December 31, 2007

Last day for tax deductible contribution

Happy New Year!

Although looking at the steady drop in my net worth over the last seven years, I'm not sure how many more happy ones I've got left as a writer. It's an intriguing experiment to see if I can survive financially without big institutions backing me, to see if I can rely upon the kindness of readers. I shall follow my future career with great interest.

So, I'm back begging, which I don't like doing, but I really, really need the money.

There are four ways to give me money.First, through Monday, 12/31/07, you can make tax deductible credit card contributions here (click on the first "Make a Donation" button you come to on the screen); or fax credit card details here (please put my name on the fax); or you can snail mail checks, postmarked 12/31/07, made out to "VDARE Foundation" and marked on the memo line (lower left corner) “Steve Sailer” to:

VDARE Foundation
P.O. Box 1195
Washington, CT 06793

Second: Fourth: You can use Paypal with any credit card (or if you already have a specific Paypal account, you can use that). Just click here and fill in your credit card info on the left (scroll down to bottom left-center to go on), or your Paypal ID on the right. It works fine with the mainstream MS Internet Explorer browser.

Third: You can send me an email and I'll send you my P.O. Box address.

Fourth: You can use Amazon and pay by credit card. Just click here. The limit on the amount in a single donation via Amazon, for some reason, is $50.


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Anonymous said...

Steve, have you published any books?

Maybe you ought to publish and sell selected writings. It isn't that hard or expensive to set that up these days. I'm sure a lot of us posting here could help you out with that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd shell out $20 for a "best of Steve Sailer" collection. God knows it would be better than half the dreck on the market. And weren't you supposed to write a book about the ethics of race realism or some such?

mnuez said...

Steve - I'm totally in your camp here. I enjoy your blog immensely and I've written to you on more than one occasion to that effect. I hope that you continue writing, I hope that you're able to make a living without resorting to asking for favors and I appreciate you as a person.

That said - you do have to realize that your blog does not necessarily attract the world's kindest people. In fact - your blog tends to attract people who believe that if you can't make a living on your own then you can just go and fuckin starve for all they care. With the exception of myself and.... well, there must be someone else, people here tend to be of the more Libertarian bent in not giving a shit about the poor, dumb suffering blacks and other racial minorities who simply don't have the IQ to compete. - and I'd be lying if I said that you generally sound very different from that yourself.

So, some folk here may be all Randish in their feelings toward donating to you on account of the fact that you're providing them with a service by forcing a few ripples out that may help them have less to do with Blacks in the future and may cost them less in taxes (needed to help Blacks) in the future as well - but they really only care about their own bottom line.

But most readers of course realize that their donation to you likely WON'T ever effect their bottom line and so... they don't donate. After all, if you can't compete in this economy (with the brilliant likes of Glenn Beck, Paula Abdul and Nicole Richie) then you're not DESERVANT of survival.

Anyhow Steve, I honest-to-god don't mean to give you a hard time. I can relate to your predicament, I'm a true fan of yours and I'm sincerely bothered by the fact that a proud man such as yourself has had to resort to begging and demeaning himself in order to be able to live at middle class standards - - - but for the love of God, do you not REALIZE the cruel philosophy that so many of your readers hold and how your own race-baiting has ATTRACTED that miserly clientele?

Anyhow - best of luck again, and if I could help you out financially I would. It's to both of our detriments that circumstances currently happen to be otherwise.


Anonymous said...

mnuez, that was a George Costanza denial. I'm sure you can do better...

You know what gets me, though? I just learned that La Griffe du Lion is dead. Please someone tell me I'm wrong, but that's what I heard, and I haven't received an email from him for quite a while, so I tend to believe it.

Now this man put in a lot of time explaining things in such a beautiful way that I just can't believe nobody has said a word about his passing.

I'll give it a month or so, but if people keep neglecting his contributions, and I don't get any indication he is still alive, I'm going to publish them. There's no copyright, and I figure it's a job that has to be done.

It would be too bad if the same came of you, Steve. Time to put your words in print, I think. You are a good writer, and this blog isn't sufficient.