December 10, 2008

Obama rumors miss the truth about Obama's life

From my column:

Many wild rumors have circulated about Barack Obama, such as

And finally, the most popular and yet most self-evidently implausible rumor of all, assiduously promoted by Obama’s media handler David Axelrod:

  • that Obama refuses to be defined by his race, that he transcends race, that he’s not interested in race, blah blah.

What do all these assertions have in common?

First, they betray a lack of awareness of the facts of Obama’s life.

Second, they tend to reflect the widespread desire among whites of all political stripes to not think about race anymore, and to imagine that Obama doesn’t either.

In truth, the big secret about Obama is that there’s no secret: as Obama explains at vast length in his memoir, what he himself calls his “racial obsessions” have dominated his life.

I document in my new book America’s Half-Blood Prince (which you can purchase here) how the President-Elect spelled out exactly what he considered the central mandates of his existence in the subtitle of Dreams From My Father. To Obama, his autobiography is most definitely not a postracial parable. Instead, it is (as he helpfully says in his subtitle) A Story of Race and Inheritance.

You can read all about it in my new book, America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's "Story of Race and Inheritance," plus why Obama chose the city of Blagojevich and Rezko in which to pursue political power.

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Anonymous said...

his “racial obsessions” have dominated his life.

All very interesting to be sure. So what? What does that tell us about how he's going to govern?

Anonymous said...

You mix in perfectly valid questions asked by perfectly valid people with nonsense. No, he's not 7/8 Arab (if that Kenyan is indeed his dad, but he was indeed very likely born in Kenya and definitely was a citizen of Indonesia at one time. If he thought this was a "wild" rumor then he could have verbally confronted it as McCain did when his American born-ness was questioned, perhaps sued, and better still, produced the documents we all have to produce in order to get a government job. Especially if we've lived all over the world and have parents and step-parents of non-American origins.
There are so many other icky unknowns about this person, but perhaps no more than about the Bushes for instance. However, at least the Bushes met basic requirements and at least paid lip service to idea of being loyal to the Constitution. Well--until recently. I think W has suggested it be scrapped.
Sometime ago, around 2003 when Arnie was elected, there was a bill introduced, or was talked of being introduced, allowing non-native born Americans to run for POTUS. I thought it was for Schwarzengger. Nah. It was a trial balloon. They had Obama in mind, and knew their stuff. A world wide team of media manipulators convened to put this person in office. Some of the reasons are obvious--you can't displace a black President elect without risking civil unrest. No other type of person would have that halo of protection in this situation.

Anonymous said...

vanyushka - his “racial obsessions” have dominated his life.

All very interesting to be sure. So what? What does that tell us about how he's going to govern?

No, sorry, you dont get away with that one.

If a President elect had once been a member of the KKK, or just associated with them in some way? What if he was just on record for letting slip that white people, collectively, might have some intrinsic worth, might have some trivial concerns of their own?

Not for one single second would you ever proceed to the "So, how he's going to govern?" question. He would be deemed to be dead in the water.

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer: That Bill Ayers ghostwrote his 1995 autobiography Dreams from My Father... betray[s] a lack of awareness of the facts of Obama’s life.

I'm really tired today, and I don't have the energy to do this topic justice right now, but you've got that assertion ass-backwards.

Anyone with any awareness of the known, attributed writings [really more like illiterate scribblings] of Barack Hussein Obama II cannot come to any conclusion other than that "Dreams" was ghost-written.

Anonymous said...

You omitted to mention the allegation that Obama is a 'long-legged mackdaddy.'

Anonymous said...

I read on another thread the comment that this sort of political corruption happens everywhere. But that is not true. Not on the scale that it occurs in Chicago. Obama specifically chose to begin his political career in the most corrupt city in America.

"At ten o'clock on a Saturday morning the conference room began to fill up. Besides the Five Families of New York, there were representives from ten other Families across the country, with exception of Chicago, that black sheep of the world. They had given up trying to civilize Chicago, and they saw no point in including those mad dogs in this important conference."

-- Puzo, "The Godfather" (281)

Anonymous said...

Steve Sailer: That he was really born in Kenya and thus isn’t eligible to be President.

The really big question here is whether Barry Soetoro ever travelled on an exclusively* Indonesian passport after he reached his 18th birthday.

Or, for that matter, after he reached his 18th birthday, whether Barry Soetoro ever swore an oath re-affirming his USA citizenship and renouncing his exclusively* Indonesian citizenship.

*Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship until about 1996.

PS: It's also possible that Stanley Ann Dunham had returned to the state of Washington prior to Obama's birth [we know for a fact that she had already returned to the state of Washington, as a single mother, just a few short months after his birth], and it's entirely possible that if she was in the general vicinity of Washington for his birth, then she might have crossed over into Vancouver, British Columbia, to give birth to him.

PPS: At any rate, the USA can't have had very many presidents since the founding of the republic who had at least one biological parent who was a foreign citizen [e.g. Thomas Jefferson's mother was born in England], much less who experienced a stint in a foreign country with exclusively foreign citizenship as the ward of a foreign step-parent.

Anonymous said...

No mention here of the Donofrio lawsuit which is (was) the strongest challenge to his eligibility: As a dual citizen at birth (UK and US) Obama cannot be a "natural born" USC. He was a British subject at birth and did not have undivided loyalty to the US.

Anonymous said...

Another related reaction, though it isn't a rumor: liberals are shocked over Obama's foreign policy moves and appointments. Paglia even asked what did the Clintons have on him.
Again, they miss that that is not where his heart is. As you said before, he doesn't know much about foreign policy and feels fine going back to the playbook.
His energy is going to be expended on being a technocrat for trying to take the hard edges off of life for blacks and power and wealth redistribution towards them. How he will do that when it was a Bush bubble and not a boom that he had factored into his ideas (plus what they exposed about world outlook vis a vis being the diversity recession), I don't know.

J said...

There was also a rumor that Malcolm X was really Obama's father

Anonymous said...

is this a new article? where's the link?

Truth said...

"Anyone with any awareness of the known, attributed writings [really more like illiterate scribblings] of Barack Hussein Obama."

Wow, the ex-editor of the Harvard Law Review is can't read or write: The Ivy league has really gone downhill.

Anonymous said...

Obama plans to go to a Muslim "capitol" and give a big speech, which he says will change the world and "reboot" America's image with Muslims.

Sounds like a Muslim to me. Particularly given his background, that he can recite the call to prayer in Arabic still, and says it is the "most beautiful sound I've ever heard" ... as is his stuff in the second book (Audacity) where he promises to stand with Muslims against America in case of a terror attack against America or Americans.

As a matter of record, he was raised a Muslim by a Muslim stepfather in a Muslim country, and was born to a Muslim father. That Muslims are not calling for him to be killed as an apostate (leaving the Faith) means they at least consider him a closet Muslim.

Obama has not released copies of his original birth certificate. Presumably there is something embarrassing he wishes to hide: he is listed as "Muslim" or his birthplace is someplace else than Hawaii.

Obama is now making a big deal out of his middle name and will be sworn in with it. He's practically saying he's Muslim already. He will likely announce it some time after he's sworn in, and he may be sworn in under a Koran.

Of course, Muslims will demand Obama do all sorts of Muslim things, like ban Christmas, and Easter, and the rest of that stuff. He really has not thought this through. Just today some Muslim preacher in Britain is calling for Christmas to be banned because it offends Muslims.

Lucious Vorenus is quite right too. Obama can barely write. It's clear Ayers wrote his first book.

Anonymous said...

The supposed hand sanitizer 'faux pas' during the meetup between GW Bush and Obama last month was another example of the racial obsessions of the Obama camp.

The idiotic inference: George only reached for the Purell after shaking hands with Obama because he's black!

If Obama had class he would've made sure that story was squashed by his staff. But he himself walks the earth as a complete racial paranoid.

michael farris said...

I'd say the idea that he was born in Kenya is a non-starter and non-sensical given travel conditions at the time (and I doubt if sr wanted her anywhere near his country and his 'real' wife. The idea that he was born in Canada is possible. Not the most likely option, but a possibility.

I'd also say the idea that Obama sr never did marry his baby mama (in any legally recognisable way) is pretty likely. If Hawaii birth certificates have marital status of the mother he might not want to be formally recognized as a bastard.

I'm not sure enough about the Indonesian citizenship stuff to say much.
But it does seem his mother had an "in not of" attitude toward Indonesian society in general and like a good SWPL model would not jeapordize his US citizenship.

Anonymous said...


as a politician are you more likely to rinse with hand sanitizer after shaking another politician's hand? because you assume that the politician had himself been shaking a lot of other hands recently?

or are you less likely to use the hand sanitizer because you assume your fellow politician himself used his own sanitizer religiously recently and walks around with basically germ free hands all day?

hell maybe bush watched celeb obama shake fifteen other people's hands on his way to the president's hand. i also heard that it was an assistant who squirted the sanitizer. how very roman.

too bad instead of a hand squirting slave standing around him all day bush didn't have a roman style slave (described at the end of the movie patton) whispering in his ear the classic admonition: all glory is fleeting.

michael farris said...

Oh, and about his autobio (which I haven't read and probably won't based on the tedious excerpts I've seen).

I wouldn't say Ayers wrote it, but there's a fair amount of evidence that he had some help putting it together (I have no idea who, but Ayers is as likely a bet as anyone).
There's certainly no evidence that he has a writer's soul.
To tell the truth some of the excerpts I've seen read as if they were dictated and then polished (and by polished I mean "assembled together by theme and connected with ornate prose designed to distract the reader away from how little substance there is".

Fred said...

Excellent piece.

I think you've nailed his father's politics, at least a big part of it. What I might add is the deep connection between Obama Sr.'s massive arrogance and the massive arrogance of the socialist vision -- hand in glove.

Fred said...

Obama's race obsession really begins with his dream of becoming a professional basketball player. Obama lived basketball 24/7.

When Obama's basketball career failed, he blamed it on "structural racism", i.e. his coach played "white" basketball, and Obama imagined that he played "black" basketball. The race obsession began at this point.

And I'm surprised you have brought attention to the mismatch between Obama's genetic background, and the genetic background of the blacks who dominate the sport of basketball. Obama is white and East African, American black basketball players are West African.

I would have thought you'd tell us all how the Kenyans do in Olympic basketball -- and which Kenyans are on the team.

Exit question. Are there many non-West Africans who play a successful "black" game? I don't follow basketball, so I have no idea what the answer might be.