October 7, 2007

Immigrant relative/spouse sex ratio map

A reader writes:
This might interest you.

I collected data from the new DHS site's immigration statistics division for the years 2003-2006 on the gender of immigrants who were admitted as 'immediate relatives of U.S. citizens'. As a practical matter, the majority of such immigrants are the SPOUSES of U.S. citizens (who may or may not be native-born Americans). Although DHS very unhelpfully stopped collecting separate statistics for spouses, parents, and children in 2003, I did my best to cut out adopted orphans which would skew the ratio for some important countries such as Russia, China, and Korea, which I did for 2003, 2005, and 2006 (2005 had defective data which included only about half of adopted orphans).

The upshot of all this is that doing this seems to show nicely how attractive the men versus the women of a given nation are!

Brendan Gordon

Click on the map to see the full size version. The key reads that Navy Blue countries have over 3 times as many female relatives of American citizens being brought into America as males. Medium Blue countries are 2x. At the other end of the scale is Dark Red.

I haven't looked into this in detail, but it looks pretty plausible. I suppose it could be skewed by arranged marriages, such as all the arranged cousin marriage that bring Pakistani boys to Britain to marry their cousins. Another thing that could skew it is citizens bringing in non-spouse relatives, such as widowed moms and sisters. This would be especially high for countries that mostly send men to America as pioneering immigrants.

And it would be interesting to look at the sex ratio of foreign adoptions, since prospective American parents are very interested in how well their future child will do in the American marriage market.

But, it's a good start.

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Anonymous said...

Is this more foundation material supporting Sailer style patriarchy? Any child who has a white father regardless of the race/ethnicity of the mother is white.

Anonymous said...

First anon,

would you like to turn that comment into something that's related to the post?

My big soft spot for immigration is young, pretty women. Just imagine how many pretty women from oppressive countries could come here if we stopped importing fat, squat Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

Two interesting cases:

-Argentina and Uruguay, both lands of macho, dark and handsome, tango-dancing men, are the exceptions in South-America.

-Horn of Africa countries, home of tall and beautiful women (like Iman, the wife of David Bowie) are at odd with the rest of the continent.

Anonymous said...

Who made you the comment police, rob? Also, there are many websites and catalogs of foreign brides. Then you can join Steve in redefining whites - a sort of racial gerrymandering if you will - in which guys like Steve & presumbably yourself decide to claim that the nonwhite 3rd world women who are the only ones desperate enough to mate with you are whiter than the white women who rejected you. White women are not afforded this same luxury, however. Once they marry out they and their offspring are no longer white.

Anonymous said...

And it would be interesting to look at the sex ratio of foreign adoptions, since prospective American parents are very interested in how well their future child will do in the American marriage market.

Actually, I have looked into this.

It appears that there is absolutely no consideration by American parents on how well their adoptee will fare in the marriage market, and all sex ratio imbalances in adoptions are caused by supply.

China now, and Korea 20 years ago, had a lot of abandoned baby girls, so most adoptees from China now and Korea 20 years ago were girls. However, Korea now does not seem to have abandonment of girls over boys any more. In 2006, 864 boys were adopted from Korea, compared to 517 girls, and a significant excess of boys has existed for at least the last several years, roughly paralleling Korea's sex ratio at birth. Adoptions from India were about two-thirds girls (109 boys, 198 girls), but India, like China has notorious son preference. In most other countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, and Guatemala, the ratios were almost exactly even.

Anonymous said...

Does this map take mail-order brides into account?

Anonymous said...

And it would be interesting to look at the sex ratio of foreign adoptions...

Foreign adoption data is interesting. But how about foreign sperm donor data? Actually, how about foreign sperm donor facts as they apply to the richest zip code in the USA. That's very interesting.

Here is an article about the strong demand for Nordic sperm in Manhattan. This article is right up Steve's alley. It's about a month old. Maybe Steve's been busy because he hasn't said boo about it.


So, the FDA ban is naturally going to create a black market for the Viking sperm. Steve, there's your next screenplay! Might be even more interesting if a significant number of the Manhattan customers for this commodity were Asians, Arabs, Armenians, Persians and Jews.

After all, how much Protestant or Catholic whitebread is left in Manhattan? Like Beverly Hills, it must be mostly market dominant minority types by now. Regardless, we know there ain't much homegrown Nordic babymaking going on in Manhattan in 2007, don't we?

Who knows, maybe rich Saudis or other Muslims are attempting to create a generation of blonde Wahabis as the next wave of Al Qaeda shock troops -- born and raised in NYC.

Anonymous said...

"Argentina and Uruguay, both lands of macho, dark and handsome, tango-dancing men, are the exceptions in South-America."

Argentina and Uruguay are the whitest countries in South America. They are both whiter than the United States.

Anonymous said...

Anon --

I am not quite sure what your point is. The world of women is (somewhat analogous to Caesar) divided into two parts:

The hot and the not hot. That's about it.

Hot women are hot women, regardless of race. I am quite certain that no hot woman would ever be interested in any reader or commenter of this blog :> haha.

hey steve -- there are considerable amounts of wealthy, upper class white women in NYC. Don't forget that there is a constant influx of in-migration of attractive women seeking fame and fortune in NYC from places in the Midwest and South [Westerners are likely to go to LA or Seattle or Vegas depending on desired careers]. In that sense it does not matter what the NYC birthrate is of whites since other states will continue to send their ambitious young women there.

What is surprising (but not really) is the sex imbalance of men-women in NYC. It's heavily loaded with women, over men. Coyote Blog at Blogspot had a map, sorry no link (too lazy right now). Fascinating. My take is that the men who know well the amount of attractive young women there have assessed their chances and found them zero. Since women when unconstrained by economic factors are willing to share high-status, socially dominant Alpha men.

There will be no demand for "white babies" among Muslims. First off it is forbidden by Islam. Secondly Muslim nations in general (Tunisia, Algeria, Iran being the exceptions) have no problem with fertility but the reverse. Polygamy as Steve points out means most men lose, a few win and have LOTS of wives (Osama has what, over 30 brothers?) with all the disaster, chaos, and patterns of "young men with no women waiting in the bush/desert" that this social behavior has always produced.

Converts from value-free Europe and America will provide all the light-skinned operatives Jihadis want. The Germans arrested in planning AQ attacks on Ramstein air base were converts. So is Adam Ghadan, aka Azzam the American (Osama's spokesperson) and John Walker Lindh, the "American Taliban."

Yes, bin Laden really does want to kill you (unless you submit to Islam). He and his buddies have not given up. They think they'll win having already defeated the "stronger" superpower the USSR.

Muslims here in the US demand (and get): abolition of Halloweeen and Christmas in schools, no dogs, booze, gays, or "immodest" women in taxicabs. They demand Sharia Law, Polygamy, and allowing "honor killing."

Eric Rasmusen said...

Another relevant variable is the extent to which a wife will follow her husband to a foreign land. For example, Russian women might go to America to join their husbands, but Russian men might bring their American wives to Russia to join them.

Anonymous said...

Good job, that second comment was intelligible.

Anonymous said...

It’s all the rage now for affluent and barren white couples to adopt female babies from China. It almost seems to be a status symbol. These couples are stating to the world, “I have enough money and affluence to go through the waiting periods with corrupt Chinese officials (often needing to bribe them) and fly off to Beijing to acquire my Chinese baby”. And let’s face it - it’s just so passé nowadays for these sorts of couples to produce their own children.

Mainstream television shows such as The Simpsons are already lauding these adoptions. It’s becoming a perfectly natural thing now to see white couples parading their female Chinese babies in their prams in all the higher-brow shopping malls throughout the U.S.A.

A couple of years ago, I took a flight from Hong Kong to Detroit. There were four separate white couples on that flight taking home young female Chinese babies. And it’s not as if the couples necessarily knew one another. Perhaps they were part of some group doing a mass purchase, but I wasn’t sure.

Young Chinese female adoptees are one of the hottest items on the market. It seems that the couples who adopt them have given up on having white babies, partly due to the women’s busy social/professional lives, and partly due, I imagine, to these couples’ unconscious and contemptible attitudes towards young white kids and their inability to succeed in the New America.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:00 am -

China recently has made its rules on foreign adoptions much more restrictive. It is now substantially more difficult for Americans to qualify. Among other things, having a body mass index (BMI) over 40 is an automatic disqualification.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 07 6:51, Steve is already married and has kids, and I am fairly sure they are all honkies like himself.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Chinese nationalism will take it when some of those Chinese babies start getting molested, raped or murdered. Sending off babies has to be a wound to national pride and I imagine neurosis will develop around it.

Anonymous said...

Is that true Peter. Almost sounds as if the Chinese are worried about over-weight westerners eating Chinese children. Now that would be a story.

Anonymous said...

I read an article about the sex imbalance among adopted orphans. The reason is in part because of the number of female orphans who are available in China, but also because of the preferences of the parents. Essentially, the article argued that men are mostly into reproduction to pass along their gene pool, while women want to nurture a child. When adopting a child is the consideration, men don't have anything to "gain" from having a child, and thus don't care about the child's sex. Women thus get to choose, and naturally prefer girls.

Anonymous said...

Nice calculation, but I'm not getting the "so what". Several commenters (Rasmussen, etc.) seem to be reaching for one. (I say that with no negative spin on reaching.)