simply displacing hordes of WASP or Irish Catholic or Italian Catholic software entrepreneurs?

BTW, I live in New Jersey. I have no problem with my Indian and Korean neighbors (or my Irish and Italian Catholic neighbors, for that matter). What's not to like about immigrants who improve the schools, add to the tax base, grow the economy, and are more law-abiding than NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIANS on average?


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"BTW, I live in New Jersey. I have no problem with my Indian and Korean neighbors (or my Irish and Italian Catholic neighbors, for that matter). What's not to like about immigrants who improve the schools, add to the tax base, grow the economy, and are more law-abiding than NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIANS on average?"

You fucking idiot. If you don't mind being replaced, then fine. But I doubt most whites feel the same.

Here is a tip for you: shoot yourself, NOW!!!!!!!!

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Jews do seem to have a soft spot in their hearts for Chinese and Hindu legal immigrants.

Some of you out there very likely have heard obnoxious Jews blathering on and on about how the chinese and hindus are the new Jews.

I think there is some non-trivial truth to this,which is another reason to keep out the fucking LEGAL IMMIGRANT asian.


The complete colinization of Silicon Valley by China and
India is nearing completion.

If Jews like chinese and and hindu enclaves, they are free to go live in China and India.

Legal immigrants are repsonsible 100 percent of New Jersy's human population growth.

NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN NEW JERSIANS have been forced into rural Western New Jersey.

As a consequence of this WHITE FLIGHT, the New Jeresy human population has collided with the last remaining habitiat of New Jersey's black bear population.

Asian and muslim LEGAL IMMIGRANTS-THAT'S LEGAL IMMIGRANTS YOU STUPID BIMBO BRYANNA BEVENS-are also moving into the western rural part of New Jersey.

A few weeks ago there was a news story about a "nuisance" black bear who had "tresspassed" on a the property of a LEGAL IMMIGRANT MUSLIM FAMILY.

There have been a lot of these news stories about New Jersey's "tesspassing and nuisance" black bears in recent years.

There is a transcript of a debate that took pace a few years ago between a concerned New Jersey environmentalist and the head of the New Jersy chapter of the Sierra club(a liberal Jew) Do a google search and read it. Very revolting stuff.

Neo-classical economist Paul Krugman(a liberal Jew) a few years back in the NYT times was bragging about his sparkling new Mcmansion that he had recently bought in rural New Jersey. He went on to write how wonderfull and exciting it was to have so many high income legal immigrant hindu neighbors moving in and buying these Mcmansions.

This was the same op-ed where Krugman warned the the liberal establishment that there was growing zenophobia and hostility towards his very well-to-do legal hindu neighbors, and that every one in the liberal establishment should be on the alert for this._

The legal immgrant asians are working very hard to send OUR AMERICA on a trajectory that will result in the economic and demographic marginalization of THE MAJORITY NATIVE BORN WHITE POPULATION OF AMERICA.

So Peter Brimelow, come clean and tell us what your views are on Legal asian immigrants?

warm regards

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