October 4, 2008

Question for you

Is "Homo politicus Americanus" good Greek / Latin. Is it the right form for a subspecies name? Should "Americanus" be capitalized or not?

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Anonymous said...

Don't think Americanus should have the big A.

Politicus just doesn't work in Latin. Can't seem to think of any word that gets our modern concept across. Urban, civil, these have their Latin counterparts, but "political" just stumps the heck out of me.

ziel said...

How about Homo publicus americanus

Stopped Clock said...

Well, it depends on what you're using this for. Which is more important: making it intelligible to the Romans or making it intelligible to someone who's just skimming the text and might not know any Latin?

Zoologists in general often like to play games with animal names; they don't really have to obey Latin or Greek word formation rules. There's a whole website dedicated to creative zoological names at http://www.curioustaxonomy.net/ .

Anonymous said...

I got one:

How about--Dumb Stupid Americans.

That ought to cover the dung-hill heap called America.

Anonymous said...

Homo politicus Americanus is fine.

politicus -a -um [of the state , political]

See: http://archives.nd.edu/latgramm.htm

and the Vatican dictionary of Latin placenames says that Americanius -a -um.

Their use is to capitalize Americanus, but you could change it with no problem. Who's going to object?

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you know, Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona - who tried to help pass amnesty last year - is another secret iSteve reader:

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"The banks were forced - literally forced - to make mortgage loans to a lot of people that in the past they hadn't made them to, because (the people) couldn't afford them," Kyl said in a teleconference with Arizona reporters.

"But they were deemed to be red-lining, to be discriminating against people who need to share in the American dream of home ownership. Well, it's a great dream, and we want as many people to share in it as possible, but not if they can't afford it," he said."

Hey, Senator, if they can't afford the American dream, is there any way we can pay low income legal immigrants $100,000 per legal immigrant to agree to leave the United States?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Mencken's "boobus Americanus"?

Bill said...

Are you referring to "Log Cabin Republicans"? (I'm not sure how to capitalize that either)

If not, maybe you should rethink this. ;)

Anonymous said...

Just don't step on my turf.


Anonymous said...

No, Americanus should not be capitalized because it is a species/subspecies name. Only genera name should be capitalized:

Genera species subspecies