June 23, 2008

The Derb on Obama's race

John Derbyshire outlines the advantages and disadvantages Barack Obama faces as a candidate due to his "story of race and inheritance."

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Anonymous said...

Is he assuming the Columbia rape-torture victim is white, or does he know? The only identifying feature I've read any journo note is that she has brown eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hoooo, boy, the race hustlers can be fired.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this article also mentioned how the media covered up the Knoxville and Wichita massacres. I'm pretty sure the Internets' days are numbered?

albertosaurus said...

The media has been covering up the murder of whites by blacks for a long time.

In San Francisco in the seventies the Nation of Islam ran a number of death squads that resulted in what were called the Zebra Murders. These Black Muslims killed from 16 to 71 white people. They shot politicians and other public figures but mostly they preyed on hitch hikers and other white people alone on lonely streets. They killed for purely racial reasons.

TV, radio and books talk about the Zodiac killings in SF. But the much moesignificant Zebra killings are almost forgotten.

There has never been an authenticated case of a black man lynched by whites in California. Yet today the popular impression in San Francisco is that blacks not whites have been the victims of organized racial violence.

Anonymous said...

With regard to the Wichita and Knoxville crimes, his point is that had whites committed these acts against blacks, it would be "news" for 50 years, and probably a catalyst for all sorts of pseudo-reparations and Thought Crime re-education.

Young fogey emeritus said...

The Derb nails it except on the reactions to Obama's exotic way of being black.

I go farther and say, as has been said here, he's not black at all but a white man who thanks to his father's DNA (Obama Snr's only contribution to his life) happens to look like one of our black men.

(If his father raised him, as I assumed when I first heard of Obama and his father's foreignness, he probably still wouldn't be black in an American sense, which is what I thought back then.)

Thanks to his liberal xenophile mother (who made him wannabe black) and perceived political advantage (building his power base in Chicago) he likes to put on the ghetto (the slight blackccent for example, and amazingly many people buy it) but no, he's not one of them.

I agree with the Derb this is a negative among blacks who I imagine still pick up on it despite Obama's act (the black vote isn't big enough to decide an election.)...

...but I maintain it's an advantage to get the white votes he now needs. It bags him both the undecided white voters AND the guilty, self-conscious liberal whites who are really voting for one of their own kind but won't admit it.

If he were George Obama or Barack Washington forget it!

Anonymous said...

Derb takes a little shot at Steves "bitch",Steven Levitt,for calling the Bradley Effect the Dinkins Effect. Poor Steven cant catch a break.Derb is right on in saying that whites resent the white elite with a passion,and his examples of their covering up black crime and the deeply intelligence-insulting tripe about "whats wrong with 'us' " when some Non-us people screw up,are trenchant! (I like saying 'trenchant')I would love to see the 'proper' news media investigate our troubled education stats--"We're 15th in THIS, and 27th in THAT,God help US!" Break it down by race. That should happen soon! :) But are these sentiments widespread or only confined to the internet types? Obamania got him the nomination,but he will not be elected unless he sustains a much more realistic,and I dare say masculine,image. Tho the idiotic comments from McCains camp about terrorist attacks helping McCain are a godsend to our tall skinny jug eared Savior!!

Anonymous said...

Derb reads Karen Armstrong's books.

For me, that in itself marks him as naive, with the tendency of many technocrats - to miss seeing the obvious forest while examining all those lovely trees and leaves.

michael farris said...

"I go farther and say, as has been said here, he's not black at all but a white man who thanks to his father's DNA ...happens to look like one of our black men."

I keep saying, he's an internal expat.

His relationship to the US black community (a unique cultural and linguistic group) is not unlike Americans who get sent to some (esp European) country, develop ties and never quite make it back to the US except for short trips. He's a male Bricktop or Josephine Baker (except his field is politics and not one of the more honest fields of entertainment).

Anonymous said...

"Obamania got him the nomination..."

Good god,have they even brainwashed a clear thinker? He did "get" the nomination. The press declared he had it. The nomination occurs in August and nobody has it yet.
This year, expect the unexpected.

Anonymous said...

zvgamqYet another crappy "think piece" by Derb. He offers no data or objective evidence to support any of his various points -- so much for his alleged "scientific" frame of mind -- and then concludes that Obama's blackness will "net-net" (what a pretentious phrase) be a plus for him in the election.


The Democratic primaries demonstrated clear as day that most white voters, other than highly educated intellectuals and guilt-ridden political activitists, do not like Obama. Why? Because they recognize he is *not* one of them. Not only is he black, but he subscribes to a black racialist worldview that most white Americans (even liberals) find anathema to their vision of this country. Given that the alternative is an easy-to-swallow Republican like McCain, and there will be a huge shift towards McCain among white voters that will easily offset whatever blip Obama causes in black and student voting turnout.

Oh, and after Obama loses, we will be lectured ad nauseum about how "racist" we (whites) are. And white voters know this. It only will piss them off even more. Derb underestimates how many whites want to give a big "F-U" to black Americans and the liberal elites who constantly lionize the worst elements of our society.

After all, look at how much race-related talk goes on now across the Internet. There is a huge reservoir of white resentment at blacks that will make it felt this November, when whites decide that Obama is not good enough to become president.

You read it here, folks.

Republican Patriot

Anonymous said...

I suspect the Derb is being ironic when he says that "other countries will admire us for electing a black president." Of course, the people who don't matter will admire us--European leftists, Canadians, and Africans--but I don't think the Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Indians, or Arabs will. They'll just see it as a dramatic step on our long trek to Third Worldism. It's a sign of weakness and they know it. We no longer operate as a serious enterprise, we're all about poses and drama.