April 4, 2008

Murray Rothbard is to Lew Rockwell is to Ron Paul as ...

James H. Cone, creator of "black liberation theology," is to Jeremiah A. Wright is to Barack Obama. The analogy isn't perfect, but it's not at all bad.

But nobody in the white media takes black intellectuals seriously, so you are not supposed to care, either.

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Undercover Black Man said...

The flaw in your analogy is that Obama has never campaigned as a black nationalist... has never avowed black nationalism.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Dr. Cone is a very intelligent and thoughtful man. But current academic discourse seems to be so filled with formal requirements, conventions, and jargon that it doesn't let you do any actual thinking. Formal conventions are supposed to - I am convinced - make things more intelligible and clear. Professor of Systematic Philosophy... Huh? Academic-talk certainly has the effect of driving away those who can't be bothered to learn it, or who have a nagging suspicion that it really is completely full of it and who are often reminded that life is short. Much of academic-talk seems to be a way of making a commonplace idea that every last person has probably thought of sound new and important. I could cite examples but I'm too lazy.

But when something is so widespread and goes almost without comment, besides the offhand and really very futile-sounding call for readable humanities articles you come across now and then, I tend to think it is me and not them who's the problem.

Steve Sailer said...

But Cone and Wright aren't "black nationalists" in the Nation of Islam sense of wanting to have a separate black economy. Obama overtly rejected that model has being economically impractical. Rev. Wright, for example, didn't start his own gated golf course community for blacks, he bought into a heavily white one.

Instead, they want the white economy to continue to funnel funds to blacks, only more so. All the way with LBJ and then some!

Unknown said...


Not campaigning as something, or opening avowing it, is one thing. Advancing an agenda covertly is another. Although I think that having a spiritual association with Jeremiah Wright is way more than covert.

BTW, has anyone seen this article by Ryan Lizza in TNR? It's a year old and asserts that Wright was a former Muslim and black nationalist ..."

Copyeditors these days! I think that Lizza meant that Wright is a "black nationalist and former Muslim."

Has anyone followed this up?


Unknown said...

Now, here's a brutha who is unimpressed with Obama:


Maybe we can get Jamal and Ann Coulter together! Watch the sparks fly, and the love begin!

Anonymous said...

"But nobody in the white media takes black intellectuals seriously, so you are not supposed to care, either."

And with intellectuals like Cornel West, it's hard to fault them for it.

Anonymous said...

Starbucks is to coffee what Microsoft is to computers...

Eric Johnson is to guitar what Tiger Woods is to golf...

Hillary is to politics what Jack the Ripper was to the medical field...

Hey, this is fun!

Luke Lea said...

People could paint me as a socialist based on my family and where I went to school; or a welfare-state, pc liberal based on my wife and most of my friends. But of course they would be badly mistaken.

Same goes for Obama. He thinks for himself and takes a highly pragmatic approach. So what if social justice is high on his agenda? Do liberals and leftists have a corner on the market?

Anonymous said...

"Born Again Democrat said...

He thinks for himself and takes a highly pragmatic approach. So what if social justice is high on his agenda?"

Social justice usually means the taking of money from those who work in order to give it to those who don't. "Social Justice" would be better called "Injustice".

Unknown said...

Born again:

I hate to tell you this, but the Democratic Party is tearing itself apart over the most incendiary topic of all: race.

I read the prog-blogs. Most are pro-Obama; a few pro-Hillary. They are at each other's throats over race. I've never seen anything like it. The pro-Hillary bloggers are openly foaming at the mouth about "white guilt" - they sound like right-wingers and Reagan Democrats they used to sneer at!

Bob Somerby (Bob Somerby!) is tearing David Sirota a new asshole, for misquoting him about Hagee:


The pro-Hillary prog-bloggers are finally catching up to what Sailer was talking about weeks ago, with respect to relationship of percentage of black population and Obama wins.

Pretty soon the pro-Hillary wing will start tearing apart Obama's book. (Sailer and Ann Coulter have led the way.)

Oh wait, here's a prog-blogger, a former Kucinich and Obama supporter, who already has:


Politics is too unpredictable to make a prediction as to who will get the Dem. nomination. But I do predict this: if Obama gets the nomination, they will have to invent a new word for swift-boating. Warp-speed boating? This guy will be so torn to shreds, even an Obama-disliker like me will be embarassed. He will take a not-inconsiderable wing of the Democratic party with him.