April 3, 2008

Trade Press getting interested in AEY "small disadvantaged" story

Robert Brodsky and Elizabeth Newell write in Government Executive magazine:

No record of arms dealer's certification as disadvantaged business

A Miami-based defense contractor under investigation for delivering faulty munitions to Afghan security forces saw his business boom after being incorrectly labeled as a small disadvantaged business. [More]

And the news article has lots of the fun human interest details that my readers will be familiar with (like the grandfather's palimony suit and the family connection to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach), the facts that the MSM have been prissily avoiding reporting for fear of getting readers interested in the story.

According to Google News, this is the first time that the celebrity rabbi has been mentioned in a news report about the scandal since it flared up in the NYT a week ago. So far, however, nobody that Google News considers a new outlet has mentioned that main player Efraim Diveroli's mom was treasurer of a dubious Michael Jackson charity for ... children!

Pure comedy gold laying untouched on the sidewalk.

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Anonymous said...


You should email the authors and ask if they used your blog as a reference or source. It seems *obvious* to me that they did.

Steve Sailer said...

Shhhhhhh ....

Anonymous said...

AEY and NATO expansion tie into each other in an oblique way. Perhaps opponents of NATO expansion can do their best to highlight the corruption of Albania and the Gerdec explosion.


Anonymous said...

Steve your cover of this story was both complete and very funny! I really enjoyed it. I cannot imagine anybody else doing a better job.

Leaving aside the obvious ethnic bias at the NYT, and their ludicrous scheme of suppressing anything Jewish lest it lead to another Holocaust, this time in the US; I think the deal with suppressing the interesting detail in this type of story is that it is really embarrassing to be associated with these kind of people, especially if you are so ethnically conscious as Jews seem to be.

AmericanGoy said...

My one true love (she doesn't know this yet, natch) Lindsay has done the investigating work on this story.

Her blog:

Anonymous said...

McMafia: Crime Without Frontiers
by Misha Glenny

A photograph in this book shows three men in swimming costumes at some resort. They are all capaciously built - two of them have pronounced breasts - and they swagger with power and arrogance. Around their necks they sport chains of bling, so massive they would shame even the most extravagant rapper. The caption reads: 'Bulgaria's nascent capitalist class gathers for its annual general meeting.' [...] The effects of the Russian organised crime boom have been experienced as far afield as Tel Aviv and New York, and all parts of Europe.


Robert Maxwell was big in Bulgaria. In Tel Aviv and New York too.

Anonymous said...

The last post noted "Robert Maxwell."
Strange, he went for the LAST SWIMM in the deep blue, something real fishy in the mix.
His daughter married a friend of mine, the Ex CEO of Critical Path, a high flyer in the go go days of the internet. Then, ka-boom, it all fell out the stock crashed from above $ 100/sh to below 2..IS it still on the Exchange like SAIC... who had a Director, the one the only Robert Gates, now officially known as the Secretary of Defense, Bush Admin. Oh, yes young David used to play golf with Billy Jeff Clinton, had a lear jet, a mega pad in Sun Valley...
Then, it all came crashing down, he was even written up in the MLP(Main Line Press, several pieces) on how he went from squat to big Bucks, back down to earth. By the way, Critical Path never showed any net profit.
If only, he had gone in the arms biz, and dealt in ak-47 ammo, his dad had worked for the U S Army. Who knows, the guy may be reading this, and like the Phoenix get back in the game, but it looks like the stuff in the Balkans is fraught with many land mines, and traps, and snares, and snake pits, and who knows, given the all still coming out. Oh, Yes, Robert Maxwell, THE BIG DIP...