January 3, 2008

Craptocracy is back

Since I refuse to read about Campaign 2008 except on C. Van Carter's Craptocracy blog, and he can go weeks without posting anything, I was kind of under the impression that they'd called this whole voting thing off due to lack of interest. But now, there are a bunch of new craptastic postings, so it appears that there will be an election this year after all. (Although Dennis Dale's future history series on Untethered recounting the Fall of 2008 raises questions about that assumption.)

Here's Craptocracy on Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank:

Dana Milbank is a neurotic paranoid. We know this because he wrote a bizarre essay about the genial Tom Tancredo in which he repeatedly describes the principled and soft-spoken former presidential candidate as “angry” without providing a single real example of Tancredo's supposed rage. ...

Milbank obviously believes any opposition to illegal aliens indicates a person is angry. I don’t think Milbank cares about actual illegal aliens because people in his position never do (if he’s ever had a conversation with one except to complain the bathroom wasn’t cleaned properly I’ll eat a sombrero). No, Milbank’s real concern isn’t illegal aliens at all, it’s preventing Nazis from taking little Dana Milbank and putting him in a concentration camp. In the diseased mind of Dana Milbank the only way to prevent a Fourth Reich from erupting on American soil is to flood the United States with non-whites. Because Milbank is gripped by this strange fantasy it causes him to lash out at a gentleman like Tom Tancredo. I hope the mentally unbalanced Milbank gets help; until he does the Washington Post should refrain from publishing his ravings.

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Anonymous said...

Recently there was a republican debate (one of the 300 or so held this year) that had a particularly stupid format: in addition to other questions, the candidates were asked cutsie-type questions as if they were a contestants on the dating game. (I didn't see this debate myself, but heard this story on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me). One of the questions they were asked was: "If you were stranded on a desert island, and could only take one thing, what would it be". Tancredo was the only candidate who answered "a boat".

They were also asked "What is your dream job". Tancredo, alone among them, answered "President", which is refreshingly honest and cogent, given the venue where it was asked.

Anonymous said...

This discussion is totally fringe and lacks importance and impact....meanwhile millions of eyeballs are reading FOXnews' breaking news banner right now:

****Police Called to Britney Spears' Home in Child Custody Dispute***


get your priorities straight people.........

C. Van Carter said...

I have a Thompsonian approach to blogging, at least lately. I may comment on the Iowa caucuses sometime after the Superbowl.

Anonymous said...

Dana Milbank isn't so bad. He has a thing about immigration when that comes up, but mostly his columns mock all politicians, which is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I have raised the same idea in emails to Larry Auster. We will be unable to close the borders to our country unless we can persuade the Jews that we do not secretly dream of slaughtering them in their beds every day.

But how do we get them to fess up and honestly admit that perennial, eternal slaughter is the root if all their fears?

And, as a friend once challenged me, is it possible for them to give up those fears and still exist as a nation? Can they survive without us as a "Foreign Devil"?

Lacking the paranoia of imminent slaughter, wouldn't they just assimilate with us and disappear? And isn't this precisely what their leaders (just like the Talented Tenth) fear most of all?

My friend suggests their safest path is economic and cultural primacy in a multiethnic country.

And indeed, isn't this what the British and French did in Africa? Only in America we are playing "Tutsi" to the black "Hutu" and play "Kikuyu" to the Hispanic "Luo".

Isn't it this multicultural weakness that explains the ability of a handful of British soldiers and administrators to control the Indian subcontinent for centuries?

And (scary thought) weren't the Indians better when the British were there "bringing light unto" the Indian peoples?

Maybe it is the new Jewish mission from God to minister to and educate we goyim that live in incrasingly multicultural countries.

Maybe it is our duty to God to submit to their lessons and throw our borders even farther open and submit to their tutelage -- to follow their teachings and become faithful Noachides?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

We will be unable to close the borders to our country unless we can persuade the Jews that we do not secretly dream of slaughtering them in their beds every day.

Oh, now I understand why Craptocracy thought "In the diseased mind of Dana Milbank the only way to prevent a Fourth Reich from erupting on American soil is to flood the United States with non-whites" was a plausible motivation for a person. It didn't make any sense until I realized it was a way to blame immigration on the Jews.

Anonymous said...

anonymous needs to read some things.

Former Director of National Affairs at the American Jewish Committee, Dr. Stephen Steinlight, says influential Jews must get over their promotion of unlimited immigration as a remedy to "Ayran" dominance and pogroms, because open borders are letting in Jew-hating Muslims by the millions. Here. And here.

Here is Dr. Kevin MacDonald on "Jewish Involvement in Shaping U.S. Immigration Policy." (PDF)

A shorter read is a VDARE article here.

It's an open secret among Jews and gentiles alike that influential Jews have not been fans of closing the borders - to make a colossal understatement.

Anonymous said...

I was just saying, what individual person thinks that way? It's like me saying I don't want the U.S. to become a dictatorship... and deciding to work toward that by ensuring that all Americans drive foreign-made cars. There's no reason a person would think such an oblique and grandiose method was the only way of protecting themselves. When you put it in a much more mild and recognizable-as-human viewpoint, Dana Milbank probably thinks "Hmm, at least I won't be the only minority up against the wall when the time comes" if he thinks about it at all.

Is Dana Milbank even Jewish? Google doesn't know.

Anonymous said...

oblique and grandiose

Not every individual Jew roots for open borders - Dr. Steinlight is but one example of an effective opponent of open borders. We have to distinguish influential Jews from regular Jews, then distinguish the majority of influential Jews from the rest of influential Jews. ("Jewish" being self-identified.)

What's undeniable is that the majority of influential self-identified Jews have historically pushed effectively, and currently do push effectively, for open borders, often explicitly on the basis of what will happen when the time comes as you put it.

That's an identifiable and significant element of opposition to reasonable border policies.

Now why would these people or any people pursue such "oblique and grandiose" strategies? (And they do, as my links showed.) The invoking of abstractions has to do with idealism. As a different example, the Declaration of Independence is full of "grandiose" statements and strategies. ("All men are created equal" - why not just say instead: "we don't like the high taxes"? "Governments may be overthrown" - why not just say instead: "hey, give us a little more say"?) Human history is filled with grandiose strategizing, for good and ill.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Milbank is more likely a WASP surname.

Some other Milbanks found through Google and Wikipedia:

Sir Frederick Milbank and his son Sir Powlett Milbank - Members of Parliament in Victorian Britain.

Albert G. Milbank - Founder of the law firm Milbank, Tweed, Hadley, and McCoy. Trustee of Princeton and Pierpont Morgan Library, at a time (1930s and 1940s) when Jews were unlikely to be found in such positions. Has multiple chairs named after him at Princeton. Was an Honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

John Milbank - British Christian theologian

Milbank, South Dakota - A town in South Dakota. It is unclear whom or what it was named after.

Now, who knows about the possibility of changed names, Jewish on his mother's side, etc., but but it is ridiculous to jump to "Jewish conspiracy" as the root of everything.

Anonymous said...

Dana Milbank is a Jew according to William Saletan in Slate, here.