July 1, 2008

Can McCain look less old the Hillary way?

Hillary Clinton's campaign wasn't very interesting, but one question I haven't seen discussed is a detailed look at the regimen of plastic surgery, hormone supplements, Botox, make-up and/or whatever it was that had her looking quite presentable at age 60. She came pretty close to hitting the ideal midpoint between authentic and Desperate Housewifey.

I notice that John McCain has spent some time recently with the man who is perhaps his most valuable supporter, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. What do you think they talked about? Global warming? Health care finance reform? Perhaps, but, I dunno, I just have this sneaking suspicion that Arnold had some tips for his man on some amenable doctors in Brentwood who would write John prescriptions for human growth hormone and testosterone that would have him looking years younger in no time.

Personally, I don't think McCain needs any more testosterone than he already has.

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Anonymous said...

"...but one question I haven't seen discussed is a detailed look at the regimen of plastic surgery, hormone supplements, Botox, make-up and/or whatever it was that had her looking quite presentable at age 60. She came pretty close to hitting the ideal midpoint between authentic and Desperate Housewifey."

NOTE TO STEVE: you are only giving the feminist critics ammunition here by focusing solely on her looks instead of her political beliefs and policies. Please, let the petty tabloids focus on the appearances and let serious journalists such as yourself focus on the more important stuff.

Anonymous said...

NOTE TO ANONYMOUS: I hope it will be a cold day in hell before Steve decides to censor himself based on what some feminist harpy thinks or writes.

The entire sociobiological paradigm is that it is folly to separate analysis of behavior -- like political behavior -- from biology. Female appearance, like male achievement, is something that can and should be discussed.

For example: there's no doubt that millions of women across the country want whatever Hillary had in her lotion, or that she would not have gotten as far had she looked less presentable. That we treat men and women differently is and always will be the reality of society, and should be discussed in those terms rather than hoping that the next level of brainwashing or indoctrination will cause the differences between sexes to wither away.

Anonymous said...

"her political beliefs and policies": snort!

jem said...

Hillary's cosmetic enhancements are relevant because many feminists have decried plastic surgery as vain and superficial. And there's more sexist hypocrisy -imagine if Obama dyed his hair blond and wore blue contact lenses in order to achieve an Aryan standard of beauty. Someone (besides Steve) would speculate about identity issues.

Anonymous said...

I had previously concluded along with t99 that there just aren't enough blacks, yuppies and college students to elect Obama. But the more I talk to folks and the more I see McCain on TV, the more convinced I am Obama is going to be the next president. First, people are hurting in their pocketbooks and the buck stops you know where, whether it really does or not. Second, McCain isn't Reagan old, he's old old and looks every decade of it. This is an important consideration with an electorate glued to American Idol.

Her policies aside, Hillary was probably the smartest and most substantive of all the candidates.

Query: if you put a gun to their heads and told them these were their only choices, who would white men rather have controlling the nukes, a smart white woman or a glib black man and his tall, alienated wife?

I submit we'd be better off with the devil we know. God help us.

-Senor Doug

Anonymous said...

to the first anon:

We live in a media age and most people have lasting opinions of others based upon first impressions. This is not strictly a wo/man limitation/reality.

The liberal MSM successufully seeded the idea of McCain=old and even recently ran a poll where, surprise, found "old" is the word most people associate with McCain.

McCain would probably garner more votes with a good tan, muscle mass and a spring in his step than any special interest pandering.

Anonymous said...

McCain could just go down to Mexico for T injections.

"Everything's legal in Mexico, it's the American way."

Anonymous said...

First Anon,

In the context of John "looking old and acting crabby" McCain's possible quest for the fountain youth, I think this is excusable. Compare McCain's total persona, his looks, demeanor, attitudes, etc with Obama's. At the most superficial level McCain's age and decrepitude stand in stark contrast to Obama's youth and vigor. No such glaring contrast exists between Clinton and Obama. Steve is correct in pointing this out.

Anonymous said...

Note to first anonymous: Who cares what the feminists say? Steve, nor anybody else on this side of the blogosphere will be cowed by what liberals, or anybody else thinks. When have we ever accepted their premises? One of the reasons Steve's blog is so refreshing is that he is intelligent with interesting things to say and does so without hesitation. I think it would be better that *they* accept the premise that presentation and looks matter on a subconscious level and noticing these things are innate.

Anonymous said...

Find out what Debbie Harry (who turned 63 on July 1) does and do that.

Anonymous said...

Laura Bush also obviously had "some work done"; just like Hillary, the result is stupendous. Not blatant, but very effective. Both of them are actually "prettier" now, than they were a decade ago. Their plastic surgeons should set up shop in Los Angeles. With all the money and desperate interest in maintaining physical appearance there, you'd think the results on celebrities would be much more subtle. Some of them have become truly frightening.

Anonymous said...

Year 2011: Pres. McCain in the White House, tottering along on his walker.

Anonymous said...

One of the things that makes McCain look so old is that he has that "dowager's hump." Seen from the side, he doesn't appear to be able to stand up straight. I agree with Steve, Hillary started looking damn photogenic during this campaign. I think the prospect of all that executive power gave her the glow of young love.

Anonymous said...

That's what we need, staffers experienced in advance and stagecraft.

More on the Schmidt-Davis news Posted: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 1:57 PM by Mark Murray
Filed Under: 2008, McCain

From NBC's Chuck Todd and NBC/NJ's Matthew E. Berger


There has been talk in the last few weeks that McCain was having trouble transitioning to a general election candidacy, and that it had not fully utilized the four-month head start it had over Obama. And the campaign has not been viewed as polished, which is why we are likely seeing the focus on staffers experienced in advance and stagecraft.


I'd say that at this point, our boy is making the Presidential campaign of Bob Dole look good.

kausfiles: A mostly political Weblog.
McCain's Tin Ear
Happy Fourth of July ... from Mexico!
By Mickey Kaus
Updated Thursday, July 3, 2008, at 7:41 AM ET

So the Fourth of July newspapers will have John McCain in ... er, Mexico plotting how to achieve comprehensive immigration reform with Felipe Calderon. ... And some people say the McCain Team has a tin ear! ... 1:16 A.M.


Anonymous said...

I saw the old bomber pilot on TV yesterday and was (mildly) shocked at his elderly, wizened appearance. His type of skin and Arizona sunshine don't mix well. Silicone anyone?