December 10, 2008

I'm shocked, SHOCKED ...

Headline of the Day from Slate:

Widespread Corruption Charges Shock Illinois

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Anonymous said...

Step One:
Workers who have the audacity to stand up for themselves stage sit-in at Republic Windows and Doors:,0,1507480.story
Step Two:
Blagojevich not only publicly supports them, but tries to help them get benefits and pay (which they are due) by saying that IL will no longer work with BofA unless BofA restores credit to RWD (to pay workers).
Step Three:
The Feds, who could have arrested Blagojevich at almost any time before all this stuff happened (and for the same reasons they are now giving), NOW decide to arrest Blagojevich. I suspect that the conversation essentially proceeded as follows:
"Screwing the common people with standard Chicago politics is one thing, but nobody messes with BofA. We must make an (dramatic pause) EXAMPLE (another dramatic pause) out of this Blogajevich character (third dramatic pause) to send a MESSAGE".

RWADWS (Republic Windows And Doors Worker Supporter).

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Illinois I am never shocked about corruption. I don't know where they got the idea for that headline, everybody in Illinois who knows anything about politics is used to corruption not shocked. It is almost assumed that if you are a politician in this state (or a police officer, game warden, dog catcher etc.) that there is some graft coming across your desk. I have know people who paid there way out of drunk driving convictions even when they caused thousands of dollars in damage, people who had their driveways built or houses resided at taxpayer expense just beccause of bribes or because the person had a clout in city hall.

Anonymous said...

I put John Kass of the Chicago Tribune in a category with Sailer as one of the writers who are genuinely brave. Read Kass' columns if you want to understand how things really work in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

"I put John Kass of the Chicago Tribune in a category with Sailer as one of the writers who are genuinely brave. "

Sailer is brave, and very funny. That's why I love his rants. He even manages to glue me to the screen with stuff about the US, a country I as an Afrikaner have a bone to pick with. Sometimes he disses my remarks, but then I'm just a nitwit from Africa so WTF.

Eric said...

Oh, workers with the audacity to stand up for themselves? Actually, it is pretty audacious to demand money from someone who doesn't owe you anything because somebody else does.

You owe me money so I'm gonna demand your bank gives you a loan you can't pay back so I can get paid? This follows some kind of logic?

Besides, the indictment was filed on Saturday.

zbicyclist said...

Yes, I'm sure you're shocked.

Yesterday somebody sent me an e-mail from several months ago, in which I predicted (along with lots of other people) that Blago would be indicted after the presidential election but before Fitzgerald offered his resignation (as US Attorneys do at the change of administration). But who had any idea it would be this easy?

It is Fitzgerald's parting gift to the people of the state of Illinois he has served so well -- better than we deserved.

Anonymous said...

Obama's circle of political cronies makes Nixon look like an amateur.

We're all going to learn just how dangerous and destructive the fallout is from a corrupted, control freak media that shirks its duty to properly investigate the background of a presidential candidate.

This Blago eruption is just the tip of the iceberg. The mainstream American media organs deliberately enabled the ascension of a deeply flawed man to the White House on the basis of their own extreme guilt complex. The stage is now set up for the Obama presidency to play out like a Shakespearean tragedy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous about the guilty media. Mark Halperin, formerly of ABC and now of Time let it slip out the other day, that the media’s refusal to vet Obama was the worst thing they have done since they supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Make no mistake about it, and I watched the TV coverage in the build up to the war and read the New York Times, the Washington Post as well as major regional papers: there was virtually no opposition in the media to the faulty narrative from the Bush Admin & Neocons about the Iraq war. Other than the crazy Chris Matthews, and the new Buchanan-Taki magazine, there was no opposition to the war. And there was no vetting of Obama in the MSM, just cheerleading. Let’s hope the second failure doesn’t turn out as badly as the first.

Anonymous said...

"The stage is now set up for the Obama presidency to play out like a Shakespearean tragedy."

Nah. For "tragedy" of more than one dimension, you need actors definied by their morality or sensibility; or lofty aims and high minded ideals or family name. People who fall from such great heights due to dilemmas of their own choosing.
This is not "tragedy." These players had no height from which to fall.
They're already slouching to Bethlehem on their bellies.