May 18, 2007

In the Senate, the fix is in on immigration

Our permanent ruling class of Democratic and Republican grandees, such as President Bush, Senator Kennedy, and Senator McCain, have worked out a "comprehensive immigration reform" scheme to get the issue off the table long before the next election so the voters won't have to worry their pretty heads about it.

For some reason, I'm reminded by this display of bipartisan solidarity of Guy Crouchback's response to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in the opening pages of Evelyn Waugh's WWII trilogy Sword of Honor:

"But now, splendidly, everything had become clear. The enemy at last was plain in view, huge and hateful, all disguise cast off. It was the Modern Age in arms. Whatever the outcome there was a place for him in that battle."

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Grumpy Old Man said...

Kids, it's National Kool Aid Day (El Día Nacional Del Kool-Aid)

Pass the frijoles. Pimsleur Spanish CD's are pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Good grief.Bush really is the perfect Manchurian Candidate, sent by Ted Kennedy to destroy the GOP and create a permanent Democratic majority.That's the only way the last six years make any sense.

Anonymous said...

as in 86 the amnesty will be granted, the enforcement ignored. Steve I am more reminded of Louis XVI's foolish promises to similar radicals - he would give up things like his house guard for promises from the revolutionaries to not harm bishops. Any surrender of current strength for a future promise is recipe for disaster.

Anonymous said...

great point it SHOULD be an election issue - they are intentionally ensuring it isn't.

Expect 'something to happen' between now and its passage to make americans forget immigration.

Mark said...

Actually, the timing of the action on immigration may be better than we think. Coming as it does nearly 18 months before the next elections, it gives opponents plenty of time to ride the circuit raising the interest and cash needed to challenge the plutocrats in the senate. It will also yield plenty of time to show the public that the enforcement part is complete crap. We'll almost certainly start to feel the economic effects by then, too, and probably a rush on the border as well.

Besides, how can you enforce anything when you've suddenly legalized everyone who's illegal, when there isn't any fence, and when it will take years to sort through all the applications just for the "temporary" cards? Those things will be passed out like candy at a parade.

There are an awful lot (literally) of senators who support amnesty who are running in competitive states next year:

1) Lindsey Graham in South Carolina
2) Larry Craig in Idaho
3) Jay Rockefeller in Virginia
4) Tim Johnson in South Dakota
5) Gordon Smith in Oregon
6) Mary Landrieu in Louisiana
7) Mark Pryor in Arkansas
8) Chuck Hagel of Nebraska
9) John Warner in Virginia
10) Max Baucus in Montana
11) Tom Harkin in Iowa
12) Norm Coleman in Minnesota
13) Mitch McConnell in Kentucky
14) Carl Levin in Michigan

In addition, Colorado's Wayne Allard, who opposed the amnesty, is retiring next year, and this could put the issue front and center in the bid to replace him.

Normally, I don't think that Tom Tancredo would make a great statewide candidate anywhere, but if the amnesty passes it might be the election for him to run in. I hope he does, and I hope he wins (he'll get money from me.)

(See the vote for last year's amnesty here: )

Mark said...

The more I think about it, in fact, the more I think having a bill pass would be good for the enforcement crowd.

How? Well, the temporary rights it grants ARE temporary, which means that before they're granted permanent residency or citizenhip, their status could easily be revoked.

By who? Well, that's the real question, obviously. Try as I might, the only "whos" I can think of are new senators and congressmen. If the public gets angry enough, they could throw a lot of amnesty supporters out on their butts next year: a good chunk of the Senate and much of the House.

Given the general apathy of the public you may think it unlikely, and it probably is. But it HAS happened before: just 13 years ago. That year was a GOP landslide, and the GOP did it with far less in campaign contributions than the Democrats had. If it happened in 2008, it would hit both parties, though not evenly.

We should still keep up the phone calls and emails (I will), and do everything we can to stop it, but, if we keep our wits about us, even if we lose this battle we just might win the war.

tommy said...

Unbelievable. The Banana Republicans are selling us a lemon. A sign of the apocalypse: Homeland Security chief, Chertoff, is gushing over Ted Kennedy. "He's awesome!"

jiminykrikit said...

I hope you're not comparing yourself to Crouchback, Mr S! He ends up allied with one half of the Modern Age.

Matthew Dunnyveg said...

I've slept several times since I read Peter Brimelow's "Alien Nation", and don't have a copy handy. But didn't he write that it took several tries before our government finally got immigration right in 1924?

I'm not at all happy about the latest immigration shenanigans of our legislators, but if the last round of immigration battles is any indicator, we would do well to carry on the fight.

I'm reminded of a line from the late great H.L. Mencken: "Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under."

Keep up the good fight!

Anonymous said...

Depressing thought given how the rest of the trilogy turns out. Enlist in the British Army to fight the Modernist-Nazi-Bolshevik alliance, and in the end you wind up in Yugoslavia unwittingly helping the communist partisans murder Jews, and your own government keeps a file on you because you're a troublemaker.

Not an inaccurate forecast of the future, just a depressing one.

Anonymous said...

It's the Re-Indianization of America.

The elites of any society will usher in a master-slave system if allowed to do so. It’s only a question of degree of subjugation.

The government of the USofA was explicitly designed to prevent this outcome. But now America's new elites have perfected all necessary workarounds to eliminate checks on their power.

This Republic is now a sophisticated form of soft dictatorship. But soft dictatorship is only the first phase. This is only a transition phase, obviously. The elites will continue to consolidate power.

A lot of irate posters here and around the web seem to think the situation is manageable. That there is time to work within the system.

But the pace of change (social, political and cultural) is not constant. The pace of change in the next 10 years will be staggering. The next generation will finalize the abolition of what the world has known as the United States of America.

Hard left Hispanic government throughout the American southwest is a foregone conclusion. This will gel into a "bi-lingual" revanchist, hostile Quebec-like population within our borders.

Prepare for the rise of utterly corrupt latin-style authority figures (of whatever race) at most local and national levels across the country.

Prepare for a "re-valuation" of the dollar. The value of the currency must reflect the abilities of the people. Indianization or re-Indianization of any population on the planet will permanently weaken its currency.

Demography is Destiny.

Ceqli said...

Fred Thompson just attacked the bill while substituting for Paul Harvey today, reconfirming my prediction is that the nomination will be his if he goes for it.

MarcZ said...

Don't take this crap lying down! Donate!

Fax your congressmen for free!

I've donated three times and sent a dozen faxes, so I feel I have earned the right to pester you all.

Anonymous said...

The fix has been in for years. Recall the astonishing news (only brought to light because of 911) that two Israeli companies control the databasing of the United States phone system. All calls are logged by Amdocs and Comverse Infosys with the obvious potential for undetectable backdoor wire tapping at the source code level of the system.

That is what’s known as a FIX. Just don’t talk about it in public or your career in most any white collar industry will be in jeopardy.

Imagining having access to the phone records and conversations of every politician in the country. It's blackmailer's heaven. Stop and think how many creeps in the senate and executive branch are being blackmailed.

The deafening silence in the MSM in the wake of the reporting of this incredible news story by Carl Cameron back in 2001 is solid proof of who controls the media, who is really in charge of our government, and who, on the other hand, is scared sh*tless.

After O’Reilly’s nonsensical cave-in last night, it’s reasonable to assume that he has been compromised. He said this Amnesty “was the best that we can do” and then later added “it means the end of the Republican party and a one-party system”. So, the best that we can do is a one-party system? He actually looked and sounded scared, but most of all, incoherent.

How much in-your-face hostility does it take for the voter to wake up to the reality that their government and media has been hijacked?

Check out the Freepers. They just can’t possibly fathom why all of this treason could be happening. How about the simple arithmetic that allowing foreigners to control and monitor the national phone system is End of Rome level corruption for which there are dire consequences.

Anonymous said...

I still don't get "why" these politicians are backing it, since their primary interest is in family political dynasties.

In California the political dynasties of the Hahn, Brown, and other families were ended by the Villaraigosa, Sanchez, and other La Raza dynasties.

Can someone please explain why politicians who are adept at sussing out the best way to keep their families on the public trough for generations would turn them over to other dynasties? I don't get it.

I expect treachery, criminality, and cowardice at every level of Congress, like Twain said America has no native criminal class save Congress. But never disdain of their own self interest.

Russell said...

Well, I changed my party affiliation today away from Republican today.

You should too! For instance, if you live in California, just go here to re-register as an independent (or whatever floats your boat). Then send an email (but a letter is preferable) to your House rep or senator, if they're a Repub, telling them what you did and why. If none of your members of Congress are of the GOP, send it to the RNC.

Let the outrage count for something.

tommy said...

The only thing I find encouraging is how much the debate has shifted among party loyalists. I don't know if it matters to the scumbags in the Senate or White House, but when Bush attempted this crap last time he was garnering a bit under 50% support among the mainstream conservative blogosphere. Many people were willing to stand by him. Not anymore. Judging by the reaction now I would say that it is down to maybe 5% support. It sounds like people are dumping their Republican party affiliation like crazy or at least threatening to and phone lines are swamped. Everyone seems extremely energized over this issue. People who would have went to bat for Bush previously are cool with the Democrats impeaching him now. When I call senators, rather than giving me the party line, I'm surprised by how much the people I'm talking to are confessing their hatred from this amnesty also.

Keep up the pressure.

tommy said...

California Republicans can drop their party affiliation real easily online. Follow the links.

tommy said...

Next, the open borders crowd will be telling us that welding is a job Americans just won't do.

The 31-year-old welder shook his head as he read the news Thursday of proposed immigration reforms that could affect him and the future of his wife and child still in southwest Mexico.

He clicked a mouse and read the story -- translated into Spanish -- on a computer at the South Park community information center. His eyes stopped when he saw he would have to pay $5,000 under the proposal to buy a path to citizenship.

"Mucho, mucho dinero," he said, asking that his name be withheld because he's undocumented and fears losing his job. Through a translator, he added: "I don't know what I would do. I don't have the money."

Amazing. So much absurdity in so few paragraphs.

I have two questions:

(1) Since when is welding a job that Americans won't do?

(2) Since when does welding pay so poorly that a welder couldn't save up $5,000 over the course of a year or two.

Steve Sailer said...

On May 28-30, 1942, the military turned off the electricity for most of the rest of Oahu so that an army of welders at the drydock in Pearl Harbor could carry out 90 days of repairs on the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier in 36 hours so it could be ready to the Japanese fleet at Midway on June 4.

Welding ... a job Americans just won't do!

Dave said...

Oh relax. You'll notice there were no members of the House at the big announcement. A little pressure properly applied and this 'compromise' will have the same force as any other law only passed by one part of Congress.

the wily marmot said...

I'm looking forward to the re-legalization of cockfighting and dogfighting. :)

explanation: I was just listening to John and Ken read an e-mail from a real estate appraiser complaining that just about every home in Santa Ana has pitbulls and chickens. I'm just assuming that the category "chickens" includes roosters.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who tries to stop this or other self destructive laws will get run over by the establishment.

An Eastern European country with a falling birthrate needs to open it's borders to people of European decent. I can't think of another practical solution. In 50 years America will be no more and people will need a place to go.

fwood1 said...

Dave is right. This bill will still have to pass the House, which killed the last amnesty effort. As I recall, many of the new Democratic members ran as immigration restrictionists.

Mark said...

I love Bill O'Reilly. He tells us that "we just can't deport" 15 million people.

OK, let's look at the other side of this: what we ARE being told is that the government CAN efficiently handle giving amnesty to 15 million illegals (and give them background checks, etc, etc.).

Look - either the government IS capable of handling the big projects or it ISN'T. It DOESN'T MATTER which big project that is. If they're capable of officiating an amnesty, they're capable of deporting them all. If they're not capable of deporting them all, then they're not capable of properly administering the amnesty.

So saying that we "just can't deport them all," and then demanding an amnesty simply doesn't work.

Mark said...

On May 28-30, 1942, the military turned off the electricity for most of the rest of Oahu so that an army of welders at the drydock in Pearl Harbor could carry out 90 days of repairs on the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier in 36 hours so it could be ready to the Japanese fleet at Midway on June 4.

And today the people would throw a fit for weeks because they were inconvenienced by the government causing them to miss "American Idol" and "Survivor."

I am not making this up. When they had the shooting at the mall in Salt Lake City a bunch of people complained that "Heroes" was interrupted by the coverage of the breaking news.

Anonymous said...

The Israeli phone deal -- Earth to tinfoil hats, Jews do not control the universe. Isrealis, Germans, and other countries do software too.

SAP dominates Enterprise-level reporting software. Is this a conspiracy by neo-Nazis? No, one company does pretty well in this industry. See Finland's Nokia, South Korea's Samsung, or Isreal's Checkpoint Software.

I personally prefer CISCO since the support is better and once you know the command line, it's a lot easier to configure the firewall remotely. But Checkpoint works for a lot of people. Like Nokia out of another small country with a lot of engineers per capita works for other situations.

Should as national security policy any foreign company have control over critical aspects of infrastructure? No. But SAP's market penetration of Enterprise Reporting software can also be a risk (given what say GE does). Funny how Germans don't generate all that heat.

It's the mark of stupidity to think that "the Jews" control or wish to enable total amnesty for illegal aliens in the US. If anything Latino anti-Semitism would make most Israelis very uneasy about continued US support. While prominent Jews in America like Steven Spielberg and Noam Chomsky vary in opinions from Israel should withdraw to some sliver of land to Israel has no moral right to exist at all. Given the easily ascertainable evidence of no consensus of political opinions between US and Israeli Jews the idea of a conspiracy is the mark of deranged prejudice and bigotry making someone profoundly stupid.

And I still haven't seen anyone explain why normally sharp grifters aka Congresscritters would trade away their ability to have a political dynasty for illegal immigration.

I'll note with interest that Nancy Pelosi and Obama have "problems" with this. Have they seen the threat to their dynasties? I assume Obama like Pelosi wants his kids to feed off the public trough.

tommy said...

Great photoshop.

Anonymous said...

National Review Online seems very much AGAINST this bill. Im suprised that the intensity of their stand.

Whatever the outcome on the immigration issue, I'd like to thank Steve Sailer and the rest of you folks for attempting to stop it. I used to never comment on blogs until about 2002 or so, when I figured out (or more precisely admitted to myself) that Bush was gravely betraying us on this most crucial of all issues. I know how important it is for 'natural conservatism' and 'individualism' that the Democrats never aquire a real electoral hegemony. I see them doing it with this bill, however.

Its been fun to be on the right side of this fight however, even if we lose it. Is Canada really all that cold?

Mark said...

Whatever the outcome on the immigration issue, I'd like to thank Steve Sailer and the rest of you folks for attempting to stop it.

Likewise: Steve Sailer, VDare, NumbersUSA, National Review, PowerLine, etc., etc. etc - heroes the lot of them.

The amnesty had been getting so little coverage that I thought they were gunna sneek this one through. Then it all just exploded in the last few days.

Whatever happens, the point is not to get dejected. It is never "over." Congress can pass an amnesty, and Bush can sign it, but there are still elections to be held in 2008. Our voices will be heard, just as they were in 1994. This congress will pay dearly for their sell-out. If it passes I predict no less than 100 congressmen getting handed pink slips come next November, if we keep our wits, keep the faith, and work together.

Russell said...

Umm, Dave, in case you didn't notice, last time the House was majority Republican. And note that the House can't filibuster like the Senate (the fact that there was no GOP filibuster in the Senate on this shows what those people are worth).

I don't think it matters that a lot of the new majority Dems ran on a tough immigration stance. They'll vote with the party. I'm willing to bet money they'll vote with the party.

If this passes (as I think it will), a possible ray of hope would be a cross-party backlash in '08 to elect House members and a large chunk of the Senate who pledge to repeal it and pass an enforcement-only bill.

kevin said...

Is Canada really all that cold

Yes. I live in southern Ontario and welcome global warming. And don't count on us for a safe haven. We're not in as bad shape as you guys yet, but I fear that will change soon enough. We have the highest per capita immigration in the world and, needless to say, most of it comes from the third world.

There are the usual problems of crime, grid lock, high housing costs, poor economic performance of most immigrant groups (whitey's fault of course) and general ethnic conflict. The most diverse city, Toronto, is going bankrupt, making it's motto of "our diversity is our strength" rather ironic if you ask me.

Despite all this the powers that be insist that all this immigration is not just benificial but vital. The pandering for the ethnic vote makes my skin crawl. On the issue of immigration no politician of any party would ever consider any position other than the the most PC.

Any grassroots opposition to immigration is very difficult because of the laws here. The Canadian Charter is a lot like the US Constitution except that it explicitly allows affirmative action and doesn't guarantee free speech. If this site was based in Canada, Steve would be brought before the human rights commission and forced to pay thousands in fines and shut it down.

I find trends in the US, such as judicial activism and immigration policy, eventually find their way to Canada. With much self interest I wish my neighbours to the south the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

If amnesty is passed, expect a revolt from White America.

If amnesty is not passed and millions of Hispanics are deported, millions of Hispanics -including the ones living here legally- will revolt.

Either way, the future is going to be quite nasty

the wily marmot said...

It's the mark of stupidity to think that "the Jews" control or wish to enable total amnesty for illegal aliens in the US. If anything Latino anti-Semitism would make most Israelis very uneasy about continued US support.

Have Israeli Jews tried to knock some sense into the heads of their US co-ethnics on the immigration question? Virtually all US Jewish orgs are insane on the issue:

tommy said...

Yes, I would like to thank Sailer, VDare, Malkin, Hot Air, ParaPundit, Hugh Hewitt, National Review, PrestoPundit, Jawa Report, American Thinker, Ace of Spades, Powerline, Confederate Yankee, FrontPage, HyScience, Pytheas, Counterterrorism Blog, California Conservative, Debbie Schlussel, the Lew Rockwell folks, and a slew of other bloggers, as well as Fred Thompson, Tom Tancredo, and John DeMint for being standup guys.

No thanks to the utopian libertarian morons from Reason Online (may the libertarian position continue to be ever more marginalized in our increasingly Hispanic society), Captain Ed from Captain's Quarters (who thinks supporting this bill shows his "reasonable, moderate" tendencies and who claims, absurdly, that an enforcement-only bill would somehow violate the law of physics or something), National Council of The Race, and every dirtbag in Washington DC who supports this bill, with a special no thanks to El Presidente Jorge Arbusto, John "McAmnesty" McCain, "Red Ted" Kennedy, Chuck Hagel, Jon Kyl, Mel Martinez, and Nancy "Botox Queen" Pelosi.

The Light Party is looking better every day....

Now Is The Time To Lighten Up, Enjoy The Music, Simplify Our Lives, Accentuate The Positive, Choose Peace, Choose Freedom, and Choose To Go To Health...

THE LIGHT PARTY, a wholistic proactive, new political paradigm party, is a synthesis of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green Parties... We have formulated a inspired, practical, synergistic, 7-point WIN-WIN program which serves to successfully resolve our current national and global socio- economic and ecological challenges...

We urge you now to Support the Party and consider our progressive and enlightened programs. Together, through the Power of Synergy, we have an unprecedented opportunity now to co-create a new reality where Health, Peace, and Freedom for All prevails...

In Service To Humanity....

Da Vid, M.D. Artist & Founder, THE LIGHT PARTY

Luke said...

This is indeed a phenomenon that is difficult to fathom -- why our political elites would favor what seems certain to evolve into a racially-striated class society?

Whatever their thinking, there must surely be a huge debate when the bill reaches the house. Let us hope it assumes the proportions of the great Nafta debate in the early 1990's, but with a different outcome.

My own personal view, highly eccentric though I know it to be, is that our only hope is to surmount the demographic realities that are already established with some form of "citizenism" along the lines that Steve advocates.

But to make it work it is going to have to have a religious (as opposed to purely political or ideological) justification. My candidate: an updated version of the social gospel, in which the fruits of modern capitalism and technology are seen to be a direct consequence of the centuries of Christian sacrifice (and, alas, crimes committed) by our religiously motivated ancestors; we are all thereby (all races, classes, etc.) as it were "joint heirs in Christ" thus laying the moral foundations for a redistribution, not of income, but of the consumption of the fruits of this new economy, the first economy in history not based on slavery or servitude (being based on the slavery and servitude of the past!).

Of course that says nothing about the practical policy issues of managing equity with efficiency, since the prescriptions of the past (graduated income tax, welfare) obviously will not work.

A graduated consumption tax and wage subsidies however might, and in theory should (arguable I know, but I know my economics I like to fancy, the one subject I ever truly mastered).

Then see how the moneyed elites howl when they realize what they have wrought upon themselves. (Though it won't be nearly as bad as they first suppose.)

It promises to be a glorious fight, though for our children and grand children more than ourselves.

Forgive me, I am a hopeless dreamer. Can't help it. Born that way.

Svigor said...

I love Bill O'Reilly. He tells us that "we just can't deport" 15 million people.

Pathetic shillery like this can only survive in a carefully-managed media environment.

We're more than capable of setting penalties for employing illegals so high that playing that particular reverse lotto simply wouldn't be worth it.

Then 20 million burglars self-deport.

That takes all of 15 seconds to say; it's perfect sound bite material. In short order it would have people cringing at the thought of uttering O'Reilly's nonsense. There's a reason it's never said, and why O'Reilly's nonsense is conventional wisdom.

the wily marmot said...

Santa Ana, CA pitbull update:

Santa Ana, CA leads the nation in mail carrier dog bites with 96 in 2006. All of NYC had zero dog bites.

Anonymous said...

And maybe O'Reilly is right. Can a govt, realistically, deport 15 million people? Suppose it can - those deportees will be major PO'ed back in Mexico. That could broil into a war over time.

But it probably wouldn't get that far. The logistics just don't work out - people end up being queued up somewhere, abused on the street, and then a war or "terrorism" starts and things get ugly.

That's not being pro-immigration, it's just being realistic. For now, the Mexicans are basically OK except for some gang problems.

If most whites don't want to mix with them, they won't. If some whites want to get really far away, there's always the Heartland and Canada. For those who stay, a stricter form of "citizenism" might take form. Tests required to vote, etc. Might even be an improvement to the civilization, seeing citizenship as an honor and a privilege instead of a birthright.

Mark said...

National Review Online seems very much AGAINST this bill. Im suprised that the intensity of their stand.

NR seems to catch a lot of flak for from enforcers for its alleged cave on immigration. I have no idea what people mean by that. I understand that, somewhere back in history, they sacked Peter Brimelow.

But today they happen to employ/feature Mark Krikorian, Andy McCarthy, David Frum, Mark Levin, Andrew Stuttaford, Mark Steyn, and John Derbyshire, all of whom are pretty emphatically for various forms of border control. Granted, they also have some who favor large scale immigration, like Ramesh Ponnuru and Larry Kudlow - but I never said that I opposed intellectual diversity (which means of course means that I'm not counting John Podidiotz, who is nothing of the sort.)

Mark said...

This is indeed a phenomenon that is difficult to fathom -- why our political elites would favor what seems certain to evolve into a racially-striated class society?

Why did slavery permeate every society in antiquity? Why did Aryans craft an enforced caste-system that they enshrined in religious dogma? Why did Edward III freeze wages shortly after the Black Death caused a labor shortage? Why did John D Rockefeller import thousands of Eastern European miners to break strikes at his mines?

Even American Indians got into the act. When the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth, lots of Indians thought it best to wipe out my ancestors. It would've been the smart thing to do, but Squanto and Massasoit were in a pissing match between themselves and with other Indian leaders over who could be the biggest, baddest kemosabe in New England. They wanted to use the weapons of the white man to secure dominance over the other tribes.

Welcome to history, pal. This has happened over and over and over again. This is what they do - "they" being the would-be alpha males of the human race.

Svigor said...

And maybe O'Reilly is right. Can a govt, realistically, deport 15 million people? Suppose it can - those deportees will be major PO'ed back in Mexico. That could broil into a war over time.

See? This is how these liars operate, by covering their ears and singing, "lalalalalala!"

Does he simply NOT see my post, two posts up?

Luke said...

Welcome to history, pal. This has happened over and over and over again. This is what they do - "they" being the would-be alpha males of the human race.

Well, yes, that is the way it has always been, at least until modern times. But the past had an excuse: there was no other way to organize a complex society. Servitude for the many was necessary in order to finance the structure of coordination, command, and control, defense, etc., which were run by the few.

But now we have modern machinery and technology -- the Tree of Capital -- to do the work of the slaves and serfs. Where did they come from? Why, tens if not hundreds of millions of our ancestors (serfs and slaves all) dug them up out of the ground, starting with their bare hands. We are talking about the crime and sacrifice of centuries, plus interest.

Can't we be free now? Leisure and liberty for all? fight for it

Mark said...

Can't we be free now? Leisure and liberty for all? - luke

Well, you can't suppress vbiology, and our alpha males are still good for something. I'd take an alpha male like Roosevelt, Truman, Churchill, Patton, LeMay, or MacArthur any day when confronting a foe like Hitler or Hirohito.

You can even argue that without alphas like Rockefeller and Carnegie that we wouldn't have had the industrial might to win the 2 wars.

The problem is that they carry these traits into peacetime with them, when they frequently use them for...something else.

What the rest of us need to develop is a proper BS detector. It may be nice to have alpha males who work on behalf of the people, but maybe that's a genetic contradiction.