February 6, 2008

Southern Poverty Law Center is anti-immigrant

The folks at the Southern Poverty Law Center have turned anti-immigrant ... well, at least against immigrants from a certain part of the world.

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Frank Costanza said...

"Latvian evangelicals"?

"Wait. Is this the group that goes around mutilating squirrels?"

Anonymous said...

Steve, this is the solution to Hollywood's shortage of poltically correct villains! Gay-bashing fundamentalist Christian Latvians -- coming to a movie screen near you.

Sleep said...

All I have to say is there was not one Latvian name in the entire article. From what I can see it's all Russians, some of whom happen to be descended from Soviets who moved to Latvia.

Anonymous said...

"Wait. Is this the group that goes around mutilating squirrels?"

I know what is causing all the hatred: it's the hats.

Some thoughts:

1. According to the most recent FBI hate crime data, those for 2006, 21% of the victims of race-biased hate crimes were white.


2. Blacks, who as 2006 made up 12.4% of the population, were identified as the offenders in 20.6% of hate crimes.


3. 62.8% of all crimes of "ethnicity/national origin bias" were directed towards Hispanics of all races. (I tend to doubt, though, that white Cubans are the majority of these targets.)

Here's the interesting part: the FBI includes only two categories of victims for this type of crime--Hispanics and victims of all other national origins/ethnicities.

Now the SPLC surely touts the horror of the majority of this segment of hate crime's being direct toward Hispanics.

Interesting thing, though:

For 2006, anti-white hate crimes comprised 890 incidents, 1008 offenses, and 1054 victims.

Anti-Hispanic hate crimes, on the other hand, comprised 576 incidents, 770 offenses, and 819 victims.


Sure, one would expect that whites, being the majority group, would "absorb" a greater percentage of bias crimes, but I kind of doubt that the SPLC is making known the fact that anti-white hate crimes are more prevalent than are anti-Hispanic hate crimes.

And, geez, not that I had previously invested much faith in the FBI, but could they bias--no pun intended--the Hispanic hate crime statistics any worse? Including just two categories, so as to inflate the percentage of crimes that are perpetrated against Hispanics?


Other interesting statistics the FBI has dug up:

-99% of crimes in China are committed by Asians

-100% of people with testicles are men

William said...

Gee, maybe we should ban immigration from all groups that commit crimes at rates disproportionat to their numbers.

Anonymous said...

You know the SPLC refuses to allow the Better Business Bureau's wise giving alliance access to its financial information?

Kind of makes you wonder what they're doing with all that money.

Anonymous said...

names that end in -enko tend to be ukrainian

Anonymous said...

This may be blowback from Richard Perle's legislation. He wrote the Jackson-Vanik amendment to encourage Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union. Rather than specifically make the legislation Jews only, it was worded to referred to religious minorities. I wish I could find out the exact numbers of each religious minority. I had always thought that it was overwhelming Jewish, but given the numbers of Russian evangelicals mentioned in the SPLC article, I am now not so sure.

Escuerd said...

Interestingly, in the Los Angeles area, the gay ghetto borders the Russian ghetto in the city of West Hollywood. The transition is quite abrupt. I don't know that there are any problems between the groups (but there's no reason to think I would).

I'm not sure how many are from that Baltic state known for its rich tradition of squirrel-mutilation. The only folks from that neighborhood I've personally met were science/engineering students from Jewish families.

green mamba said...

Anti-immigrant? Methinks they're just anti-gay-bashing.

Anonymous said...

I just loved the way the word 'Slavic' was tossed around all over that article (if in fact the term actually means anything but a linguistic group).
I'm sure if the SPLC had read a piece by Jared Taylor or whoever liberally sprinkled with the terms 'Semitic', 'Dravidian' or even 'Bantu' they would be first to jump up and down screaming and ranting with their knickers in a twist.

Argent Paladin said...

It's a shame that the fine country of Lativa is being denigrated like this. The media mentioned seems to be in Russian not Latvian. Latvians are Balts not Slavs. As someone pointed out, they all seem to be Russians/Ukranians based in Riga (which is about 50/50 Russian/Latvian) probably because Russia itself frowns on Evangelicals, but Latvia has lots of Russians but lots of freedom, a combination that doesn't seem to work well, as seen in Sacramento.