October 7, 2007


For Columbus-related reasons, my weekly VDARE column will be up Monday night rather than the usual Sunday night. I'll be reviewing Gregory Clark's ambitious A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World.

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Anonymous said...

Steve, you committed a serious faux pas by saying the "modern world was created in England" without clarifying that many, many different peoples of the world were responsible for the Great Industrial Leap Forward. The PC patrol will never forgive you for that.

Filmmaker Burns has been reeducated to include everybody's contributions to The War now running on PBS. Surely you can expand the roster of those who deserve credit for the Industrial Revolution also. It would be prudent to include Scots, Irish, Welsh, Cromwell's Jews, the Spanish bloodlines that washed up on the beaches in 1588 [lots of Moorish blood here], Dutch businessman, French refugees, various important crypto-Muslims, Gypsy Roma, African slaves etc.

Anyway, very interesting Part I column with a cliffhanger ending! I, for one, hope Part II will be even more disturbing for Marxists, but if they seize your computer and "edit" the content for next week's column I will understand.