May 16, 2007

Senate Sell-Out Rolling Down the Tracks:

From the Washington Post:

Latino Groups Play Key Role on Hill
Virtual Veto Power in Immigration Debate

By Krissah Williams and Jonathan Weisman

When Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) declared last week that unnamed "stakeholders" would decide whether Congress overhauls immigration law this year, Latino organizations in Washington understood exactly what he meant.

After laboring in obscurity for decades, groups such as the National Council of La Raza, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and the National Immigration Forum are virtually being granted veto power over perhaps the biggest domestic issue coming before Congress this year. Organizations that represent what is now the nation's largest minority group are beginning to achieve power commensurate with their numbers.

And, of course, "The Race" and the rest want to increase the numbers of Latinos inside the borders that they putatively represent, since the vast Census figures for Latinos represent these lobbies main source of power. What's actually in the best interests of current Latino citizens is of far less interest to them since these organizations are less beholden to their supposed constituents than they are to outside organizations like the Ford Foundation. In reality, Latinos are ambivalent about illegal immigration, politically apathetic, and not very organized. But their vast numbers allow their self-appointed leaders to claim to be important.

Because these leaders are treated as important people in Washington in proportion to the number of warm bodies with Spanish surnames found in the U.S., they are always looking to import more. So, the news that The Race et al "are virtually being granted veto power" over the Senate bill strongly implies that the legislation coming out of the Senate will be a fraud, that it will be designed not to enforce the borders but to bring in more future constituents for The Race.

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MarcZ said...

Disgusting. I encourage everyone to head on over to and sign up to send faxes (free of charge!) to Congress and donate to stop this nonsense.

jody said...

can we get similar power for english speakers? english speakers of all races should be designated "Anglos" and should campaign for their common interests.

Anonymous said...

Having lived most of my life in a border state, I am acutely aware of a transition in the attitude of illegals towards their benevolent host country.

1. They are doing jobs that lazy, greedy Americans won't do.

2. Americans have too much, illegals have too little, being the humble, hardworking people that they are they deserve a fair share of this wealth - end of subject

Earlier generations of hispanic illegals were simply grateful for the opportunity to work.

I wonder how much responsibility "The Race" bears for fostering this new sense of entitlement that sounds suspiciously like a justification for armed insurgency.

Russell said...

Are normal Latinos really that ambivalent about more of them coming in? I know they would be if (1) they were rational about the objective quality-of-life factors that increased flow from Latin America would degrade and (2) were not subject to a basic emotional attachment to their own ethny, but I don't really see any evidence for either of those propositions.

Indeed, I usually suspected that this claim about them not being in favor of bringing in tons more Latinos was one of the empty slogans put forth by immigration cheerleaders to make it seem like once they got here, Latinos assimilated into norms of American society and were just like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Vdare seems to believe that the progress of their crusade is tracking along with the immigration restriction movement of the early 20th century. We are assured that these things "take time". That " took twenty years of hard work to pass the 1924 Immigration Act" etc.

Brimelow needs to take a look outside. The facts on the ground are a picture of unprecedented racial transformation in America. The 2010 census is going to be a shocker.

Yes, there is a lot of supposedly encouraging noise out there now. The border "fence" is in the works. Local communities are passing "ordinances". There is much heated talk on the airwaves. But through it all the inundation continues, doesn't it? The major trend never seems to be altered, does it? Commissar Drudge trumpets the good work that Commissar Chertoff is doing but the flood continues.

I celebrated the "Demography is Destiny" line in that Barone article as a breakthrough. But the fact is that the legal and illegal alien outrages now get plenty of press. The voters do know what is going on. They are angry, but who do they have to vote for in 2008? Nobody who will actually win and do anything about this Revolt of the Elites.

The game is now rigged tighter than ever before. This is a two party dictatorship and the dictators are electing a new people.

They say we need a third party. I say we already have one. But it's a crypto third party. Its interests have been served quite nicely by Clinton and Bush and will be served by the next puppet also.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hispanics are not the least bit ambivalent about the fact that LA and Miami are Spanish speaking and foriegn. It is very likely the case that most Hispanics are happy with the fact that both LA and Miami are Spanish speaking and foriegn.

It is also very likely that most Hispanics would like to see a greater proportion of the US Spanish speaking and foriegn.

Try deporting millions of Hispanic illegal immigrants. This will be opposed by millions of
Hispanics through a very well organized political movement.

Anonymous said...

The previous poster is right. Demographic transformation is a fact that's already happened, not something that will happen if we don't stop immigration soon.

Look here:

Among children, only 58% are white. Recall that "white" includes Middle Easterners here, and illegal immigrants are probably undercounted. Several states' children already have Hispanic majorities - not pluralities, majorities - by significant margins.

Most of these children are citizens by juris solis, so even if Tom Tancredo is elected president and all illegals are immediately deported, these will be our adults in a decade or two. Given the higher fertility of non-whites, many of us here will probably live to see a white minority nationwide. Another amnesty, followed by yet more immigration, will just get us there faster.

Anyway, the point is that, short of something extreme like retroactively stripping citizenship from "anchor babies" who've grown up in this country and deporting them, we don't have 20 years to fulfill VDARE's objectives.


tommy said...

Traitors, all of them.

Just Another Gabacho said...

Since learning of this impending "compromise" I have over the last 2 days or so e-mailed 8 members of Congress.

Since becoming informed about the Kennedy/Bush/McCain Axis of Evil's plans for America several years ago, I have sent dozens of correspondences.

Forgive my self-righteousness, but I hope my efforts don't place in the minority of those ticked off about this issue. If you're not contacting our rulers, you shouldn't be complaining.

Anonymous said...


I'll email my senators for the umpteenth time.

Never in a million years growing up did I think that America would be faced with something like this. Its truly astonishing.

Kennedy is the main reason Massachusetts has a low favorability amongst other states, I wonder if her residents realize that. Bush will be hated by whites, even if he doesn't get his way on immigration, for the next 30 years. No one will ever forget what a traitor he has been on this issue. I hope the family name suffers. Its hard for me to describle how much I detest that man.

Anonymous said...

I too have been burning up the phones, internet letting people know how I feel. Since Loretta Sanchez is my Congresswoman (La Raza - CA) and Feinstein and Boxer my Senators I have not bothered with them.

It's apparently a done deal as Rep Senators caved. 12 million illegals legalized, about 60-80 million relatives brought in, no border fence, no enforcement, total amnesty. When opposition to this is huge.

I hope this kills McCain's bid, and Fred runs against this on a platform of repeal. Given Hazelton's Mayoral election (Illegal Immigration opponent won Rep and Dem primaries) this should be a no brainer.

It's a done deal but insurgent Reps need a new Contract With America repealing this deal and sending all Illegals home and closing the borders. Santa Fe is now hiring illegal aliens as Cops. If you can believe that.

tommy said...

I'll continue to contact my representatives, of course. I've made it a habit. Being up here in the liberal Pacific Northwest, it is an uphill battle.

If this bill passes, I will never vote for the Mexipublican Party again.

Mark said...

Last I heard, the calls against last year's amnesty ran about 200-to-1 against. So the senate waited until the election was over, and until we were about as far away from the next election as possible, and now they're giving us this.

Face it, folks: if 200-to-1 phone calls against amnesty doesn't convince our senators to listen to their constituents, what will?

While countless Americans have been drowning themselves in athletics, Anna Nicole, Survivor, and American Idol, our congress has been selling us out.

The democratic process is dead. RIP, American Democracy (1776-2007).

Mark said...

One thing we all should notice is how silent it is: there has been next to no mention of this Senate action in the news. It's completely off the media's radar, which is, I suppose, how the open borders groups want it. They're going to pass this bill while no one's paying attention.

Mark said...

If this bill passes, I will never vote for the Mexipublican Party again. - tommy


The Republican's like to talk about their social issues - when it's convenient. But when's the last time they did anything about them? Affirmative action, abortion, gambling, porn, illegal immigration, etc. ad infinitum.

The only thing they ever do is cut taxes. If amnesty passes, I'll be voting for Democrats from now on. At least Democrats will be raising taxes on the wealthy interests who demanded open borders.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast, the train may yet be derailed.

According to the Washington Post the Unions and La Raza groups are not happy with the deal Kennedy wants to strike:

And the Washington Times claims that a disagreement over employment verification, and related issues, could torpedo the whole ship.

I pray the deal is stopped just so I can savor the Smirking Chimp's defeat on his most important issue.

Old Right

Mark said...

Not so fast, the train may yet be derailed.

One can only hope. I think pretty much the only thing we can do is let our senators know how we feel. Call them. Now...

Sideways said...

Wow, I'm appalled. I never vote for candidates who have a chance of winning, but if someone gives me a reason to believe they'll prevent this, they can count on my vote. This is like legalizing drugs and giving amnesty to all the drug smugglers/dealers regardless of their crimes. It's shortsighted, stupid, and shows a fundamental disrespect for the wellbeing of the populace.

If amnesty passes, I'll be voting for Democrats from now on. At least Democrats will be raising taxes on the wealthy interests who demanded open borders.
If they win for the next decade or so, they're not going to be taxing the rich, they'll be forced to tax everyone but the poor heavily. Importing large numbers of poor+expanding welfare=raping both the upper and middle classes.