June 22, 2007

Immigration bill update

First cloture vote likely Friday evening: This is the one to consider the immigration bill without holding hearings, while the second would be to shut off debate / amendments / filibuster. The Axis of Amnesty needs 60 votes to get past the cloture votes, but no more than 50 to win the final vote, so cloture is it.


Update: The Senate instead decided to go home for a four day weekend, with the first cloture vote rescheduled for Tuesday. I imagine that means they need to do more arm-twisting to shove it through, which I'm sure they are quite capable of doing without a public outcry.

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Ron Guhname said...

I e-mailed 20 Senators today. Can any of you ladies beat me?

Anonymous said...

By the way, there's a pretty funny and telling post on Ace of Spades about the shockingly obvious way that the NYT depicts in its choice of photos the amnesty supporters (beatific, Virgin-mary-like women and male models) and amnesty opponents ("snaggle-toothed retards," in the words of a liberal writer commenting on the bias).

You can practically taste the status-seeking.

Anonymous said...

Then I'll send 70 more emails over the weekend, I suppose.

Stopped Clock said...

I spent half an hour browsing around that site before I realized why your link didnt work: it was the wrong link. http://ace.mu.nu/archives/231141.php is the one you want.

(If some other poster has already identified this, no need to publish this post.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting that and especially to your reader.

I'm shocked that Webb-D isn't outright against this bill according to that list... the Populist who cares so deeply about the working class and seemed to understand better than most the importance of sovereignty?

I emailed him along with a few others tonight (I added in messages to Dems that, counterintuitively, heterogenous populations benefit individualism rather than the common good... Nobody else has said it and I believe every point needs to be made. Who knows what will resonate with a particular person so don't hold back.)

Go to work especially hard on Webb, we can get him!

Anonymous said...


I appreciate the links and will send off my emails.

Second, the approach to Dems should differ greatly than those to Reps.

Dems ought to fear the wrath of their supporters, union members, social-program spending, blue-collar union types. So maybe emphasize health care costs, destroyed ER systems, the inability to pay for universal coverage if we are deluged with amnesty aliens.

Since Health Care is a big deal for Dems, and it's a no-brainer you can't cover Americans and Mexicans both. Pick one.

Dems won't ever enforce laws because that's "racist" but if they are afraid their union-base particularly in California will hold them accountable the way they did Arnold (good analysis by Steve on that btw) in a high-cost state, folks like Boxer might be swayed. Since they could face a challenge in the Primary or an independent running on "affordable health care was sacrificed for the Bush-Amnesty Aliens."

If you sound like a conservative Boxer and Dem staffers will write you off, so take some time to tailor your message. For Reps of course it's best to sound conservative.

Anonymous said...

...these are the 12 Senators on the fence...

Keep in mind, these people aren't "on the fence" because they're carefully weighing the merits of the amnesty, and it is just too tough to decide. No. They are already utterly commited to amnesty, but are careflly weighing their chances of of being booted out of office next election.

Anonymous said...

I've been hitting the phones, boys. When I speak to the Dem Senators' offices, I ask them to pass along the message to vote no on cloture on the "Big Business immigration bill."

Anonymous said...

How can we seal the Mexican border when we cannot even seal the red state borders from blue state migration? AARP liberals are overrunning Nevada and Arizona, and the FLorida border is under siege because we cannot stop New York liberals from getting past SOuth Carolina.

Mr. President, do something!

Anyway, I would consider it an honor and a privilege if you would add my blog "The Tygrrrr Express" www.blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com to your list of linked sites if you feel the quality is high.

I came across your blog through Michelle Malkin's website, since I enjoy her writing.

Happy summer.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Americans you don't agree with are still Americans and can migrate over state borders.