June 23, 2008

The Most Dangerous Woman in America is ...

... Melinda Gates, one-time boss of Microsoft Bob. To polish his public image, her monopolist husband Bill, a notorious IQ elitist in his hiring practices, has given her tens of billions with which to play Politically Correct Social Engineerette. Here's an interview with her on NPR, "Melinda Gates Calls for More Emphasis on Education:"
Can we reasonably expect 100 percent of high school students to become college students?

Yes, I think we can. And, in fact, I'm here today in the Chicago school district visiting with students – huge number of Latinos and African-American populations, and guess what? I'm in schools where 95 to 98 percent of these kids are going on to college, and it's because they started freshman year with teachers who believe in them and said, 'These kids can do it.' And maybe they are not coming in with the right reading or math skills, but we are going to bring them up, and we are going to have high expectations of them. And guess what? Those kids are succeeding, and those kids are getting into college.

That would be a dramatic increase of the share of high school students, if 100 percent went on to college. I mean, you would be effecting an enormous social change if you could reach –

Correct, and that is the idea.

How many years do you think it would take to achieve that particular –

I think it is going to take us quite a while. I think that this is a long-term effort and I think it's one that the foundation is going to be at for a very long time. But it ought to be our goal as a nation. We shouldn't let this number of students drop out. I think it's a moral crisis that we're failing students this way.

A reader comments:

Maybe Bill and Melinda should instead donate the $$ to Microsoft so it can make an operating system that works better than Vista!!

Seriously, though, this woman is trying to do serious harm to children, to prevent many decent kids from graduating from high school just because they aren't smart enough for the University of California. You may think she's just wasting her husbands ill-gotten profits, but the Gates Foundation is actively up to no good. The Gates Foundation was the main driver behind the Los Angeles school district, the nation's second largest,outsourcing its high school graduation requirements planning to the elite University of California, which only allows in high students who have passed its rigorous "A-G" curriculum of required courses.

A 2005 press release from the Gates Foundation trumpeted:

"In June, the LAUSD board approved a plan requiring all high school students beginning with the class of 2008 to complete a 15-course series, known as the A-G Curriculum, in order to graduate. This is the same requirement for admission to the University of California and California State University systems."

The new A-G Curriculum requirement will mandate two years of foreign language (i.e., Spanish, as instruction in other languages are being phased out in LA).

Obviously, this is intended as a gift to Hispanic immigrants. But it will be another cross to bear for African-Americans, who have never shown much enthusiasm for learning Spanish.

Worse, every public high school student in LA will have to pass not just Algebra I and Geometry to graduate, but also Algebra II.

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Anonymous said...

Tired of software engineering? Try social engineering! It's so challenging that virtually everybody fails!

Anonymous said...

Just saw the HBo doc abot Douglass High in Baltimore- 1% of their students passed the no child left behind math requirement....and they rounded up.

agnostic said...

Too bad Bill didn't bag himself a trophy wife -- a hot chick would never talk that kind of nonsense now. At worst she would mouth the platitudes when questioned, but wouldn't launch a 10 billion-dollar campaign.

Makes you long for the days when the wives of powerful men were seen and not heard.

Anonymous said...

Melinda was responsible for the product most commonly considered the greatest failure in the history of software:


Anonymous said...

Her intentions (to overeducate people for whom education is not really the correct path) are bad, but her methods are so inept that they will actually achieve the opposite goal by causing people who don't really belong in school to drop out earlier and do some productive work. Isn't that a good thing?

Why do you implicitly assume that it's a bad thing that these kids drop out of high school? Does the world really need more high school essays about The Great Gatsby written by semi-illiterates more than it needs more hamburgers and fries?

If I had a gazillion dollars to spend on improving education, I'd try to come up with some alternative to high school that wouldn't waste so much time and energy but would convey the same message to potential employers - that the holder of this credential is not a complete screw-up - that a high school diploma conveys now, at the cost of wasting 4 years of what could have been useful labor by people who are not academically inclined. Same thing for bachelor's degrees of the sort that don't actually train people to do something useful and are only intended to allow lazy HR departments to weed out people who don't have their stuff together.

Anonymous said...

@ c23:

I've been preaching these ideas (almost verbatim) to those around for me for years. People usually are astonished by what I'm saying and can't wrap their head around an idea that is so unabashedly un-PC.

Anonymous said...

My 2-cents: Two key words in our modern situation is "infantilization" and "effeminization." Neither of which is random.

This may really have to do with the fact that Melinda is a, uhm... girl.

Fred has a new "Freddical" column on the male-female disparity:


Bob, of course, is proof-positive of the oestrogen poisoning we get when we let "wymmyn" run the world.

In contrast, check out Unix creators' new offering (new = has been out 8 years now) called "Plan 9." (Yes, the name *was* inspired by the cult sci-fi movie.) Check the starck contrast -- the "aching" beauty and austerity of the latter.


But, as all good people, we know that biological determinism
is "pseudoscience," right?


Anonymous said...

Bill Gates is leaving Microsoft at exactly the right time. Google's cloud computing concept is probably about to make Microsoft's old-style shrink-wrapped software obsolete. Gates' legacy will be that he was able to monopolize PC software for about two and a half decades, thus making himself the richest man on earth. But if he intends to spend his remaining years trying to pursue this educational/human alchemy, he'll wind up looking like one of the silliest. His billions would be better spent pursuing genetic engineering.

Anonymous said...

"And guess what?" "And guess what?" Is she 16 years old, or a bit immature?

Anonymous said...

I met a guy who works for the Gates foundation. It's a better job than teaching at a public school, which was his previous gig. The goal is absolute racial equality. Seriously. Other private schools and foundations pay lip service to this, but don't really try to put it into practice.

But Melinda spends all her time with the tea and crumpet set in Medina and Laurelhurst. These people don't even drive to each other's houses -- they just cruise their yachts across the lake. Talk about insulation!

Some years back, I paddled a canoe along the shore of Mercer Island, which is where Paul Allen lives. It was a scene straight out of The Great Gatsby. As I silently paddled past 200 foot docks and the gleaming hulls of giant yachts, I felt as small as a mouse. Looming mansions all full of emptiness peered at me from across acres of lawn. It truly is another world these people inhabit.

Anonymous said...

If LA mandates that algebra II be passed as well as two years of a foreign language, you will have TONS of drop outs. I dont know if Melinda is wanting drop outs for more cheap labor being produced domestically, or for more sinister reasons (wanting to see them fail at life period by being high school drop outs-barely employable and headed for prisons, reducing their family formation to nil over a couple of generations), or if she is actually idealistic enough to think that a large percentage of these kids could pass Algebra II (trust me, they can't), but denying them high school diplomas will hurt the boys who could have otherwise gotten jobs changing oil, servicing washing machines, working in factories, learning how to weld, etc.

Young fogey emeritus said...

Always wondered who was to blame for Microsoft Bob. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My favorite anecdote about Melinda is that when she was getting her MBA at Duke, she "happened" to end up dating the wealthiest guy in her class, who bought her, among other things, a BMW convertible.

Say what you want about her, but she is a high achievement gold digger.

Anonymous said...

Agnostic, you know, and I am serious here, that if he bagged a trophy wife, that

1.) His immense intellect would grow bored of her REAL fast, and
2.) She would spend 10 Billion on the North Shore Animal Fund, or the "Save the Pandas" campaign or some other "Puppies are Cute" cause.

All in all, he probably did all right with this one. Actually, he probably wants his legacy to be this do-goodery baloney.

Anonymous said...

Why do you implicitly assume that it's a bad thing that these kids drop out of high school?

More inner city youths in high school = less street crime on week days.

Black Sea said...

What can you expect from a Duke graduate?

Oh, and uh . . . isn't she married to a drop out?

Anonymous said...

In the meantime, try to get a plumber to come to your house.

Anonymous said...

Saying that one is too dumb for college so we're going to throw you out and let you perform "useful labor" sounds like something out of Victorian England,rather than the good old US of A. Tho I agree completely with your assessment of the lovely Melinda,or Melissa or whatever it is.(imagine poor Bill going home to THAT every night!) People who feel their kids are fated to be bum-rushed by smarter kids--like African Ams(From my experienece,Mexicans seem indifferent to education;I will occasionally take a bus that takes latin kids to the local HS,a very tough pred jewish school,and its as if theyre on their way to a funeral.Quiet,somber,resigned. Now a busload of black kids--as I have had the scarey occasion to be on,they will blast your eardrums...Tho in Chicago the latins are more politicized and will scream to the heavens about getting a new school built,or firing the (usually) black principal they dont like)--people like that,who feel outclassed,want to feel an effort is being made to drum some education into their kids. Blacks have resisted the vocational type track many times,demanding college prep type studies;its the Booker T. Washington vs W.E.B. Dubois,an argument that is a permanent aspect of black society.

Anonymous said...

What gets me is that it's like special education students don't even exist. And if you admit that mentally disabled high school students exist, might not one realize that a whole spectrum of intellectual capabilities exist? And might not one realize that for some students, it's great if you can get them to read and add one-digit numbers... and also that some students may top out at reading simple novels and doing simple arithmetic with a calculator?

I have quite a few family members who have worked with the moderately to severely mentally disabled, and while it's been found that they can do better than one had thought, no one is so delusional as to think college is appropriate for them. And if it's so clear for them, it should be clear that there are other groups of not-so-disabled people for which college is inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

That Melinda is a woman is a moot point, because HER HUSBAND (a man, unless someone has evidence to the contrary) is a raging liberal wacko, too.

An aside: Maybe if males practiced a little bit more assortative mating instead of going for the pussy only, they wouldn't have problems with girlfriends who do the opposite of what they'd like them to do. But, hey, Bill doesn't appear to have that problem.

Leonard said...

If I had a gazillion dollars to spend on improving education, I'd try to come up with some alternative to high school that wouldn't waste so much time and energy but would convey the same message to potential employers

You mean an IQ test? Sorry, no can do -- they are biased racially because blacks score lower on them than whites do, and therefore you cannot use them according to the Supreme Court. Perhaps you could spend your gazillion dollars on politics to try to get that changed?

Anything that's not an IQ test is going to be gamed, insofar as anything valuable rides on it. So you may as well just make it an IQ test.

Chip said...


I know you don't have cable, but you should really make a point of seeing (and writing about) the above-mentioned documentary, ("Hard Times at Douglass High," I believe). It's a sad and telling indictment of NCLB and the blindly conceited assumptions being pushed by Ms. Gates. I missed the first half-hour, but one thing I noticed was the apparent absence of any vocational classes in the entire high school carriculum. Students are simply coralled into a dead-end.

Anonymous said...

So what's the race realists' explanation for why 98% of black and Hispanic kids are graduating from these Chicago schools?

Anonymous said...

Commenters (and Steve) are missing some important points here.

Yes, what she's doing is "social engineering", but so is "tracking". I remember how livid the educational "right" got in Minnesota when Al Gore's Goals 2000 came to town as "Profiles in Learning". It was going to destroy middle-class prairie schooling with blue- and white-collar tracks. Yet a poster on another blog told me that such was normal down in Louisiana. Lemme get this right... Louisiana is more amenable to Prussian ideas than Minnesota? When did that start?

If anyone thinks two years of a foreign language is an onerous requirement for high-school graduation, that goes to show how far our standards have sunk after two hundred years of progressivism in education. No one but the retarded should get out of grade school without two or three years of Latin, followed by modern languages.

I'm willing to wager that German plumbers and trashmen are handier with foreign languages than are U.S. grad students.

Anonymous said...

Anon, Fred misses the central point on the differences between the sexes.

Woman are willing, though not enthused about it, to share a single dominant man with other women. See: Stanley Ann Dunham and her polygamous marriage with Barack Sr.

Men are not willing to share women with other men. They generally get violent and weapons (and better weapons) are the equalizer for this. Even the most physically dominant man can be killed by a lesser man with better weapons and ambush tactics. Men are "violent" because they're in competition with each other for women for reproduction.

This is why men want and need elaborate social structures to keep competition for women managed, restricted, within "rules" and why women want the rules gone (so they can have the dominant man or switch to a more dominant one without penalty).

I find it somewhat interesting that the "best" Gates could do was Melinda. Despite all his brains, social power based on fabulous wealth, women didn't seem that interested in Gates given his trade-off of lower testosterone and higher intelligence. [Of course higher intelligence just means that the beta type male has more brainpower to figure out ambush strategies to take out the Alpha males if the "rules" go overboard.]

Anonymous said...

I'm in schools where 95 to 98 percent of these kids are going on to college,...

I doubt it.

But in this article about Gates grants says -
The graduation rate over the last three years at Perspectives was 100 percent, with 93 percent going on to college.

Yet greatschools.net gives Perspectives a 3 out of 10 rating (it's below state average on all or most testing).

So what's the scam? Colleges that admit everyone, fake colleges, or what?

Anonymous said...

An interesting question, EN. Is Bill Gates socially retarded, or just not interested in having a hot wife? Gotta be one or the other, or both. My guess is he didn't want a hot wife that badly.

I suppose low testosterone doesn't just limit your choices, it limits your desires too.

Anonymous said...

Well, to be fair, some of her health-related work overseas has been pretty impressive.

Dan Kurt said...

re: " svigor said...
An interesting question, EN. Is Bill Gates socially retarded, or just not interested in having a hot wife? Gotta be one or the other, or both. My guess is he didn't want a hot wife that badly."

Gates has been quoted as saying he wanted to marry and have kids with a woman who had an IQ close to his. I suspect he found what he wanted. He has three children by her: two girls and a boy. Time will tell if he has succeeded in having really smart offsprings.

Anonymous said...


OK, agreed on your observations. Very lucidly put, indeed. Perhaps Fred is being a tad too diplomatic.

However, your words and his put together somehow (faintly) resonated.

- Women, being super status conscious, want safety in their environment in order not to find themselves in challenging situations which may cause losing face and being disqualified from the competition for the alphas. This may be why a much larger number of women are egalitarian since egalitarianism is poor man's competitiveness.

But their quest for safety also mashes up with their drive to spot and latch unto alphas since, being the weaker sex, they instinctively feel dependent on the protection alphas can provide.

So, although they instinctively hate the male quest to find stability, to minimize violence -- which means even the poorest guy having a shot at finding a mate -- they also seek safety for their own status and as a measure for assessing a male's alphaness (or "alpha-ity"... "alpha-tude"... the bloody word refuses to be converted to a noun). The more alpha you are, the more confident you are of your prowess and the less insecure and, hence, gentlemanly towards women. (Kindness for a male is expensive, so only those cock-sure of themselves can afford it. In the case of the weaker males, it turns into a manipulative strategy women find repulsive.) Safety is not a solely male concern.

- Men, on the other hand, need safety due to the fact that inter-male competition is ruthless. But that competitiveness is also destabilizing since males have a need to learn to cooperate and be able to hunt or wage war together. Which is why the majority of men find it in very bad taste for another male to gloat the failure of another male in finding a spouse, or losing one. They can emphatize very strongly with the loser. (A typical male T-shirt slogan I saw yesterday said "The 2nd Place Is The 1st Loser," and it hit me why most men inherently know what it means to be a loser.)

The paradoxical thing is, they also know that without some show-off and display of prowess and stamina, males have little chance of attracting females. Which is why they also try to create situations where even the males women normally despise may get a chance of proving his worth -- in however minor a way that may be. It is mostly males who find it outrageous, for instance, that, in the current atmosphere of madness created by uncontrolled massive immigration, their cousins who are not very bright are losing the only jobs they may have. Again, because they know the risks of competition much more acutely, and therefore can empathize.

I think in some way this combines your insights and Fred's -- hopefully.

(See, I'm trying to be a sport towards both you and Fred. Don't ruin it :)


Anonymous said...

Melinda French is an attractive woman. She may not be a super model, but the idea that every wealthy man wants to date and divorce a series of fashion models and actresses isn't accurate.

Regarding Testing99's point about women being willing to share a powerful man, Melinda French actually does share Bill Gates with another woman. Once a year, Gates spends a long weekend on the East Coast with a former friend/girl friend, but I don't think there's anything sexual going on there (from what I've heard). It's more of an intellectual thing. I forget the details, but you can look it up.

As for Melinda's motivation with the charity, never assume malice when simple ignorance will do. She probably hasn't had much contact with the lumpen proles, and just assumes everyone is a college education away from a good job at a software company. Meanwhile, if she is like other lefties, she's against expanding offshore drilling, which would create lots of high-paying blue collar jobs.

Also, don't forget: The Gates foundation isn't just powered by the money of the richest man in America, but also the second richest -- Warren Buffett has pledged to transfer most of his wealth to the foundation, and has already started doing so.


agnostic said...

if he bagged a trophy wife, that

1.) His immense intellect would grow bored of her REAL fast,

He shouldn't be so selfish -- he should think of the children, all the beautiful children whose lives will be ruined by Melinda. The trophy wife wouldn't have harmed them.

2.) She would spend 10 Billion on the North Shore Animal Fund, or the "Save the Pandas" campaign or some other "Puppies are Cute" cause.

And meanwhile society doesn't go down the shitter as a result.

Sorry, but in any other context, we would call a spade a spade -- this woman is like the wealthy mad scientist who everybody freaks out about when the goals are conservative.

We're so concerned with appeasing feminists nowadays that we value leftist mad scientists more than harmless trophy wives.

Anonymous said...

If Bill Gates--whose taste in, and ability with, women is being called into question--were to take a Pick Up Artist course,say the Mystery method(nope,dont pretend you dont know what that is:) )with his intellect and fierce nerd drive,wouldnyt he end up with Giselle Bundchen? I wonder...

Anonymous said...

"say the Mystery method"

Dont know what it is and dont care to know what it is. It is exhausting keeping up with marketing tricks conjured up by modern PT Barnums.

kurt9 said...

Bill Gates is well aware of his reputation as a geek. He set up and is using his foundation to overcome his public image as a geek. This is the reason why, despite his previous obsession with cognitive ability while building MS in the 80's and 90's, he is promoting all of the PC social engineering stuff today. This is probably the reason why he married Malinda as well.

You see, obsession with IQ in any context is an aspect of his former geek self, something he seeks to overcome. So, of course his foundation is going to do all of the standard PC stuff rather than anything truly innovative to solve social problems.

Anonymous said...

Warren Buffet is part of this too? What's with these WASPs trying to destroy American society? I thought that was the job of the Jews.

Rich Jews are endowing universities and hospitals in their parents' names and rich WASPs are trying to create more black and Hispanic dropouts?

Anyone? Bueller? Svigor?


Anonymous said...

So what's the race realists' explanation for why 98% of black and Hispanic kids are graduating from these Chicago schools?

Name those schools and we will give you the answers.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Bill didn't bag himself a trophy wife -- a hot chick would never talk that kind of nonsense now.

Doubt it - it's no longer politically correct to "just" be a trophy wife married to rich guy, especially if the guy is in a "serious" field & known for his brains, then it's just embarrassing - a hot chick married to Gates & thus surrounded by his social circle of aggressively brilliant & credentialed people would feel the need to prove she's not "just" a pretty face - she's smart and capable and she's going to show you all!

Hot women painfully aware of their lack of accomplishments who want to be respected for their brains/talents can be pretty dangerous, given enough money to play with.

Melinda French is an attractive woman. She may not be a super model, but the idea that every wealthy man wants to date and divorce a series of fashion models and actresses isn't accurate.

Has anyone here ever taken a look at those perennial "wives of the super rich guys" articles? The most startling revelation, for me at least, is that a lot of these dudes are not married to women could pass for models; most hovering around a 7 or just moderately attractive women like Melinda (and I'm talking here about guys who married after the money showed up) The exception was actors, who tended to marry hotter women (i.e. other actors).

Anonymous said...

I don't see what's the big deal if stupid kids are unable to get a high school diploma. A HS diploma ought to mean that you've mastered high school material.

Whiskey said...

JD powerful insight. Much appreciated.

It's kind of surprising though, that Gates did not attract the attention of say, various hot actresses realizing their career was not going to happen, or the hot athlete-model type, with some modicum of fame, like Gabrielle Reese types, or so on.

Such a woman would not need to prove anything since she's sufficiently exotic and accomplished. Meanwhile Melinda French Gates is obviously just the boss's wife, Microsoft Bob is hardly a career builder.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Chicago schools report card; Google Illinois school report cards and click on report cards on the web page. Notice the dismal results of the schools, especially Perspectives. No one in the top quartile and average ACT score is 17. Maybe all the students are going to the local Junior colleges where everyone who graduates high school is accepted. Also, some of the local four year colleges accept all high school graduates graduates.

Anonymous said...

josh said:>Saying that one is too dumb for college so we're going to throw you out and let you perform "useful labor" sounds like something out of Victorian England,rather than the good old US of A.

That's because Victorian England was not yet wealthy enough to be able to afford to indulge in the delusions held by the good and the great today.

I'm not talking about working people to death in coal mines, I'm talking about taking people who won't benefit from further schooling and putting them to work. Flipping burgers is more fun and better paying than doing makework in school.

leonard said:
>You mean an IQ test? Sorry, no can do -- they are biased racially because blacks score lower on them than whites do, and therefore you cannot use them according to the Supreme Court. Perhaps you could spend your gazillion dollars on politics to try to get that changed?

No, a high IQ is not always necessary and never sufficient. At my last job, the coworker who I would guess had the the highest IQ sat around reading Fark all day until he was fired. I'd rather hire a hardworking person with an IQ of 90. This guy would never make it through college, and eliminating people like that is part of the point of requiring college degrees.

But you're probably right that, whatever it is that employers look for, it will turn out not be uniformly distributed by ethnic group, and any test for it will therefore be verboten.

Anonymous said...

Melinda is another high IQ elitist. She was valedictorian of her class at Ursuline High here in Dallas. A family member used to work with her father. Her father is a defense engineer here in
Dallas. Her math aptitude probably came from him.

In her opening remarks for the Millenium Scholars program she spoke of those who had faced "racism" and "sexism" in their lives. Odd that should say this as she never faced either of the two.

She grew up in a lily white, upper middle neighborhood here in Dallas. I used to socialize with some of her high school classmates. They too lived in such neighborhoods. Her high school graduating class only had two or perhaps three blacks. I know this as I attended the tenth reunion of her senior class, and met one of her black classmates.

Betcha Bill's desire to "help" others less fortunate probably has much to do with Melinda's Roman Catholic upbringing.

PS: Anyone have the racial makeup of Microsoft's workforce?

Cyd said...

Chaim said...

Warren Buffet is part of this too? What's with these WASPs trying to destroy American society? I thought that was the job of the Jews.

Rich Jews are endowing universities and hospitals in their parents' names and rich WASPs are trying to create more black and Hispanic dropouts?

Anyone? Bueller? Svigor?

Come on, Chaim. You aren't being serious, are you? Look what your boys did to Mel Gibson for simply speaking the truth with a BAC of over 0.1, fer chrissake! If Warren and Bill could gobble up all the air and print media, then we'd have a rootin' tootin' good ole truth tellin'. Shy of that, you'll find rich stupid WASPs doing all sorts of crazy things in the name of atonement.

More importantly, as others have stated above, why do we need 100% university matriculation rate? This seems too Romanesque to me, with everyone an emperor and no peasants.

Anonymous said...

It's really depressing that people who have attained such phenomenal financial success are often so stupid about real-world issues. Makes you want to ask, "If you're so rich, why ain't you smart?"

A fantastic amount of good could be done with so much money applied to problems that have actual solutions. The old-school "robber barons" built hospitals, universities, and funded art museums and research libraries. These were great contributions to the nation.

Bill Gates wants to throw his money at the problems of Africa and America' inner cities. Twenty years from now, he will have no lasting accomplishment to show for it and his effort will be a forgotten embarrassment. What a waste. To spend the first half of his life as a cutthroat businessman, and then spend the second half chasing rainbows in cloud cuckoo land. What a sad, sad, joke.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of surprising though, that Gates did not attract the attention of say, various hot actresses realizing their career was not going to happen, or the hot athlete-model type, with some modicum of fame, like Gabrielle Reese types, or so on.

Well, the choice is this - a) one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world could not attract even one hot woman to marry or b) he specifically chose Melinda Gates for whatever reason & amazingly enough, even finds her attractive - he'd hardly be the first, as it is well known that Melinda Gates has always dated out of her league. No one at Duke was surprised to hear she's married Gates. Quite frankly, a) strikes me as the most implausible option here.

His pre-marriage roster of girlfriends indicates that he's into brainy, educated, math/tech oriented women - his marriage to a computer science/econ grad who, from what I hear at Duke had an appealing personality and was widely well-liked, and seems to have provided a stable home life for Gates & their kids hardly strikes me as a shocking turn of events. I know we're all evo-bio nerds here but real life shows us that people's decisions re: who they marry are influenced by many factors, not just "Does she look like Giselle Bundchen?"

MensaRefugee said...

I remember reading an anecdote on the net, perhaps in Steve Sailer itself..

One guy (the poster) was talking with a female liberal type classmate of his. The conversation was about the latest upliftment program for minorities in their High School...

Her take was enthusiastic and joyful. He nodded along and said matter of factly "You know, its not going to work". To which she replied with a slightly anguished look "I know, but we have to try..."

I could give anecdotes from my own life, but that more or less sums it up. Women, by and large, arent really built to face reality - even if they were the same IQ - their interests and mental biases arent really useful in the real world. Think of what would happen if all the high IQ engineers (overwhelmingly male-dominated) disappeared tomorrow. In 5 years we will be back on farms.

Now contrast that with what will happen if all the high IQ child psychologists (overwhelmingly female-dominated) disappeared tomorrow.

Absolutely nothing would happen.

To use the tired rut thinking of evolution - women make babies. Men make the rest of the world. In a healthy (or at least a libertarian and fair) society - this leads, largely, to men leading and controlling the world. In a diseased society - women are 'equals' - and what we see around us, and Melinda Gates, and our political situation et al is the result.

Note that my point is not that women should be necessarily oppressed, Id be just as happy under a tough headed Margaret Thatcher as President as a Ronald Reagan - but that people should not have their status elevated beyond their usefulness. Hell, women dont even make babies anymore, their prime function - Evolutionarily or socially - thats a dead end, and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

This is laughable sh!t. I would laugh harder but billions are being squandered. Give me 50 million to disperse and I will fund better projects than Gates will with 50 billion

Melinda and Bill are very high IQ. Their children (three) will lack for nothing so lets see how they tum out


Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that Warren Buffet is chucking his fifty billion into the Gates stew pot too. Buffet will leave his children a few million and the rest goes to Melinda's schemes.

I prefer what they do in the Orient which is set up a business as family dynasty. The money stays in the family because the business stays in the family. So you don't blow it in dumb foundations. Everyone knows that foundations set up by the most hyper capitalist (Ford, Rockefeller) get run by lefty do gooders. With Bill Gates and Buffet they made it happen within their lifetimes and the lefty do gooder "is family"


Anonymous said...

It's bad enough to be filling in valleys instead of heightening mountains.

But when many of those valleys are bottomless pits...

Throwing and pushing blacks and whites together has certainly created amazing neuroses. For example, the entire officialdom (and highest poo-bahs) of the white race are bent on turning blacks into whites No Matter What. Never mind the incredible destruction this futile and embarrassing project wreaks on either race. "Our" highest conception of morality hinges on DOING IT, PERIOD.

Didn't Pat Buchanan show recently that 40 trillion dollars have been spent since the Sixties on social engineering programs both open and hidden, most of the money going to non-whites in order to "lift them up" (i.e. turn them white)?

If Mrs. Gates thinks the down are still trodden (and she does), then she must think the following, along with Warren Buffett et al.: "Forty trillion wasn't enough...but MY -x- billions will do the trick!"

Actually, I don't think these fools think at all. Their so-called idealism is a neurosis, a religious fanaticism proceeding from a blind or coerced embrace (Stockholm Syndrome?) of basic factual error. We begin to see the psychological reality of the creatures who burned folks at the stake and felt serenely righteous about it.

Reality? Doesn't matter. 40 billion, 40 trillion, 400000 googleplex - "whatever it takes."

Glassy eyes and lunatic compulsion of tilting at windmills never struck me as "noble" or "idealistic" - just the opposite.

The image of Thelma and Louise flooring it and sailing right off the cliff...

Crazy white people!

Anonymous said...

david davenport:

This effect is offset by the fact that the would-be dropouts are instead committing crimes in school, making learning impossible for the other kids.

Anonymous said...

Surely the Gates believe that what they're funding is going to have a positive impact. I doubt Melinda Gates believes everyone is going to benefit from college, so she probably has worked out that saying that sort of thing is one part of the larger thing she's trying to do for education.

My guess is that the Gates think that better funding and guidance could lead to substantially better school performance among NAMs, and maybe close the performance gap. Yes, this has been tried many times, but maybe this time will be different. Even if they see this as a longshot, they may think it's worth the attempt; finding some way to close the performance gap other than by bringing down the performance of whites and Asians would make the future of the country much brighter.

Another possibility is that they're IQ elitists who see smart people as "us" and everyone else as "them." (I admit I have to struggle not to do this.) In that case, maybe they're quite willing to see the majority of low-IQ students in these schools suffer through being quizzed on Jane Eyre and the quadratic equation, in order to catch the occasional kid with a high IQ, who will benefit from this and end up going to college and making something of himself.

Still another possibility is that they think that the part of US education involving low-IQ students is a lost cause, but that by doing this PC dumping of money into a sewer, they will deflect criticism about other, more elitist or non-PC stuff they also intend to do.

Anonymous said...

"Women, by and large, arent really built to face reality - even if they were the same IQ - their interests and mental biases arent really useful in the real world."

Change "women" to "liberals" and I would agree with you. The fact that many women tend to be liberals is an extension of their former function as mothers, the belief that their children can achieve anything they want makes for a loving, optimistic, enthusiastic mom. So now that we aren't rearing 4 to 6 of our own anymore, the energies that were once channeled into the effort to raise our children gets diffused into feel good, do good liberal policies. Similarly, I think socialism is what's left of once nearly universal Christian faith in Western society.

As for Melinda, some people feel guilty for having too much money and will indulge in even the most misguided altruism in order to make themselves feel better. She's the poster child for the hypocritical whiter whites who cannot admit to themselves that the real reason they want everyone to have a college prep high school curriculum is b/c they believe anyone who isn't college material is inferior. Yet this belief conflicts with their religious/now political indoctrination so they must suppress it, the more elite the whiter white the more extreme the effort needed.

Anonymous said...

2nd Place Is The 1st Loser
-- anonymous, above

Not anymore. Now it's a comfortable "playoff berth", with home advantage until the next-to-last round.

(Except in soccer, where there's only one first place, and last place is kicked out of the league. Darwin lives!)

Anonymous said...

rate --

Everything you say about Gates and marriage is true, it would have been silly/insane for him to marry an Anna Nicole Smith. But what I find a little surprising is that he never even seemed to show any inclination to (as far as I know) even date any famous beauties. Look at Henry Kissinger. He was famous in the Seventies for serially dating a number of young Hollywood actresses before he married his horse-faced wife. Nowput yourself in gates' position. You're the richest man in the world. Wouldn't you at least be a little curious to see what it's like to pull down the panties of a Jaime Pressley or Uma Thurman or their ilk? No one's asking you to marry them.

Anonymous said...

The philanthropic prerogatives of the elite in the USA are yet one more reason why it really doesn't much matter whether wealth creation is done here or in, say, Taiwan.

Bill Gates has spent decades arguing that he "needs" the US to allow foreign software programmers to immigrate to the US, so that he can build his business here. And for what? So that they can remit what money they earn to their home countries? So that those who stay can price all the natives out of the real estate market? So that they can use their contacts in Silicon Valley, Redmond, and elsewhere to further help outsource jobs to China and India?

When Andrew Carnegie gave away his fortune to charity, he gave it mostly to places in the US - his money built 2500 libraries, 1700 in the USA and most of the rest in Anglosphere countries. He spent it in cities and towns he'd never lived in, visited, or even heard of.

When Americans get rich today they no longer give to people - certainly not average Americans - but to "causes." They're more likely to spend their money in Africa or Pakistan or in failed and forever failing schools in the inner city than in lower middle class (mostly white) neighborhoods where it might actually do some good.

So why care if a Microsoft or Google happens here or elsewhere? I'm not naive - I know we have some reason to care. But as cap gains taxes approach zero there is little reason to; and since money given to philanthropy doesn't get taxed at all, even as it exits the door to points foreign like South Africa, Zambia, and East LA, we have even less reason to care.

Andrew Carnegie was a hard-nosed businessman. But at least in his philanthropic endeavors he understood that you have to invest in your people. Whatever he did in acquiring his money, in spending it he showed that he actually valued and cared for Americans and their cultural values.

Modern philanthropists, OTOH, are abandoning the very people and very culture which have allowed them to thrive. America's schools have been turned into multiculturalist/self-esteem slums, and investing in a few miserable inner city schools with kids who mostly have no motivation whatsoever to learn is just plain stupid. Fix the schools in the middle, change the culture, reorient the culture to one that values thrift and hard work and innovation (yes, even traditional culture values that) and you'll go miles towards fixing what's wrong in this country - even in the inner city.

Anonymous said...

Gates'choice of Melinda may reflect liberal guilt: "don't marry a trophy wife, marry an ueber liberal feminist"

Melinda also gives Gates the right liberal, nerdish and pc credentials.

Because deep down, Gates is a ruthless businessman posing as a nerd.Let's face it: Gates is not a brainy nerd; he's just an ugly and accomplished salesman.

It takes more than ugliness and shyness to be a nerd. I doubt Gate's IQ is over 120.

Anonymous said...

"Look what your boys did to Mel Gibson for simply speaking the truth with a BAC of over 0.1, fer chrissake!"

The truth? That Jews start all the wars in the world? That was actually a pretty ignorant statement, since there are wars in all sorts of places with nary a Jew (e.g., Nigeria, Sudan, Kashmir, etc.). As for what "my boys" did to Mel Gibson, what was that, exactly? He seems to be doing just fine, despite his apparent masochistic drive.

"More importantly, as others have stated above, why do we need 100% university matriculation rate? "

Who said we did? But you don't need to have a high IQ to benefit from a rich Jew's donation to your local university's medical school; indigent patients at teaching hospitals are among the beneficiaries of this largess.


Mu'Min M. Bey said...

OK Gents, I've been reading along this the comments on this thread, and would like to toss my hat into the ring here.

First of all, I haven't properly introduced myself, so let me do so right now. My name is Mu'Min Bey, I'm an African American Muslim male in his 30s and I'm a lifelong Philadelphian. I also happen to be a Conservative, w/Blue Collar roots.

For the past few years, oh about 4 or 5, I've been reading Sailer's work, and consider myself something of a fan. I think he's brave to tackle topics and subjects that both sides of the racial and political divides simply will not touch, and I also admire Sailer for his ability to go at his own side when they go off the rails. The subjects he discusses are very important issues of major concern to all of us, as he continually proves.

I've been reading this blog of his for the past several months and only recently began posting my own thoughts. My impression is that many of you are highly intelligent, but also very bitter, some of which I can understand, but also I find to be sad.

More than most, if not all of you, I know the good and bad, about Black folks, and as well, about at least *some* Muslims. And unlike many fellow Blacks and Muslims, much of what I read here I take to be rooted more in ignorance and bitterness, again not totally unfounded.

I like hanging around people who are unlike myself in someway; this is how I challenge myself to grow. So I like the prospect of banging heads w/some of you, LOL! Let's see what we can learn.

Now, to the issue at hand...

The Gates Foundation has funded the building of a school here in Philly, its nicknamed "The School of the Future" or something like that. Students are issued notebook computers instead of books, etc. I cannot speak to the actual running and performance of the school, but it got and continues to get from time to time, press in the local dailies.

My own sense of the Gates plan is similar to Sailer's and many of you, in that it doesn't really compute for Gates to have kids do something that he himself did NOT do, which is go on to college. He and others, have proven that its very possible to have a very productive lives with little to no college education at all, *provided* one is pointed in the right direction per their natural aptitudes and abilities.

Here I think Booker T's ideas are very important, because as sensitive as this issue is for African Americans, the reality is that all Black kids, for whatever reason (and I for one DO think there's something to be said for the IQ gap between Blacks and Whites and don't feel particularly bothered by it, mainly do to reasons Sailer lays down in his Great Black Hopes article) simply will not go on to college, nor should many of them. College has been proven to be more a marketing, sports team farming and money making operation than anything that fosters a real education, except in the reletavely few technical areas. I think Black folk would be much better served to take heed to Booker T's advice and focus more energies on vo-tech fields which can yield practical results-meaningful, decent paying jobs for the rank and file Black kid, especially the males. Because of years of discrimination in terms of education, many Black folks, especially the upper classes, are downright hostile to the idea of vo-tech training for Blacks because they see it as a slight to Black Americans, especially if these views are espoused by Whites. But my concern is for Black folk to actually get ahead, not in assuaging Black angst.

My problem in the comments made by many of you here, is that many of you don't seem all that concerned w/finding real solutions to the very real problem of thousands, if not millions of Black males who are on a one way ticket to either the prison or the grave. One gets the impression that you are only interested in airing your disgust for Black folks (and Hispanics) in general, which is fine and your right to do but which I find to be counterproductive, especially seeing as how this is all coming from an obstensibly high IQ cohort.

As for Gates himself, and his mate selection process etc, as I said over on the other thread, it seems to me that the problem of you geeks is that for whatever reason, y'all haven't figured out how to woo the panties off enough women. I don't have an opinion about Mrs. Gates either way frankly, but what I DO think is that you guys need to put as much time into what I said on the other thread-actually upping your mate game-as you do in analyzing everything else, especially when it comes to the great American mating game.

OK, that's it. Holla back.

And glad to be here!


Anonymous said...

Steve your title is wrong. Melinda gates is not the most dangerous woman in america, she is the most dangerous woman in the world. All of her attempts at social engineering will be a disaster, especially from a humanitarian point of view. Look at Africa. The Gates' want to eradicate malaria and other diseases. The parents in Africa have untold childern that they let starve to death. Why should the Gates' compound the suffering by having more people survive to have more children that they won't take care of.

Mu'Min M. Bey said...

Just curious-how are you so certain that African parents *won't* take care of their kids? On what basis do you make this statement? Based on my personal interaction w/African parents, they seem to care very much for their kids. Please explain, sir?



Anonymous said...

"Based on my personal interaction w/African parents, they seem to care very much for their kids. Please explain, sir?"

Well it's like this Mu.
It has something to do with the 8 child per woman average current among the masses in Africa (though I understand it has come down, perhaps to 7 children per woman), a growth rate in what is the poorest area of the world. Nobody who cannot support even two children should be having 8 or 10. In fact no people anywhere on this crowded planet should be producing themselves in bulk quantitities. We sure as hell don't need more Africans. Sorry, but we REALLY don't. The more disease, war, famine, cannibalism, etc., that occurs in Africa, the more they seem to multiply. And they do so partly because of western medical care and aid. Prior to the mid-20th century, their mortality was much higher. Now it works both ways, I understand. The West has caused problems in Africa. But it has also given Africans amazing opportunities they would never have had otherwise. Only by controlling the population will they be able to take advantage of them. Quantity here entirely rules out quality.
However, what really gets the "nerds" is the scary spector of Idiocracy. Intelligence is inheritable by at least 50% and probably closer to 80% according to recent findings. Can't wiggle out of that--we all know we see ourselves in our children, even when we spend no time with them. Of course mentality is inheritable.

Meanwhile, people with high intelligence are having one or two or none.

This site is one of the few places where the truth can be discussed. A liberal proverb states: our stories (movies, books, art) must be gritty and truthful, but the reality (facts of life that we actually live with) must be fuzzy and sugar coated so no people (non-white that is) are offended.

Anonymous said...

Salaam Mu'min!

(You can use Salaam as "hello," right? My Arabic is a little rusty...)

Anyway, in regard to Africans and their children... Of course Africans care for their children in the emotional and psychological sense, but many of them are unable to care for their children in the sense of providing for their children's needs. How many millions of children in Africa depend on food aid?

Regarding Gates, I have no problem with programs to wipe out malaria, but these programs should come with mandatory family planning. I.e., people should be told that if they want their kids to have access to free malaria meds from the West, then they should limit themselves to two or three. We in the West simply can't support Africa's burgeoning population forever, especially when ours, lamentably, is in decline.

Anonymous said...


No doubt Africans care for their children. However, in story after story about African famines it is noted that women and children are the first and hardest hit by malnutrition. What conclusion am I to draw from this?

Anonymous said...

mu said

Based on my personal interaction w/African parents, they seem to care very much for their kids.

Anecdotal. The statistics are terribly sad.

As to offering solutions instead of griping about the problems, I have two points. 1) To identify and understand a problem fully (down to the bitter dregs) is to go a long necessary way toward solving it. Half-understandings produce no-solutions. 2) No non-African is obligated to solve African problems. The only reason I (a White American) look in on Africa and worry about it from time to time is that so much of my country's money (in the form of taxes) is going there against my will; there is an obligation to be concerned.

What does the "smart set" suggest Africans do to solve their problems? Well, mandatory draconian birth control as a condition of receiving vaccines and food; adding iodine to the diet (increases IQ somewhat); other than that, nothing - you overestimate the mental abilities of the Judge Solomans here at iSteve.

The real solution is for Africans to solve African problems. Which they are hindered in doing by all our free billions being dumped on them. Nature teaches best, unearned wealth corrupts.

Anonymous said...

another anonymous satirized: "a liberal proverb states: our stories (movies, books, art) must be gritty and truthful"

many of the engineers who post here should purge their philistinism (along with their anti-semitism) if they want to be taken seriously. Anonymous ruined his otherwise reaonable and helpful post by seeming to side with larry king and george lucas. if life is hard, then so should art be.

Unknown said...

It is hard to believe anyone who has read this blog at least three times doesn't know its largely white supremacist participants want Africans, including African-Americans, eliminated, whether by denial of food aid, health care and education, or outright genocide.

Racists tend to not know basic facts because their heads are full of propaganda. That is certainly true of foreign aid. The United States spends less than 0.2 percent of the GNP on foreign aid. It lags behind other developed countries. U.S. aid cannot be used for family planning, including condoms, This country was twenty-second in foreign aid as of 2006.

Family size varies in Africa, based on religion, class and region. The fertility rate is nowhere near eight children per mother, in fact, many births replace children who do not survive.

I know that people come to sites like this mainly because they do not want their erroneous beliefs disturbed. That burying their heads in the sand prevents them knowing enough about issues to address them in an intelligent manner.

Anonymous said...

j: I haven't noticed anyone here advocating for the mass murder of blacks here or in Africa. This site has a lot of white supremacists/nationalists, but also a fair number of people like me, who don't agree at all with those folks, but who want to see discussions of issues that don't get discussed much anywhere else.

I'd love to see honest discussions of education in places that didn't have a large thread of white supremacist ideas running through them. But that involves a bunch of socially unacceptable topics: the black/white performance gap, the black/white IQ difference, the impact of ethnic mix of students on school performance, the fact that most people of any race are simply not college material, the impact of family structure on school performance, the impact of cost of family support/formation on family structure, how demographics drive a lot of these issues. I don't recall anything like a real, open discussion of these issues in any mainstream source. In fact, you can read plenty of mainstream media discussions of the black/white performance gap in school, without ever seeing reference to the IQ gap. (If there's one thing everyone agrees about w.r.t. IQ, it's that it predicts school performance. So this is hugely, obviously relevant.)

Similar things apply to immigration. Some people here are terribly hateful toward immigrants, which strikes me as all wrong. But it needs to be possible to discuss the massive level of immigration we're permitting right now, a policy that will have more impact on what the US looks like in 20 years than almost anything else we can do. Those discussions don't happen in the MSM, largely because (as far as I can tell) neither large political party wants those discussions happening. What is the impact on Americans who lost the genetic lottery and ended up with IQs of 80, when we import a million barely-literate Mexican and Salvadoran peasants evey year? Oh, can't talk about that in polite company. How will it change our country when these immigrants reproduce at twice the rate of the natives for a generation or two, when their kids often end up in gangs or dropping out of school? Nope, not polite to discuss. What will ethic politics in US cities look like when it's a three-way tug-of-war, with underclass blacks and hispanics vs the middle class (mostly white, with some Asians, blacks, and hispanics, none of whom want their houses burnt down in a riot or their kids' schools overrun by thugs that can't be expelled or allowed to drop out). Can't talk about that.

The widespread, distributed decision that these discussions can't be had in polite company does more to make white nationalists and supremacists look good than anything they could do themselves. Because they can speak the truth in places where all the respectable sources are obviously lying or evading facts. This is a very bad idea for the country, but it's what we're doing.

Anonymous said...

"The real solution is for Africans to solve African problems. Which they are hindered in doing by all our free billions being dumped on them. Nature teaches best, unearned wealth corrupts."

Very true. But the trick is to keep the ones that do have some brains and capacity in Africa. The ones coming here are often OK, but their grandchildren will be "African-Americans", regression to the mean inevitaible. No one will know their ancestors came to the U.S. willingly and there is no reason for Affirmative Action.

The "Solomons" of this site are not claiming special wisdom. But we are part of the race that is responsible for the social and technological aspects that make people want to come to the US (or Europe, or Austalia, or at one time, South Africa). Immigrants sure don't want to come here because of anything blacks are doing. Even the hip-hop must wear thin as an excuse for existence after a while

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to "genocide" Africans. That wasn't anyones point--I hope they get it together and do just fine. In any case, they are increasing in numbers, not decreasing, so if one blames the white man's influence as being all that great, it's made them more numerous, not less. And I do realize that American taxpayers pay more for American welfare (which certainly includes persons of all races) than they do for African aid. I just don't want them coming to America. We have enough.
The current statistics on birth rates are below, from Foreing Policy, June 2008.

"Nonetheless, with total fertility rates of 7.38 in Mali and 7.37 in Niger (as of mid-2007), the resultant growth in these countries' populations is expected to be phenomenal over the next few years, unless growth rates and total fertility rates drop. For example, Mali's 2007 population is approximately 12 million. With its high total fertility rate per woman, Mali is expected to grow to more than 15 million (a 3 million or 25% increase) by 2015! Mali's 2007 growth rate of 2.7 means a doubling time of just 26 years. Other countries with high total fertility rates include Afghanistan at 6.64, Yemen at 6.49, and Samoa at 4.21.