June 20, 2007

"Why the elite press won’t think seriously about immigration"

My American Conservative article is now up:

La Raza’s Lapdogs
By Steve Sailer
Straight talk about immigration: another job Americans won’t do.

Here are some more excerpts:

1. An aversion to working with numbers is common among intellectuals and media types. For instance, it’s of some relevance to crafting immigration policy to know that 5 billion people live in countries with lower average per capita GDPs than Mexico. About a fifth of the 135 million people in the world of Mexican descent now reside in America, and another 40 million Mexicans tell pollsters they’d like to immigrate here. That suggests that if the Wall Street Journal editorial board had its way, and there were a constitutional amendment declaring, “There shall be open borders,” at least a billion foreigners would try to move here. At a minimum, this quick estimate suggests that the WSJ’s immigration views are mad. Yet these numbers are not at all well-known because few in public life have bothered to do the simple calculations required.

2. Views on illegal immigration may be the surest status symbol. A blithe attitude toward illegal immigration conveys your self-confidence that you don’t have to worry about competition from Latin American peasants and that you can afford to insulate your children from their children. Moreover, your desire to keep down the wages of nannies, housekeepers, and pool boys by importing more cheap labor advertises that you are a member of the servant-employing upper-middle class.

3. While libertarians enjoy displaying their feelings of economic superiority— their Randian confidence that they can claw their way to the top of the heap no matter how overcrowded it gets—liberals feel that laxity on illegal immigration shows off their moral superiority. Celebrating diversity has been promoted for a generation now as the highest imaginable ethical value, so the ambitious compete to be seen espousing most fervently the reigning civic religion and damning most loudly any heretics who dare to speak up. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Good points Steve.

Let me add one more.

Hostility to the ordinary person. The elites hate the ordinary person and the American people with a passion. And it's returned in full measure of course.

The elites USED to be mixed with average joes through military service, but now the only average person is the cube dweller and rare Anglo service person, whom the elites find "contemptible" because they are not elite like them.

Anonymous said...


We get these elite bastards out here in Backwards City because of the Jerseyfication of America. They are smarter, better looking, more moral, decent and harder working and better endowed than us dumbbells and they subtly let us know this.

THEY can send their children to schools with only token numbers of screened, groomed blacks and mestizos.

THEY are doctors, attorneys, CPAs, and salesmen and professional service providers to the above.

When the balloon of artificial prosperity bursts they are going to be in a world of hurt. It will be delicious. But we'll all be up to our heads in unassimilable Mexicans.

Rome wasn't destroyed in a day, but it was a lot faster a process than most think.

Anonymous said...

"And, let’s be frank, many affluent whites are happy to see African-Americans go."

Most of the liberal Democrats I know in the DC area have given up on black Americans in recent years.

In the 80's and 90's, my friends were all ga-ga about liberal policies and politicians that promised to improve social indicators in the black community like more money for inner city schools, affirmative action, and so on.

But now that all those liberal policies have failed - and have been proven to have failed - to improve the welfare of blacks, my friends have just stopped talking about blacks.

They now prefer to just tune out any problems in the black community.

Such is life for white liberals...

Old Right

Luke Lea said...

It is not that the elites hate the ordinary person but that they do not know him.

But I am starting to get the feeling that we are reaching a turning point.

Andy Jackson, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Old Right,
This baffles many conservatives in South Africa. Just when the liberal elites in South Africa embraced the multicult, obviously a suicidal thing to do in Africa, it starts to go out of fashion in the US and Europe. The old South African Prez. Botha said that South Africa could have easily lasted another 20 years under the comprehensive international sanctions regime and being internationally ostracized. Militarily the ANC (Mandela's crowd) was a joke anyway.

If only de Klerk had listened. I figure that in 10 years from now most westerners will have no ear for the ranting of liberals, churchmen and black leaders.

Anonymous said...

in your article you wrote he following [7]:

"Both average and elite Americans observe that the children and grandchildren of illegal immigrants are more likely to become disruptive students and to join street gangs, so they both try to find schools for their children far from them. "

In Germany there exists a similar phenomenon. Greens, who generally rally for more immigration from Turkey and other Muslim countries, presumably in order to overthrow the Catholic-Lutheran-state apple cart [which they loathe], make sure to send their kids to up-scale (non-Muslim) schools avoiding the ghetto schools caused by immigration. They even admit this on TV. How do people live with such short-sighted obvious hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the elite whites who live in Northwest DC or Bethesda can go through their daily lives without any interactios with blue collar whites. The nearest blue collar whites to DC live in Baltimore; Hagerstown, MD; or Winchester, VA.

Every low skill job in DC is done by an immigrant or a black if their are no immigrants for the jobs. The elite in DC send their children to virtually are white private schools, frequent all white social organizations (Congressional Country Club), and pick professions like law or the media that have the lowest prevalentce of non-whites

When those elite white visit someplace like the Quad Cities in Iowa/Illinois they go into shock when they see blue collar whites busing tables, mopping floors and cleaning hotel rooms.

One of the reasons that the elite dislike blue collar whites is that they associate them with the immigrants and blacks that they are trying every hard to avoid.

Anonymous said...

The single most important reason is the fact that Americans want to consume garbage news. Most journalists may not support capitalism, but they are more than happy to sell you crap.

I do not agree with the anti-immigrant clan and I am positive that the math would work against their arguments, but that is all irrelevant. It does not matter what the math tells us; the sheeple do not want to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, at 6/21/2007 1:35 AM

If Apartheid had lasted for another 20 years, some imbecile US President (probably Bush Part Deux with Phony Blair along for the ride) would have ended up bombing South Africa.

Just look at what we did to Serbia in '99.

I suspect that de Klerk folded, in part, because he thought more drastic measures would be used by the US if Apartheid managed to hang on for much longer.

I agree with you about liberalism.

Liberals have had total control of the West since the mid 1960's.

Liberals control the media, academia, the political establishment, they intimidate the business world, and most importantly, they control what can and cannot be discussed publicly in politics.

They have had this total control for four decades, and the world is clearly worse off than in the 1950's when the West was conservative/traditionalist.

Since they are in charge, they have to get all the blame now that things are going to hell in a handbasket.

Liberalism's days are numbered and the only question is whether the Left gradualy loses power over time, or the conservative restoration is sparked during a "Big Bang" event such as an economic crisis or another major terrorist attack.

Old Right

Anonymous said...

And few political questions would seem more compelling than which of the 6 billion foreigners we want to become our fellow citizens, neighbors, and, eventually, the ancestors of our descendents.


I hope you intended that to mean "co-ancestors of our descendants." Although more and more I'm getting the feeling that these immigrants are meant to be the sole ancestors of "our" descendants - others may disagree, but I think that it's hard to dispute that immigrants aren't simply augmenting the population of the West, but in fact replacing it. It's one way of explaining why the white birthrate around the world started crashing at precisely the time we started importing millions of racially dissimilar foreigners - the ones who create neighborhoods and businesses where whites are emphatically not welcome, and who block vote to redistribute white wealth to themselves.