February 4, 2008

Yosemite Sam versus Plastic Fantastic Man

My Super Tuesday enthusiasm knows no bounds.

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rightsaidfred said...

Just one word......plastics.

Ben Franklin said...

The latest poll data for what it is worth has McCain at just 41 percent in his home state of Arizona. Note that none of the other candidates has spent any time or money in Arizona, so McCain’s inability to get even 50 percent of the vote in his home state, which he has represented in Congress for over a quarter of a century is indicative of something.

This should tell us just what a stinker McCain is, but from what I’ve seen of the Mainstream Media their love affair with the double talking McCain continues in full force. But I predict that it won’t last beyond the primaries, if McCain gets the Republican nomination.

Bill said...

The whole thing's a downer. I don't think anyone's really excited by any of the credible the prospects, except for some Obama enthusiasts (gotta give him some credit for that).

McCain doesn't look alive enough to be Yosemite Sam -- he's more like an undead doughboy. As for Romney, he's tolerable, but there's absolutely no enthusiasm for the guy.

If it comes down to McCain and Clinton I'm just giving up. I can't vote for either. This is what national decay looks like, but hasn't it been over for some years now?

This is America the spent.

--Queue for neocons to denounce all disillusioned Americans and demand MOAR WAR FOREVAR!

Ron Guhname said...

Oooooooh!!! I'm gonna blast ya, ya good fur nothin' Islamic critters!!!

Ben Franklin said...

Just to give you an example of how this game really works, since the New Hampshire primary, Obama’s Mainstream Media coverage has been 83 percent positive. Meanwhile, over the same time, Hillary Clinton’s coverage has been just 51percent positive. 74 percent of the coverage of Bill Clinton during this time has been negative.

Let us face the facts, the Mainstream Media has chosen sides in this thing. On the Democrat side, they favor Obama, at least so that he can make a race of it (no pun intended) and establish himself as the next Democrat in line if Hillary still wins.

Over on the Republican side, while I haven’t seen the data from the study on the Mainstream Media’s favoritism coverage, it is more than clear that the Media has been pulling for McCain.

Let us also face the fact that the Media is tremendously powerful, especially with a population that is largely uneducated or uninformed and dependent on the same Media that has an agenda to inform them. And this is much more widespread than most informed people assume. I have more than one extremely conservative friend who gave up following the news, or even reading the “conservative” press or using the internet to stay informed. They just live their private lives and thus end up being influenced by what little news filters down to them and they end up just as controlled by the media as most people.

This isn’t going to change unless and until some arch conservative billionaire buys his own cable TV news channel and major city newspaper.

dearieme said...

Mr McCain looks rather like an angry ferret. Perhaps it's genetic.

Anonymous said...

Isn't some measure of elasticity good in a politician and what is sorely need after Bush's 8 years of brittle inflexibility on his policies like the Iraq invasion, amnesty for illegal immigrants and massive spending.

It would be refreshing to have a POTUS who is somewhat aware and responsive to the electorate will on issues like these.

McCain is even more inflexible, bellicose and dangerious than BushII ever was.

SFG said...

This isn’t going to change unless and until some arch conservative billionaire buys his own cable TV news channel and major city newspaper.
Rupert Murdoch? Fox is pretty conservative...

Anonymous said...

I think that many whites are in love with the idea that they can get blacks off their backs over the racism thing if they just give Obama the job.

Little do they realize that the desire to be the small ethnic group on top is in the genes ...

That is, it's not Obama you have to fear, it's his fellow travelers.

Fred said...

In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve, for better or worse. Can't blame this on the media: that perhaps a majority of voters is blissfully ignorant of the major candidates' positions is one of the downsides of universal suffrage.

The consolation -- and the brilliant thing about the structure of the U.S. government -- is that it's so hard to get any big changes done (unless despondent conservatives stay home in November and let Dems get a veto-proof majority in the Senate).

For those of you in one of the 22 Super Tuesday states, don't forget to vote today.

Anonymous said...

Well of course we'll have more war forever. It won't be gigantic armies marching across the globe, but we've been at war since at least 1979. I don't know what you'd call seizure of our Embassy and parading around, beatings of our diplomats but war. I don't know what you'd call the bombings of the Marine Barracks and Beirut Embassy but war. I don't know what you'd call Khobar Towers but war. I don't know what you'd call the 1993 WTC bombing but war.

If the bombers had slightly better planning and a bigger bomb placed better in 1993, they would have succeeded in their objective, which was to topple one tower into another and kill 50,000 people. If that had happened Clinton no less than Bush 2 would have been forced by events to kick some ass somewhere. In a similarly futile effort too btw.

I don't know what 9/11 was but war.

What's interesting is that in none of these war-events, from 79 onwards, was that the acts didn't make sense. Iran made an enemy out of a traditional ally while the Soviet Union sat hostile on it's border. The 93 and 9/11 attacks weren't even predicated on political goals like the IRA, i.e. withdraw from here and we stop bombing. Osama actually thought 9/11 would collapse America.

McCain, stupid and PC-driven as he is, got this at least right (and I think Hillary understands it also). The era of the truck bomb is likely to mutate into the era of the nuclear truck bomb. With a bunch of Muslims who instead of raging for death to a middle aged Brit schoolteacher because her class named a Teddy Bear Mohammed, instead blowing up New York, DC, Chicago because say Tom Tancredo said something they don't like.

Which to me says "war." Welcome to the modern, post-Cold War, globalized age. Of course none of the candidates will really address this, because the solutions are neither easy nor quick.

Martin said...

"SFG said...

This isn’t going to change unless and until some arch conservative billionaire buys his own cable TV news channel and major city newspaper. Rupert Murdoch? Fox is pretty conservative..."

He isn't conservative, and neither is FOX. Immigration restrictionists are always treated like lepers on FOX. Not surprising as Murdoch is from Australia, and has no allegiance to this country. It must be assumed that Murdoch's allegiance is only to his own power and dynastic prospects.

savvygoper said...

I really don't think that McCain has deep convictions on many issues, and thus he is more likely to be pushed in the direction which the electoral winds blow.