June 11, 2008

Thank God for Small Favors

Nicholas Kristof opines in the NYT:

"One of the missed opportunities of the primary season was that Hillary Clinton never gave a speech about gender comparable to Barack Obama’s speech about race."

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Anonymous said...

You're funny, Steve. Here's an outrageous trial balloon article floated by the NYT that suggests free speech in America is inferior to controlled speech in the Euro-Canadian mode.

Funny that you missed that headline and article at the NYT today, Steve. I guess it just didn't catch your eye - even though the subject of the article cuts to the core of your entire career.

Unlike Others, U.S. Defends Freedom to Offend in Speech

Dennis Dale said...

Missed opportunity for amateur satirists, perhaps.
I know I'm lamenting this absence.
What was missing was the necessity (perhaps it speaks well of Obama that no one in his campaign was turning up dubious youthful associations, Rove-like).
"I can no more disown Ms. Solanas than I can disown my own ____, who once objectified a woman at a bus stop by turning his immobilizing male gaze upon her..."

Anonymous said...

No-one seems to find it odd that Slick Willy seems to have been the only man ever to look upon Hillary with lust in his heart. But I suppose he'd look at a fetching ewe with lust in his heart.

Unknown said...


Garland said...

It's funny how many people actually think that gender has anything like the excitable power of race. No one would care what she had to say because no one thinks gender is a big historical wound we need to deal with.

It's less funny how people keep making this observation, since it implies that Obama's big race speech is still held in high esteem by some people.

Anonymous said...

God damn America! I just don't hear Hillary saying it, or being publicly linked to some feminist who has.