January 31, 2009

Who are these people?

ABC News reports:

The California woman who gave birth to octuplets on Monday, although once married, apparently had all 14 of her kids out of wedlock by artificial means -- and various public records raise questions about the family's ability to support them.

ABC News has learned through San Bernardino Superior Court Records that the 33-year-old California woman, whose name is Nadya Doud or Nadya Suleman (she filed to have her name changed to Nadya Suleman in 2001 -- though it was not clear if the request was granted), divorced her husband, Marcos Gutierrez, in January 2008.

Okay, "Doud" is both a British name (e.g., Ike's mother-in-law) and an Arab name. Since her father says he used to be an Iraqi military man and that he was born in Iraq, I'm assuming that it's Arab. The grandfather is very Iraqi-looking.

Suleman is a Middle Eastern name -- King Solomon, Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, tennis player Harold Solomon.

Gutierrez is a Hispanic name.

Whittier, where Nadya lives with her parents, who, by the way, are divorced but still together, is now the suburb of choice in the LA area for affluent Mexican-Americans.

The document indicates "no children of the marriage," suggesting that Gutierrez was not the father of Doud's previous six children.

Meanwhile, the woman's mother, Angela Suleman, said her daughter has been obsessed with having children since she was a teenager, according to an interview she conducted late Friday with The Associated Press.

"Angela" sounds Christian, so I'm guessing Assyrian Iraqi Christian. Or maybe Angela is Hispanic and she married an Arab? Kind of a longshot, but you couldn't rule it out -- like Salma Hayek, who is half-Arab, half-Mexican.

Angela Suleman told the AP that all 14 children were conceived through in vitro fertilization, because her daughter had always had trouble conceiving because her fallopian tubes were "plugged up.'' She said that while all the kids came from a single sperm donor, the donor is not Marcos Guitierrez.

An AP review of birth records identified a David Solomon as the father of the oldest four children.

Could it be that "David Solomon" used to be "David Suleman?" And then these octuplets could be the product of Iraqi cousin conceptions! Which might bring about the Grand Convergence of iSteve Obsessions, causing the universe to begin imploding upon itself, the purpose of its existence fulfilled.

Doud lived with Gutierrez for about three-and-a-half years from August 1996 until January 2000, when she moved back with her parents, Edward Doud Suleman and Angela Suleman, living at several addresses, records show. The parents were granted a divorce in Las Vegas in 1999, but evidently still live together.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

You got to give Mr. Gutierrez credit for having the brains to bail out before the craziness got a full head of steam.

After leaving Gutierrez, Doud began having her 14 children.

Another set of court documents may raise the question of whether Doud will be able to afford care for all those kids. The public records indicate that Doud's mother filed for bankruptcy in March 2008.

The family currently lives in a three-bedroom home in suburban Los Angeles. Bankruptcy court records show that, as of March 2008, the family owned a second home in the same area.

As of March, Edward Doud Suleman, apparently the octuplets' grandfather, was working in Iraq, according to the bankruptcy filing. The couple's combined monthly income was listed as roughly $8,740, but the filing indicated that Angela Suleman expected their income would rise from her husband's employment. It said that he would earn $100,000 a year. The document did not specify Suleman's husband's occupation, but Suleman told the Los Angeles Times that her husband was a contractor.

The LA Times says grandpa is in Iraq working as a translator, which fits with his being an Iraqi native.

Not surprisingly, the British press has juicier details. (Warning: not all juicy details in Fleet Street newspapers are necessarily accurate). John Harlow of The Times of London reports:

THE single mother of octuplets born in California last week is seeking $2m (£1.37m) from media interviews and commercial sponsorship to help pay the cost of raising the children.

Nadya Suleman, 33, plans a career as a television childcare expert after it emerged last week that she already had six children before giving birth on Monday. She now has 14 below the age of eight.

Although still confined to an LA hospital bed, she intends to talk to two influential television hosts this week — media mogul Oprah Winfrey, and Diane Sawyer, who presents Good Morning America.

Her family has told agents she needs cash from deals such as nappy sponsorship — she will get through 250 a week in the next few months — and the agents will gauge public reaction to her story. ...

US public reaction has been mixed: many have asked how an unemployed single mother can raise 14 children, as her first six have already strained the family budget. Angela and Ed Suleman, Nadya’s parents,bought her a two-bedroom bungalow in the suburb of Whittier in March 2007, but soon after got into debt and had to leave their own home.

They filed for bankruptcy and moved in with their daughter and grandchildren. Last week her father said he would return to his native Iraq to work as a translator and driver.

Angela Suleman, who is caring for the first six children — one of whom is autistic — while her daughter is in hospital, said yesterday that she had consulted a psychologist over Nadya’s “obsession with children”.

Nadya Suleman, who describes herself as a “professional student” living off education grants and parental money, broke up with her boyfriend before the birth of her first child seven years ago.

The identity of the octuplets’ father remains unknown, but local reports suggest they were conceived with frozen sperm donated by a friend she met while working at a fertility clinic. He is the father of her twins, born two years ago.

Michael Tucker of the Georgia Reproductive Clinic, Atlanta, said Suleman’s story stunned him. “We are policed by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, which frowns upon implanting more than two or three embryos at a time. It is remarkable that any practitioner would undertake such a practice.”

The babies, born nine weeks prematurely by C-section, were attended to by 46 medical staff, who expected seven babies. When the eighth — a boy — appeared, doctors were “confounded”.

Meanwhile, the New York Times Magazine has an article by Emily Bazelon about how wonderful it is that so many more college-educated women are choosing to be single mothers: "2 Kids + 0 Husbands = Family."

According to data compiled by Lucie Schmidt, an economist at Williams College, the birthrate for unmarried college-educated women has climbed 145 percent since 1980, compared with a 60 percent increase in the birthrate for non-college-educated unmarried women. The number of first births for unmarried college-educated women reached a high of 47,000 in 2005, the last year for which numbers are available, compared with about 670,000 first births to non-college-graduates. “Even though the absolute numbers are small, what’s striking is how fast the birthrate to the college-educated group has increased,” Schmidt says.

No, that's just the oldest Stupid Journalist Trick in the book -- you take something that's fairly rare, that had a very small denominator, and announce that it went up an amazing umpty-ump percent. Journalists just have to be clever enough, though, not to take it too far and say things like, "Since 2000, the number of Chinese players in the NBA has increased infinity percent!" Judging from the statistics above, college-educated women made up only 6.6% of all women having a first birth out of wedlock in 2005, which isn't much.

Bazelon continues:

No one has shown, however, that there are similar risks for the children of college-educated single mothers by choice. In research that’s not yet published, McLanahan has found that college-educated single mothers generally experience less instability and stress related to men than other single mothers.

Fortunately, Nadya Suleman has a college degree, so everything is presumably copacetic. In fact, she is more or less working on a Master's in counseling! From ABC News:

Records show that Nadya Suleman (a.k.a. Doud) held a psychiatric technician's license, though it was not clear if she was currently employed. She holds a 2006 degree in child and adolescent development from California State University, Fullerton, and as late as last spring she was studying for a master's degree in counseling, college spokeswoman Paula Selleck told the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

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Anonymous said...

Which might bring about the Grand Convergence of iSteve Obsessions

We've certainly entered some sort of interstellar iSteve vortex/wormhole...

Anonymous said...

From the ABC article:

"After she gave birth to seven babies, a California woman -- and the massive 46-person team of doctors that was assisting the birth -- thought she was done."

It's not clear whether they mean 46 doctors, or 46 nurses and doctors. Regardless, 46 highly trained medical personnel - and all serving the needs of one seemingly insane woman. What a waste medical resources and manpower!

I'm sure her 14 kids will all turn out just fine.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, as much public outrage she chick has now... what if Steve's guess is right and the father is her cousin? The American public isn't very fond of incest. The State will definitely take 14 kids away from her if that's the case.

Anonymous said...

Listen carefully. Hear that? It's the sound of laughter coming from everywhere but Europe or the Anglosphere.

Anonymous said...

My favorite backdrop to this story is that California is going broke but some single mom with 6 kids just had a 3 million dollar pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

Great analysis on the origin of the names - I'm sure your guess about the sperm donor being related will turn out to be right on the money.

Since we'll be paying for them in either case, I really hope the state takes Doud's kids away. She is obviously mentally ill.

Re: More college educated single moms having kids these days. There are a lot more idiots getting 'college' degrees than there used to be.

This leads me to my next point - I might an east coast college snob, but every Cal State Fullerton grad I've ever met is an idiot. The government of California could take a big step towards closing its budget if it stopped feeling the need to provide cheap education to people who have no business being in college. I really resent my tax money subsidizing the education of morons.

Anonymous said...

Isn't having plugged fallopian tubes a result of gonorrhea?
Cal-state Fullerton graduates are smarter definitely than Dominguez Hills graduates, and less likely to be missionaries for marijuana than Monterrey Bay.

Anonymous said...

Suleman is a Middle Eastern name -- King Solomon, Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, tennis player Harold Solomon.

Oh the modern world is just full of accomplished Sulejmens.

Anonymous said...

My favorite backdrop to this story...

OK, a favorite is one thing, but the best/most ironic is that this woman is apparently a 'psychiatric technician', and was presuming to 'counsel' others. I guess she could start by treating herself, but there already appears to be prima facie grounds for a future malpractice claim should that prove, err, ineffective.

Whittier, where Angela lives with her parents,...

I think you mean Nadya here.

Anonymous said...

Steve missed the obvious.

She's gonna get an earned income credit on all of the kids.

This is in addition to WIC, Medicaid and a host of other goodies.

And she can still have more!

Life is sweet!

The only upside: The bigots on the left can no longer savage the Duggar clan of Arkansas. http://www.duggarfamily.com/

Anonymous said...

Angela Suleman told The Associated Press she was not supportive when her daughter, Nadya Suleman, decided to have more embryos implanted last year. "It can't go on any longer," she said in a phone interview Friday. "She's got six children and no husband. I was brought up the traditional way. I firmly believe in marriage. But she didn't want to get married."

Does our wonderful American culture corrupt so quickly the traditions of new immigrants? Didn't it take longer than just one generation, in the past, for the norms of this promiscuous, free-wheeling society to disrupt a group's traditions? Does the feminist poison begin to infect the minute these people get off the boat or airplane?

-- Victoria

Dennis Dale said...

Nadya Suleman (a.k.a. Doud) held a psychiatric technician's license

Stuart Smalley is not a licensed psychotherapist...

Anonymous said...

Psychotherapy for a psychopath?

Maybe it was being immersed in the Hispanic culture (sic) of Whittier that did it.

Perhaps she went native?

Anonymous said...

Does our wonderful American culture corrupt so quickly the traditions of new immigrants?

Because Iraqis had such wonderful traditions to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Victoria -- YES.

Or more long-windedly, as Steve's link to the SWPL NYT story, which is single mothers by choice, women have strong preferences.

Women would prefer an Alpha male, as a husband they don't have to share. Failing that, they will share him with other women. Failing that, they will have kids by IVF or whatever bad boy gets them pregnant, even if they are college educated professionals.

What women DON'T WANT is marriage to Joe Average. Women in fact hate the average (White) guy and will do anything to avoid him.

I am not sure I get Steve. He dismisses the Times story significance (i.e. not many ... YET ... College Educated Professional women choosing single motherhood) yet he's focused on an extreme outlier even more -- far fewer have 14 kids.

My take is Steve like most older guys and gals does not get how radically society has changed. Frankly, most women I know who have kids are single mothers by choice. And they are professional, educated women. Lawyers, doctors, accountants, nurses, etc. The cycle for women is, lots of sex with a few dominant men when young, doing everything and anything they can to avoid a boring ordinary guy when they age out of being able to land bad boys.

THAT more than the weird tale of this 14 kids woman is the real story. Because it suggests that in one sense limiting immigration from Mexico won't have as much effect as Steve thinks, because AMERICAN cultural norms are indeed trending (per the NYT story, and it's most important attribute which is social approval) towards Dalyrmple's observations.

So even if we limited immigration or got rid of the illegal aliens here, by magic, things would not change as much as expected (though it's still worth doing) because of the native culture's collapse. Steve just does not get that ... the cultural collapse created by the advantages for women is as important as anything else. [Women certainly find advantages at least short term in the current environment.]

Anonymous said...

Mark, don't forget our very own Sulayman al-Faris

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to think about the Iraqi connection. Grandma's name is "Angela," which doesn't sound very Arabic to me. ABC says the dad of the previous six kids is "David Solomon," which sounds Jewish to me, although I suppose it's not out of the question that it could be an Anglicized version of Dawood Suleiman or something like that (but do the kind of people who marry their cousins anglicize their names?). But the Hispanic guy she divorced was definitely not Arabic, so she's certainly not a good Muslim or too hardcore about her Iraqi identity.

I'm guessing that she's a half-Arab nominal (if that) Muslim who's mostly assimilated to our decadent culture, and batshit crazy to boot. I hate to sound like an assimilationist, but America can do that to children of Muslims, even the ones who were raised by two Muslim parents, but especially the ones with one infidel or nominal convert parent (which is not to say that they ALL do, so we should open our gates and bring in 2 billion Muslim immigrants).

I would also note that the ABC article says that Grampa Suleman is expected to make $100,000/year in Iraq now that he's moved there to make more money. I wonder what he does. He and his wife, who are presumably near retirement age, are probably about to be wiped out financially helping their psycho daughter and her litter out.

Anonymous said...

Roger Chaillet - The only upside: The bigots on the left can no longer savage the Duggar clan of Arkansas. http://www.duggarfamily.com

Aha I remember them, and the vitriol amongst our liberal brothers and sisters. If I can, I shall find the same sites where said vitriol was served up and see what happens about this story...

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that she's a half-Arab nominal (if that) Muslim who's mostly assimilated to our decadent culture...

Please, if I have to keep reminding you I will: this woman, or her parents, or at least her dad, came from Iraq. What the hell is so great about Iraqi culture?

And Testing99 in spite of your other qualities please take your conspiracy theories about vast alpha male harems elsewhere. In no place I've ever lived has that been the case. If you can't date Michelle Williams then just maybe it's because you ain't Heath Ledger.

Anonymous said...

"Angela" sounds Christian, so I'm guessing Assyrian Iraqi Christian... these octuplets could be the product of Iraqi cousin conceptions!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't Christians in that part of the world hew to the same strict consanguity rules that Rome does? One study among Palestinians showed that their Christians had barely half the consanguinous-marriage rate of their Moslem brethren-- who in turn had half the rate of Moslem Araby elsewhere.

"Doud" is both a British name (e.g., Ike's mother-in-law) and an Arab name.

According to Basil Cottle's Dictionary of Surnames, "Dowd" (the spelling he lists) is from "O'Dowd" and means "descendant of Black" in Irish; but can also be from a Middle English form of "David". (As is "Dawkins".) It means "David" in Arabic as well.

The most famous bearer of the name since Mamie is... well, you don't want to know.

Stuart Smalley is not a licensed psychotherapist... --Dennis Dale

No, but he may be a US Senator before long. Heaven help us!

Whittier, by the way, is Richard Nixon's hometown.

Anonymous said...

the cultural collapse created by the advantages for women is as important as anything else
You're absolutely right. This more than anything else is what has stymied the white male and transformed American society.

Mark asks:
What the hell is so great about Iraqi culture?
It's not a matter of the culture being "great." The point is, strong social taboos against sexual freedoms have always limited the behavior of girls and women in Middle Eastern societies, including Iraq. Severe social punishments usually await the breakers of such taboos. Now, you might consider this not so great, but it's this aspect of repression that we're discussing here. You obviously have a bone to pick with the Iraqis on other scores, which has nothing to do with the mores taught to their girls and women.

-- Victoria

Anonymous said...

The grandfather is very Iraqi-looking.

I dunno... he looks an awful lot like a certain Minnesotan of Central European ancestry.

Anonymous said...

I am Lugash.

What the hell is that kid wearing in the picture? It looks like the harnesses pitbulls wears in pulling competitions.

I am Lugash.

Anonymous said...

It's because of posts like this (and the previous one) that I continue reading this site, despite the prominence of anti-Jewish bigotry on it. Having only seen a few headlines on this story and seen a bit about it on TV, I didn't know the mother wasn't white (but I had a sneaking suspicion). Enter Steve with the missing information and analysis.

Anonymous said...

"Does the feminist poison begin to infect the minute these people get off the boat or airplane?"

Yes, thanks to the tireless efforts of the leftists who infest the media, academia, government, foundations, etc. The greatest threat we face is not from immigrants or jihadists. It is from our very own home-grown radicals, who now control most of our culture.

Anonymous said...

"Does our wonderful American culture corrupt so quickly the traditions of new immigrants?"

Maybe when our embassies/consulates issue visas to foreigners wishing to enter the U.S. they should come with warning labels attached:

"Danger: if you move to America you will become corrupt, decadent, and deracinated, and your children will be even worse. Proceed at own risk."

Anonymous said...

"Doud" is most likely a form of "Daoud," Arabic for David.

Anonymous said...

so who is this david solomon guy? the world's most famous mother, to be interviewed on oprah, might have four kids through "what americans would term" incest?

Anonymous said...

We know she's not Muslim.

Otherwise she would have undergone FGM a long, long time ago.

Robin said...

Fact: The grandfather IS Iraqi. FACT, he at some point in time changed his last name from Doud (which from the marriage records for Nadya gives her last name as DOUD)to Suleman.

FACT: Grandma (Angela) ALSO changed her last name from Doud to Suleman,

FACT: the grandparents were granted a divorce in 1999 in Las Vegas. They are still living with each other in a culdesac in Whittier.

What I was TOLD by the newsdesk at ABC when put on the phone by reporters on the scene-Angela is GERMAN-she stated she is 67 years old, other public records show her to be 70

FACT: Public records show Nadya to be their only child.

FACT: the name on birth records for the "donor" is David Soloman.

FACT: David Soloman IF translated to Arabic would be Doud Suleman, however the name "Soloman" is commonly a Jewish name.

FACT: Frozen implanted embryos do NOT multiply. All doctors interviewed have stated clearly this is MOST likely a case of her only being treated aggressively with fertility drugs. CNN did a ten minute internet search and were able to come up with sites available to obtain fertility drugs without prescription.

FACT: Is there any proof whatsoever that she worked at a fertility clinic other than what has been stated? NO!

FACT: Nadya began having these children when she was still LEGALLY married to Gutierrez. Their divorce was granted January 2008. Sorry to say folks, but legally speaking Gutierrez may very well be held responsible because these births occurred during their marriage (not the 8, but the prior 6) The courts COULD go after him if they so choose.

FACT: NO ARAB (and the Grandpa IS Arab) either of the Islamic or Christian faith of sound mind would EVER put up with his daughter spawning children by sperm donors. Got that, NO one from this background would put up with this! It would be an absolute SHAME brought to their family.

Look at the woman being interviewed in this video at one minute

That is a MUSLIM friend of the family. I assure you that what was told to this woman is NOT what is being told to the press. ANYONE knowing Muslim culture would know that this sort of thing that is coming out would be UNACCEPTABLE. You CANNOT in Muslim culture as an unmarried woman (although remember she WAS legally married but separated-living with her parents)just be "obsessed with having children" and go and act on that obsession!
NO WAY!!!!

Folks, there is much more to this story than is currently apparent. Nadya apparently did get a bachelor's degree from Cal-State Fullerton in child development. But it is also stated she worked as a psychiatric tech. That is an ASSOCIATE degree licensing-I know this because my own father was a psych-tech. It is very possible that she had this degree, but the saying "physician heal thyself" comes to mind.

Remember, Nadya also supposedly told a neighbor when asked how she supports all these children that she got PAID to have them! Does anyone in their right mind believe this? Surely I hope not.

Again, "Edward" Doud Suleman IS Iraqi and if his daughter was doing this, how could he POSSIBLY explain it to his own Muslim community and be accepted? I am SURE there is something more to this.

BTW-I am AMICABLY divorced from a Muslim and we lovingly share our 30 year old Arab/American daughter. I DO know what I am talking about when it comes to Muslim/Arab culture.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE EVERYONE!! I agree that this situation is deplorable and the circumstances surrounding this outcome should be investigated, but I REALLY wan to discourage the idea that the best solution is for the STATE to simply take away her children. I have worked with children within the state, adoptive & foster care system most of my life, and trust me they are more often than not in WORST conditions, when that happens. They end up neglected, severely abused, and more often than you know MURDERED.

I have personal experience with the latter......

Anonymous said...

Steve's popularity has no bounds...

Anonymous said...

Come on, you guys must see where this could be headed. Don't waste time pontificating if you can't take three minutes to use a search engine. Steve, we could sure use some Razib style scolding to keep the quality of the comments up.

I suspect Steve has already got all this, but is holding back for more solid information. However an anonymous commenter warrants no credibility, and risks none. All this can be reproduced by googling anyway. And this could all be obsolete by the time I hit the 'publish' button.

A FreeRepublic commenter posted the Veromi.com search below (but no one on that site seems to realize, or at least mention, the implications). If real, it shows that 'Ed' is probably Adnan D. Suleiman, the D. is probably Daoud. The father of some of the previous kids, 'David Solomon', could be the same guy. Not Granpa - Daddy. If so, it could be Iraqi style polygamy (or worse, some kind of Faye Dunaway Chinatown thing or both).



Associated names:


Available(4) Available

Possible Relatives:
SULEMAN, ED D (Age 67)
DOUD, NADYA (Age 30)

Possible Roommates / Associates:

18 posted on 01/30/2009 7:56:20 AM PST by maggief

Of course, Daoud Suleiman is not an uncommon Arab name. Googling shows Daoud Suleiman is the name of a Yemeni Jew, Al Qaeda leader, Assyrian priest, Fallujah prison warden, exiled Balochistan ruler, and possibly the billionaire founder of a Jordanian based Iraq war Halliburton/KBR subcontractor, currently involved in a human trafficking scandal.

And I can't access the entire UPI article below, so don't jump the gun like I might be, but wow, if it could be the same guy.

"More Iraqis volunteer for suicide operations against Israel.
Article from:
United Press International
Article date:
October 26, 2000 | Copyright information COPYRIGHT 2000 United Press International. This material is published under license from the publisher through the Gale Group, Farmington Hills, Michigan. All inquiries regarding rights should be directed to the Gale Group. (Hide copyright information)

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Oct. 26 (UPI)

An additional group of 120 Iraqis volunteered to carry out "suicide operations" against Israel as part of efforts to back the Intifada (Uprising) in the Palestinian territories, according to Iraq's official Babel newspaper on Thursday.

Babel, run by President Saddam Hussein's son, Uday, said the "new volunteers have joined" a first group of 20 Iraqis who expressed readiness to carry out suicide operations against Israel and registered their names in special offices opened for that purpose by the ruling Baath Party across the country

A Baath Party official, Adnan Daoud Suleiman, said that by Wednesday night 5.5 million Iraqi men and 1.1 ... "

Anonymous said...

from an email

This woman is more ethical than Wall Street bankers. At least the end product is 8 real babies. $3m is her government bailout phase 1. She will go on a media round soon and the govt will get a lot more % back in taxes than it can recover on TARP 'investment'. Henry Paulson gave Wall Street checks with no foresight to curb bonuses and should be designated as sole diaper changer for the 8 babies.

Anonymous said...

Googling shows Daoud Suleiman is the name of a Yemeni Jew, Al Qaeda leader, Assyrian priest, Fallujah prison warden, exiled Balochistan ruler, and possibly the billionaire founder of a Jordanian based Iraq war Halliburton/KBR subcontractor, currently involved in a human trafficking scandal.

Bloody hell! Ive heard of multi-tasking but this guy...

Robin said...

Regarding the anonymous comment above, regarding the UPI article from 2000.

Nadya when married in 1996, was married as Nadya DOUD.

In Islam, ALL the children take their fathers first name as their middle name, even girls. If his name had been "Adnan Doud Suleiman" her name would have been (when she got married in 1996) Nadya Adnan Suleman, NOT Nadya DOUD.

If you use USA People Search, you will see that there are two last names being used by the grandparents.

Nadya in the year 2000 (when she moved back in with her parents after being married to Marcos Gutierrez) requested a name change to "Suleman"

It seems pretty darn clear that it was during this time frame (1996-2000) that the grandparents changed their last name from Doud to Suleman Why the heck would the grandfather change his last name to a KNOWN Baath party member? He HAD been going by the last name of DOUD,THEN he changed it to Suleman.

Sorry. But the anonymous poster doesn't know how names work in Islam.

Anonymous said...

Here's marriage info from the Clark County database.

Marriage Name Search Results

Search Name/Spouse Name/Marriage Date/Certificate Number/Instrument Number
SULEMAN EDWARD D / STANAITIS ANGELA V / 11/10/1974 / A541990 / 197411100900266

Also came across this

DAOUDI NADIA J RIGGINS CHRISTOPHER JAMES 02/14/1998 C927962 199802200076041

probably unrelated except it led to this People Search:

Name/AKAs;Age;City,State;;Possible Relatives
Associated names:


Anonymous said...

Here's a thought: this girl has been paid by some other family to be a surrogate mother multiple times, and has exercised her legal right in that situation to keep the baby after accepting support from the "expectant" parents. I think it's only a matter of time until these duped couples come forward and expose her serial fraud in pursuit of having multiple children, which seems to be her obsession.

Anonymous said...

They are the gruff-voiced, hairy chested,dark-skinned, dark-haired, dark-eyed, gold-medallion wearers that you seem to have aphobia with Steve.

Anonymous said...


What would happen to a woman's name when she gets married, does she retain the middle name and just replace the family name? And in Arabic, are given names written first, then family name (like here) or reverse?

Robin said...

The daughters AND sons of a Muslim father are given first names, but ALL the children from that father have his FIRST name as their middle name. No matter how many children the father has from however different many wives, his children ALL have his name as their middle name.

For instance, my own oldest daughter's first name is ----, her middle name is my ex-husband's FIRST name, and the last name is of course his.

In Islam a woman retains her maiden last name, but goes by Mrs. whatever, at least that is how it is in the Middle East. When coming here I am sure things get mixed up. All of my former sister in laws still go by their maiden names, but are referred to as Mrs. whatever.

Yes, first name (given name) first, middle name ALWAYS father's given name, last name same as here.

This is why Nadya's name when married should have been Nadya Adnan Doud. The last name on her marriage certificate is indeed Doud.

Angela and "Edward" BOTH used to go by the last name of Doud, but somewhere between Nadya's marriage and when she requested her name change in 2001, all of them changed their names to Suleman. You don't just go calling yourself something different for the heck of it.

And the wife ONLY takes on the last name if desired, no other parts of the husband's name.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Nadya was born:

Natalie Doud Suleman

She tried to have her name legally changed to Doud, but it never happened. So, she uses the nickname of Nadya, but retains Suleman.

Robin said...

No, Nadya was born Nadya DOUD which was her name in high school AND on her marriage records. When she left her husband Marcos THAT was when she requested her name change to Suleman.
Prior to that her name on ALL records found is Nadya Doud.

Here are her divorce papers,

Scroll down, almost to the bottom, she is Nadya DOUD, The JUDGEMENT was given as DOUD which WAS her name.

Nadya is NOT a nickname, it is her given first name.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Nadya's father was the "sperm donor." His middle name is Arabic for David & Suleman is like Solomon. Yuck. If not, isn't it weird that she either made up a name very similar to her father's, or just HAPPENED to have a friend or boyfriend with that name? I've dated lots of guys; none happened to have a name like my dad's. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Her grandfather was the sperm donor of her entire 14 children. This is a secret Iraqi Al-Qaida plot to take over America through insemination. I have the documents to prove it.